Friday, April 8, 2011

Mini Anime/Doll Meet - 03.12.2011

And now, starting on my backlog of photos that I didn't post yet... It was a very busy March. Starting from the end of February to be exact. I was preparing the April Fool's joke that I planned with Chun and then started work my 200th post with the stop motion video, and then work 6 days a week when one of my co-workers were off on vacation. It was very busy, but I figured I should have some fun while I have my days off. So on the second Saturday, I had a mini meet at my place... But I didn't plan it ^^; Meaning I just provide the place, but I didn't arrange it, hahaha.

The purpose was to meet up, hang out and maybe watch anime... We pretty much just do what we do at doll meets though ^^;  Lots of doll posings, lots of shenanigans, lol. More photos in my Photobucket Album.

I normally don't take pictures with flash anymore, but this was an exception. This doll is Airs'. The eyes look pretty normal when you have enough light with the photo, but when you use a flash, the eyes "glow" and have a very bright colour. Unfortunately I've forgotten what kind of eyes these are...

The boys hang out... It's nice when I have meets at home. I could bring all my toys out to play with XD

Black Rock Shooter is trying to peek...

Very, very random photo... What the heck is that Gundam doing? ^^;

Faiz finds a new mate.

After the dolls hang out we finally get around to watching some anime... After playing PS3 Move for a bit ^^; We watched first episodes of Star Driver, Bakuman, and the third episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magica... Yea, we skipped to that part :P

We also watched a short clip of Gunpla Builders Beginning G to watch Beargguy in action...

Azunyan and Yui were in different clothing in the beginning of the night, btw ^^;
Even though it was only 4 of us for this mini meet, we had quite a lot of fun. So the next month, which was just a week ago, we held another one at my place again with more people this time. Hopefully we'll have more like it and hang out some more ^_^ If you're (visiting) in the Vancouver area, you can always give me a head's up and have a little gathering. :)


  1. Wow..They have some fun...WTH!! your mini doll is same size of a Revoltech??

  2. @Anonymous: Hehe, they sure did. Hmm, not Revoltech is smaller than my Azone dolls. They're 1/6 scale usually and Revoltech is 1/10 maybe?

  3. Yui looks so cute! Looks like a fun meat, and I see candymanhandling there :P

  4. @chun: More Yui coming up when I get to the St. Pat's meet XD LoL yup, you know the signature poses ^^;