Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Couple of Weeks in Vancouver

It has been 21 years since I moved to Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately I don't do too many Vancouver posts... Just not my thing, lol. Fortunately, I have a few unsorted photos to post and I have no idea how to post them, except in this manner. Uhmm... Yea, I'm not gonna follow a certain blogger by titling this post this way, lol. I just had no other way to describe this post :P If you're that interested, I could do more, but it'll be boring XD Anyway... These couple of weeks started off on April 1st.

I had a chat with Yakuri on the night of April 1st because she had a computer trouble. So I took this picture to show her the battery for the motherboard... That wasn't the problem though and unfortunately I couldn't help ^^; I hear it's fixed now. I was also explaining my April Fool's joke. :P

In the afternoon I met up with Mr. TheCandyMan and were going to go to the Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I got myself discounted tickets from my dad thankfully. The parking was not cheap though ^^; I didn't feel like taking photos of cars at the time, so I didn't even take a photo of the Lamborghini on display...

But this... THIS. IS. AWESOME! It's a Lexus, but I have NO idea what it is! It looks so good from front, side, and even back!

Lookit them exhausts! And the spoiler... WOW! Anyone can tell me what car this is?

The sakura/cherry blossoms were blooming in full view. I've passed this street EVERY day when I go to work. It's about 3-4 blocks from my house. It's basically lined with these trees. Very beautiful! My photo does not do it justice.

They had a no tax sale at Superstore in my region. We basically save 12% tax on everything in store. They also sell electronics, so I got myself the 3DS! The tax would've added an extra $30. I also had points at this store, so that was an additional $80 off! And almost $7 off from when I buy gas from this store. And to top it all off... a free turkey (a $24.99 value!) when you spend as much as the price of the 3DS! Just in case anyone asks... I'll put my friend code here: 279306359912 ... Let me know who you are and your code so I can add you later. I don't have any games for the 3DS yet though ^^;

And last Friday, I took more photos of "flowers" and cherry blossoms :P

I met up with Chun again last Friday for something or rather...

I'm tempted to get a similar head now... Himitsu looks great!

Chun's Himitsu is pointing at me for some reason...

What is she telling the other girl as she points at me? See a different angle at Chun's blog.

Durn... No symmetrical docking possible because of the height difference... But... *yuri vision on!* She's nuzzling Himitsu's oppai!

Muhuhu! Payback! Put your caption here :P

It was a bit cloudy and breezy, but didn't really get any good shots of flying petals ^^; I tried my best simulating it, but still hard, lol.

Afterwards we got ourselves some CAEK from Diplomat Bakery nearby. Delicious caeks! Yuki wants some caek! I also got an apricot danish just because it looks so good (and tastes good as well!) but I forgot to take a picture of it ^^;

I bought two for myself. This one is the white chocolate something or rather. I forgot the name. Very sweet! I loves it :D The other one was blueberry cheesecake tart which tasted much better than this one, lol. I'm quite partial to blueberries as well.

*monotone voice* Yay. I got caek.
Yuki wanted caek and she got caek! Boo cake? XD

Here's a group shot while everyone's together... With similar tops as well!

It's not the year of the tiger anymore... This is the year of the rabbit!

I'm quite fascinated by Chun's pair of cats, Yoshi and Ginko while I was there. They were playing a lot. Here's a picture of Yoshi playing with the boxes. At one point he was in one of the boxes, but I was too slow to take a picture ^^;

And here's a parting shot... So who is this girl anyway?



  1. It's a Lexus LFA & cost around $375,000US. It just started production late 2010, so probably won't see one on the street for awhile yet.

  2. muhuhu at FatB's answer, LOL at CAEK :P ROFLMAO at payback XD Hope Ahem is settling in! :3

  3. @FatB: Thanks for the info! Gotta save money now, lol. Heh funny, my current license plate has "LFA" in it XD

    @chun: Heheh. Guess I wasn't the only one who got the idea of taking each other's picture :P Soonish soon! It's almost a pain in the bunny, I tells ya!

  4. You seems to be making more and more and more doll related posts :P Signs of thing to come?

  5. @Wolfheinrich: Well it seemed like all my backlog posts are doll-related, lol. But "signs of things to come" or "things that came already"? ;)