Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yuri Mania 29

Gokigenyou! Uhuhu looks like we need some more ecchi Yuri Mania here. Though the last YM was very informative, it wasn't too ecchi... So this time with Haruhi in the helm, there's bound to be some ecchiness!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 35
(This is read from left to right)

FAIL HARUHI! FAIL! I gave you a chance to do some ecchi business here and you completely and utterly failed!! Ditto with me... I feel like I failed in this one. I was trying to do a Three Stooges thing, but it just doesn't have the same impact when it's done compared to when it was in my mind...

Uh... anyhoo, yeah, I finally concluded this Drossel arc that I started a couple of months ago ^^;  That's right, "concluded". The way I'm doing this arc is a bit time consuming because I want to put everything using backgrounds from the Fireball show. Yeah, I'm somewhat of a masochist in that area... It took about an hour to do every panel, and what good timing for me to make it into a special 8-panel this time... Ow. By the way, I always try to have some fun with the title. Likey?

You can read the beginning and more at The Melancholy of Saber Lily site.

I actually overdid it with all the panels. This is one of the deleted panels. I wish I could put this in because I did pose Haruhi with her hands holding both sides of her head. This is Drossel saying, "I'll go get the extra part now" as she whipped Haruhi on the head with her twin tails.

So this scene would've been the continuation from the top. This time Drossel would be asking, "I'm back, Suzumiya Akane". Yada yada... Unfortunately I didn't feel like doing a 10-panel comic.

Anyway, I was supposed to post this on the 24th, but it was actually harder than I thought, so it got delayed several days...

Ah well... At least Drossel's doing some ecchi things to Haruhi... Til next time! Gokigenyou!


  1. LOL I had a good laugh! Thanks for the entertainment Robert! I'm having such a shitty day, but this was funny! XD

  2. @Argyle: Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you don't have too many shitty days ^^

  3. Whoa! This is borderline explicit! Unlike anything Yuri Mania has ever seen! Abort, abort!

    That's really intense man, a panel an hour. Are you trying to steal my position as resident masochist?

    Maybe the three stooges thing would've worked better with a third person.

  4. @Tim: If you think about it further technically Drossel is naked, isn't she?

    Haha I don't plan to do this kind of crazy paneling anymore, at least for simple ones. This one took longer because I was sleepy and getting distracted. So you can keep your title XD

    Well I guess I could've put in a third person, but I didn't really have a ladder prop ^^;

  5. This goes beyond the likes of Gelbooru,and that random Gundam pic, that gives me a coma.

    Great Scott,killing an inocent robots, er Innocence.

  6. @GunStray: LoL it had to be done XD

  7. That last image made my day. ^ ^
    Robot yuri ecchi.
    Btw. It's kind of awkward how the strips didn't go down but went left to right.

  8. @Yi: Haha I worked hard to pose them to make that image work. So many times Haruhi fell out of Drossel's embrace...

    Yes, the 8-panel is kinda strange for me sometimes. I don't want to make them into 8, but sometimes my imagination couldn't be limited to just 4 >_<