Friday, April 1, 2011

Got $41,000 to Spare?

It's unfortunate to do this for the first post on the first day of the fourth month... But I have no space for Taiga in my room... So I have to let my new Taiga MDD go and I'm sure I can fetch good money for her. So if you have $41,000 (US dollars) here's your chance to own a custom MDD Taiga!  I will not take offers. It has to be $41,000 or higher (higher is definitely ok $_$).

It comes with everything you see here, including the dress below.

Ah, and don't anyone mention this to Chun/Puppy52, ok? She'll be VERY upset!

P.S. Free shipping!


  1. Give me $41,000US and I won't tell chun. Deal?

  2. Veeeeryy funny... >,< Jeez, I knew you paid a lot, but just lol XD

  3. @reaperofleaves: Buy custom dollfie > ???? > profit!

  4. Busted! But I'll purchase her with 41,000 SPT (Shinki currency) if allowed :P.

  5. @Arctic Kitsune: Only dollars :P Since you're Canadian, I'll make it easy and charge you Canadian currency since it's higher than the USD atm XD