Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visiting the Puppy Residence

So around the beginning of January, I asked Puppy52 aka Chun if she wants to participate in an April Fool's joke. After explaining my idea and exchanges of other ideas and brainstorms, she agreed to go with it. Of course since she loves her Taiga very much, it would be difficult for me to borrow Taiga, so I asked her if it's ok if I can drop by the house to take pictures of Taiga.

THE CONCEPT: I managed to convince Chun to sell her Taiga with a truckload of money.
THE MASTERMIND: Me, of course. Vewy, vewy evil!
THE THROWAWAY JOKE: Posting Taiga for sale, the day after I make a post of me acquiring her, for an exuberant amount.
THE TRICK: Posting it on April 1st in Japan Standard Time at 8:00 AM local time in Vancouver, Canada to make it more plausible.

The original idea came about around the same time when I finish the collaboration with Wolfheinrich to make a long 4koma arc with his newly acquired Dollfies. I wanted to make a 4koma with Chun's Taiga. It expanded even further than I thought. All I wanted was to actually have Haruhi interact with Taiga Dollfie so I don't have to Photoshop anything.

Since I visited her place, I was able to take photo of her other Nendo Puchi Taiga. And Haruhi really gets stepped on by GiganTaiga.

Of course, I had to bring both Haruhi and Saber Lily figma for this to work. And thankfully Chun had a similar backdrop as the ones I usually take at home.

I've also encountered Chun's Pedobear ^^; Double trouble with Haruhi around!

Haruhi imitating the great ^^;

Of course, with my April Fool's jokes, there's some truth to it... I wonder what that truth is...

The line up and with some size comparison. I really, really like Himitsu... Maybe next year I'll acquire Himitsu on April 1st ^^

Lined up according to the size of the oppai?

I've also managed to encounter the "furry monkeys" as Chun likes to call her two cats, Ginko and Yoshi.

Unfortunately I've forgotten to take a photo of myself with Taiga with her on my arm. So I came back a week before April 1st to Chun's place and also met Kam for the first time. He showed me his stacks of (unbuilt) Gundams!

Here I am kidnapping Taiga in my new ReleaseRain doll carrier bag. I wonder why I have this bag...

And I get to be the first to see tsun-tsun Taiga Mk.II! She's sooooo cute! This was an extra. The original idea was for me to get Taiga and leaving Chun Taigaless. But schedules advanced and this Taiga was able to be finished in time before April 1st and made the joke a bit more convincing.

"What are you making my creator do for April Fool's??"

I also met bluestarbaby there and we hung out and went to dinner afterwards, leaving the furry monkeys to their devices. Ginko and Yoshi were very naughty when I was there the second time. Ginko stole a piece of cake from bluestarbaby's bag... Well it was mostly Ginko at this time. She's like the mastermind apparently. Just like me in this April Fool's joke!

Yoshi was being silly most of the time. It became very sunny that I was able to play with Yoshi with my shadow. So funny!

Well that was my visit to Puppy residence... Thank you very much Chun for accommodating and entertaining my crazy April Fool's joke! It was really fun, and hopefully everyone had fun as well ^^;;;

Oh and one more thing, as Chun holds me at gunpoint, she will never, ever, EVER sell her Taiga Dollfie, so don't even ask or try!


  1. Selling is not allowed, but mysteriously missing from premises was not mentioned. Loop hole.

  2. @FatB: I think that's called "theft" ^^;

  3. Oh darn it... after reading the other post, I notice this one. Awesome april fools joke. OTL

  4. eh looks like my comment didn't post LOL I was trying to say you made Himitsu an extra throw away joke there :P Thanks again lol

  5. @ninjovee: LOL! I did kinda titled this post a bit more subtle XD

    @chun: Ah, no... Thank you! This wouldn't have worked without your cooperation ^o^ LoL so we go with the Himitsu plan next year?

  6. @Wolfheinrich: Thanks ^^ So no Dollfie for me :P

  7. Haha clever joke!

    Anyway, looks like you had a lot of fun. ^ ^

  8. @Yi: Yup, 'twas fun! But I felt a bit guilty near the end, lol.

  9. Nifty. You sure had quite a bit of fun and cooperation with chun there!

    And it looks like that not only should I count 2nd April (due to time difference), but also 31st March in April Fools period for the future lol

  10. @Q: Hehe yeah. Chun came up with quite a few ideas as well ^^

    LoL looks like you're on to me now XD Well it's March 31st here, but it's already April 1st there, lol.