Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yuri Mania 31

Gokigenyou! Ah it has been quite a while since my last Yuri Mania, eh? Well this time I have something special. Last year I had to do a quick Yuri Mania and Weekly Lily before I went to Anime Boston. Docking mousepads! Well what do I do for a sequel? Why... Docking Dakimakuras, of course :P

By the way, some of these may be NSFW. So you may want to get ready to close your tab/window when your boss comes around your desk. Unless you're the boss, of course. If that's the case then feel free to share this with your employees.

So who are the participants? Well you can see Ryomou from Ikki Tousen up there, but Ryomou isn't really yuri... So we bring one of the greatest yuri seme there is!

Enter, Sousou! She's the yuri seme I look up to. When she wants her girl, she'll do anything to get that girl, especially Kan'u. Oh that scene from the first season of Koihime Musou just spoke to me so clearly.

So here's a close-up of the top half of Sousou. It's a good thing that they're both based on the same Three Kingdom, so this is somewhat appropriate, right? :3

And this is the bottom half of Sousou. Her pantsu almost undone and one of her thigh highs are already off.

Here's a close-up of the logo. I still haven't finished second season of Koihime Musou yet, but I'm gonna try to watch them when I have some downtime at AX. Doubtful though ^^;

So why did I get Sousou dakimakura cover, aside from her being my favourite yuri seme? No other reason...

So now our participants are ready. Hmm... Perhaps this side of Ryomou doesn't fit this situation perfectly...

Ah, much better... Ryomou's hands are now cuffed to her back. Go get her Sousou!

Ooh yeah... HAWT! Look how bouncy their oppai are! Docking at its best!

Ah, but Sousou isn't satisfied with just oppai docking... She goes lower! OM NOM NOM NOM!

What's that you say? You can't see anything? Use your imagination! Oh fine... Let's throw in my stick cushion (or bolster, depending what you call it) from IKEA and make it better!

Oh yes, yes! Docking and perhaps some tribadism there, eh? :D

Close up of the docking...

And here's Sousou rubbing Ryomou with her exposed feet.

Looks like someone's feeling left out and decided to pounce on Ryomou...

Oh and she's frisky at that too!

And here's the docking side view.

Tis a shame to show her only bits... So here's a full pic of Mirai. Love the thigh highs! Beautiful ^.^

This is the risque side. Very smooth looking skin. A perfect 2D skin! XD And I'll be bringing her to AX. Except without the pillow ^^; Until next time! Gokigenyou!


  1. That IS indeed an eye-opener post...

    Now, if you excuse me, need to withdraw some blood from the bloodbank...

  2. ...Darn it man, you definitely had a lot of fun with this post o.o
    Don't abuse Karin-sama!
    She's the number one conqueror I look up to, to someday emulate when I myself take over the planet. Anyhow, she should never be on any symmetrical planes, she should be on top!

    Karin-sama on a dakimakura is always good, but that's a rather strange expression for her.
    I wonder how I can like Karin-sama and loathe Koihime Musou so at the same time.

  3. @bd77: Hahaha. Hope they don't run out.

    @Tim: I kinda dread trying to do this, but I really did have fun in the end just because of how strange it turned out XD

    Karin, eh? LoL unfortunately she does have to be on the side to show the rest ^^; Her expression does seem a bit strange, very unlike her. I guess you'll just have to watch the episodes of Koihime Musou with her only :P

  4. Haha, that's kind of fun! What naughty yuri pillowcases.

    Btw. the Sousou dakimakura looks really nice.

  5. @Yi: LoL naughty pillow cases indeed. Maybe I should get another pillow XD

    Yeah, Sousou looks real nice, even if she wasn't my favourite Koihime Musou character.