Sunday, September 28, 2008

Project: Saber Gundam - Day 3

I didn't think I would finish on Day 3. It was also because I work on Saturday, so I didn't think I had time to actually finish this project so quickly. I guess it was also because I'm obsessed with it! At work I kept talking about it like a real otaku, wotta nerd... I wanted to finish this fast.

So now the waist and skirt... what do I do? The two shields I was going to use for the frontal and rear skirt did not match up. It was like trying to fit a circular peg into a square hole. Er, that's actually the problem on the rear skirt.

So got out my glue markers and tried to stick'em. Frontal skirt is fine, well except that it's too long and become her third leg -_- ... Rear skirt, kinda fits into that hole, but I didn't realize there was a problem until I attached the torso to the waist. AAAAARRRRGGGH! It doesn't fit >_<

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