Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TakoLuka Fun: 20 Years in Canada Addendum

So as I mentioned earlier... We celebrated our 20th year in Canada by going to all-you-can-eat sushi at Oo Saki Machi. There were seven of us; my brother's girlfriend and a couple who are very close family friends.

This post contains food, but not that much, so you may not get that hungry (no, this is not a guarantee).

We had lots of fun and lots of food, but I was having my own personal fun with TakoLuka ^_^

Equipped with 3 different faces, TakoLuka is ready to have some fun! Can you guess whose face these are?

TakoLuka is very depressed looking at her brethren sitting on the bowl as tako sunomono...

TakoLuka's looking cute on top of an edamame.

TakoLuka is very upset as I was about to eat this bbq squid. It was really good! I wonder how TakoLuka taste...

After I torture her with dead takos, I provided her with her favourite food, tuna (in sashimi form)! Maguro tabetai, maguro tabetai!

And for desert we had cupcakes! We also ordered pudding, but they ran out for the day, so they gave us ice cream instead! Yum! The cupcakes were yummy too ^^


  1. I already tried that squid part XD I can't eat it.

    And Happy Anniversary!

  2. @Yamada: It is a bit chewy and tough to eat, but it can be quite tasty. Thanks!

  3. While I am usually not so fond of majority of the seafood, I do like salmon and tuna sushi. On the other hand edamame are nice to go with drinks etc!

  4. I'd feel kind of awkward eating squid in front of Tako Luka.

    Enjoy your 20th year. ^ ^
    This made me want to get some sushi right now.

  5. Only thing I'm interested in there are the cupcakes and edamame XD I don't eat meats xP Poor Tako Luka, you made her feel uncomfortable :3

  6. Love edamames; they're my current alternative to nibble on something that is not junk food (plus clean skin, yay!) I wish I could manage sashimi in the bentos if they were cheaper and less prone to spoil. I could just choke myself on sashimi every other day (shiny hair, yay!)

    Hahahah usually I'm too busy eating I forget to take pictures; especially when it's some kind of unusual or good looking food.

    I didn't realize petit nendoroids faces could be exchanged O_o OMFG where did I leave those things I have to try that NAO.

  7. @Q: Someone who was eating with us didn't like the raw fish either, whereas someone else just gobbles it down like crazy! Haha and we're not a drinking family, but those edamame are still good ^^

    @Yi: I haven't tried eating takoyaki in front of TakoLuka yet XD Thank you! And enjoy your sushi if you're getting'em ^^

    @Persocom: Ah sou ka na. The cupcakes were good. There was a chocolate mint one and I loved that one! Hehe she better watch out or she's next :P

    @Yaku: Oh is that what edamame is good for? I should get some more! I wonder if you can put the sashimi in a block of ice in the be... Nah, that'd make it soggy... I really could just order sashimi the whole night, lol, but not everyone wants it.

    Heheh I planned on taking photos first, otherwise I'd skip taking pictures too. I just wanna eat'em!

    Yah go go find and replace Kaito's face with Light XD

  8. It's really cool for this to have become a family celebration. Good reason to get together, and it shows that one finds certain other important dates sacred, besides the holidays we're told to celebrate.

    But you making Takoluka stare down barbecued squid is really disturbing, when you think about it.

  9. @Ningyo: It seems like our family is finding a reason to celebrate nowadays since my brother moved out. But hey, it's a good to get together :)

    "But you making Takoluka stare down barbecued squid is really disturbing, when you think about it."

    I'm a sadist. :P