Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yuri Mania 16: Kanamemo 2 and 3

Gokigenyou! Welcome to another episode of yuri-related posts. This week it's a double feature, sorta... Review of Kanamemo episodes 2 and 3! I'm going to try to not spoil it for anyone who wants to watch this time around. There's a ton of screenshots, so I won't dilly-dally with excessive text...

Kanamemo Episode 2
This is very reminiscence of Voltes V for me...

This episode starts off right after Kana just moved in from the last episode. She just woke up and by now everyone's on the job delivering the paper, real early. But Kana thinks they've been abducted by aliens...

So now it's up to the boss, Saki, to teach Kana what it is she'll be doing; delivering newspapers.

Hamster reading newspaper... More of Kana's imagination going crazy.

Hamster aliens! She's just not letting go of that alien thing. That's a running gag for half of the episode by the way.

Saki getting tired of Kana's alien remarks ^^; Very alien-like, or maybe Millia Rage (from Guilty Gear)?

That's the other plot... Kana needs to learn how to ride a bike. I don't blame her though; I never learned how to ride a bike until I was 15 years old...

Haruka explaining how heavy the newspaper that they have to deliver.

The following screenshots shows how messed up Haruka's imagination is... She's really hung up on Kana being a baby for some reason ^^;
Saki slaps here back to her senses with her Millia Rage/alien-like hair.

I won't say what happened here... let's just say Yuuki just lost her senses :P

Mouth to mouth? For someone who just fainted?

OH that explains it... Yuuki will perform the mouth to mouth to Yume in a more comfortable place in the portable washroom...

Looks like Yuuki's recovered well ^_^

Haruka just won't let her go!

But here is Haruka's competition comes stumbling along. Enter: Mika Kujiin, voiced by none other than Rie Kugimiya. And some folks would know that Kugimiya-san is quite popular for her...

...DERE roles.

That doesn't stop Haruka from stalking Kana... she is one crazy lady, I tells ya!

Looks like this will be one of those slice-of-life anime along with another slice of yuri added on. At least this is the impression I'm getting. Lots of cute moments which I don't mind. Lots of laughs too. Seems like with the new character, Mika Kujiin, coming into the fray will make it more interesting. You don't see yuri tsundere that often ^^;

Kanamemo Episode 3
The third episode begins with Kana coming back to school for the first time ever since her grandmother passed away. And also begins with the typical, "I'm late, I'm late" scene.

OMG... I share the same fetish as Haruka does!

This one's for Coco :)

Saki's cute smile attracts the shota population.

But in actuality, it's her business smile, hoping to get more subscribers. She's evil I tells ya! I can see why she's the manager... but how did she get the job in the first place? Not even Kana has asked why!

Kana's friends from the opening shows up, but they're as interesting as a slice of toast... at least in this episode anyway.

Here's the main event! The mysterious transfer stu... I mean, the tsundere transfers to Kana's school.

"I am not interested in normal human being!" ... Oops, wrong tsundere introduction...

Kana being attacked by Haruka yet again ^^; I never get tired of this just because it's a yuri attack XD

Wow... So they do admit Haruka is a pervert ^^;

Yep, this episode is about Kana mastering the smile. How very interesting, eh? Well it was kinda so-so, but there were some funny moments.

Kana's smile is that scary!

Not even a smile Haruka can love...

Maki doesn't like it either! On another note, I can see people using this screenshot to make parodies for other characters if they try... just like Ana Coppola's face from Ichigo Mashimaro.

Ut-oh... Kana's gained another stalker.

Ah yes, the #1 excuse stalkers use when they get caught ^^;

No loli panty shot for you! ...At least not until the DVD release.

Mika's deredere face after Kana calls her by her first name. Bright red!
Kana just pushes all the right buttons to make Mika blush beet red! ^^

But back home, Haruka still has the advantage to be near the #1 yuri target, Kana.

Kana finally develops her smile, just like all normal happy ending... but you'll have to watch the episode yourself what that smile looks like :P

So far it's a very mundane series, but I really like how the tsundere yuri is developing. And hey the next one is the mandatory beach/swimsuit episode. I'll be sure to put in all the yuri screenshots for the Yuri Maniacs ^_^


  1. what do you call a person like Haruka again? loli groper or whatever it is, served her right seeing Kana's 'smile' XDD

    I loled when Yuuki drag Yume to the portable washrom to do mouth to mouth thing XD lol

    Saki is truly smart and evil XD

  2. Godspeed Haruka, Godspeed.

    Weird fetishes,shes either a likable or hatetable.

  3. OMG I just realized that long post is long! I need to cut down on the amount of screenshots or make'em smaller.

    @Yamada: "Pervert"? "Ecchi woman"? ^^; Love the mouth to mouth thing, same with Saki! She's one evil loli! :D

    @GunStray: LoL I was kinda weirded out by her Kana baby fantasies, but otherwise she's freakin' hilarious!

  4. Haha that Hamster thing might convince me to check this series out...Nah,too many Lolis for me ^^;;

  5. I love Saki and her alien-like hair that can strangle you XD MUAHAH :P
    Yuuki and Yume are LOLs XD haha
    Keep it up Robert =3
    Im on Kanamemo Ep4 XD

  6. For the love of fuck! SOMEONE. KILL. HARUKA!

  7. Catching up on the blogroll, I guess that's what happen when I decided to go through ToHeart2 marathon, fallen behind on everything now. More yuri action I see, but when am I going to find time to follow up on it ;_;

  8. @Blowfish: Not that many loli, really... just the one really small one and a couple of 13-year olds ^^; The hamster thing is just one of the photo scenes that they use.

    @Argyle: I'm probably going to review 2 episodes at once, just to cut down on so many posts. Saki's hair is teh win!

    @Snark: LoL ^^;

    @Wolfheinrich: I'm very behind on my blogrolls too >_< I'm barely watching anime too and I haven't played any games at all. I'm glad I have Project Miku on PSP or I won't be playing anything at all... >.>

  9. LOL =3 give her blonde hair and be bit taller and THEN she reminds me of Yami-chan from to Love ru 0_o

  10. @Argyle: I have yet to watch ToLOVEru ^^;;;

  11. This looks ridiculous, in a good way.



  13. NANI!?!?!? you want me to host it on my site so you can download and watch it~!?!?! =3 XD kyaa~ it was good but they ended it off with sparks of a new season ^_^ which i think wont be coming soon XD kyaa~

  14. @Yi: Haha it is quite ridiculous ^^; The next episode looks and sound MORE ridiculous. I think I'll do a separate post about that one.

    @Ayuu: LoL better than Louise, ne? XD

    @Argyle: LoL no worries, I can find the torrent somewhere. They did have that OVA which I was curious about, but didn't want to watch it til I watch the series. I won't know when I'll be watching it, really ^^;

  15. I was gonna watch this but then looking at the grim status of my HD space..... kinda killed off my interest.

  16. @Studio Kay: LoL, that means you must have a lot of interests in anime that were killed off already XD

    Same with mine really... I still have space in the external HD thankfully, but I tend to just use it to store anything I've watched already, so I tend to forget I have a few I haven't watched on it ^^;

  17. A series overflowed with moe really needs a lot a comedy to get things going and I believe Haruka delivers it well.

    Without her, I doubt this series would be possible. >_>

  18. @Optic: I guess that is true... I do like some of Haruka's antics, but some of them are dangerously close to being illegal XD