Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Changes...

I wasn't going to change the layout again but Blogger and Google was messing around a lot with their template designer. Not to mention other features...

I hate to lose my corner Mikoto and the bottom corner knee pit. She looks too cool, but the template that I was using was obsolete. The comment system was broken. I keep telling it to make it embedded instead of going to another page, but it keeps failing. Google also added a feature for linking and sharing feature for Twitter and Facebook. I added it in, but it doesn't work in the old template.

But recently I found that they've improved their template designer significantly, so I thought I played around with it. Now everything's new and "fixed". New background, new header... But I was hoping I could add more Mikoto (the above picture) on the left side on the background. It looks like it wont work with my resolution though and the inconsistent background change on people's resolution. So I'll stick with the lightning background and a small Mikoto on top.

Let me know if something doesn't work or anything I can improve here and hopefully I can fix up the messy blogrolls next ^^;

EDIT: Added Saber on the right side just to make it into a "LIGHTNING" Saber... LOL!


  1. The picture above (with the brown butt) just looked so wrong...

  2. @mh: Those are shorts! And electric bolt! Why are you still awake?? >.>

  3. Maybe he's implying those short weren't initially brown in color...

  4. OMG New page layout O_o

    I wish I knew how to do this stuff, it's looking neat (although I gotta admit I really liked the last one too ^^)

  5. @FatB: That's the natural colour...

    @Yaku: LoL it's actually pretty simple. Blogger really made improvement how you can do the layout :D I really liked the last one as well, but it couldn't accommodate the new features Google implemented on Blogger =/

  6. I like this layout! Saber and Mikoto are super awesome. More importantly, thank you for making commenting so much easier!

  7. @Yi: Thanks! If it up to the old me, I'd pepper the whole header with so many characters that it'd look ridiculous! So I limited to the two characters. Saber Lily was last minute addition. I only had Mikoto at one point ^^; And yes, I do like this commenting better as well. When it gets really long I only have to look up a little bit instead of going back up and down to see what the next person said ^^;

  8. blogger template designer is very useful for me

  9. And now thanks to FatB’s interpretation of that first comment I have another case of cannot unsee.

    But I see this as a very positive change, even though some aesthetical-pretties are unfortunately now gone. Mainly because of the comment system – best thing to happen since the invention of the sandwich. Jolly good, fckin’ A.

    Still annoying how blogger will reload the page and automatically ask for you to fill out those few letters after you hit submit, though. Blogger is secretly trying to perforate the blogosphere with feelings of suspicion and paranoia. Well, it’s also true that there’s no satisfying me.
    And you need the Saber Lily. You should’ve practically trademarked her by now.

  10. @AME: Indeed, I managed to customize it the way I wanted it without having to go to the html codes.

    @Tim: Oh you! It's just your imagination :P Mikoto's been replaced by Mikoto basically ^^; I've been wanting to use this comment system, but it was buggy back then when I used it. Glad it works out now. Hmm... I can remove that captcha system thing since Blogger catches spam comments now.

    LoL if only I could trademark Lily ^^;