Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secret Photos of Helen White

Well... Not so secret anymore is it? These photos were taken during the time I've kept Helen secret for four months. Only now I've compiled them. Though not all of them turned out well ^^; If you've been wondering why she's named Helen, it's because to me she had this ecchi smile on her face. So "H" + "Ellen" = "Helen" :3 The last name, "White" came from the whity type of Obitsu body, thus, "White". Now I wonder if Helen White will be googling her name and find this post, hahaha. Oh the second picture might be NSFW, too... LOL!!!

Helen's head, aka Ellen / Time of Eternal II, came first through Goody Japan. To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I was holding her head on my finger... She smelled good, but I was somewhat regretting. About a week later, the body, Obitsu 50cm Whity came. I quickly attached her head and suddenly, I started to like her more! It was quite a strange reaction.

Chun had been my best confidant over the four months I've kept Helen secret. She was also curious about the Obitsu body. I casually mentioned it during the January Doll Meet, but I didn't think I'd get an email from Chun requesting to borrow Ellen (still named Ellen at the time) ^^; Which in turn initiated my April Fool's 2011 plan, hehehe. One of the things I wanted to get was a doll carrier big enough for Helen. I got mine from Releaserain for quite cheap and it has enough room for her, cushions and my other Azone girls ^^

Many of these secret photos were taken at Chun's place. So Helen get to meet many of Chun's girls, like Aki here.

On the day I picked Helen up, Chun surprised me with this school uniform! I know I was going to buy clothes that she'll make but I wasn't told what they were, lol. I didn't realize I made quite a girlish scream when I first seen Helen in this uniform ^^;

Helen has also been serving at the Chun household... Although I get to keep the outfit, I couldn't keep the tray, food and geta XD

Maybe I should go find this tray and miniature food as well...

Cleavage shot!
I brought some of Helen's outfit that I ordered about the same time as her. They didn't come until a week I picked her up ^^;;; The bunny outfit is the first outfit I bought for her.

Chun wasn't going to try out the bunny outfit there and left it for me to have fun with it later, but we opened it and tried it on anyway afterwards XD So Taiga became a bunnygirl while borrowing Helen's uniform :3 Maybe we'll see Taiga's Last Episode school uniform someday? :)

Here's a better shot of Helen using Chun's camera. Again, thanks for the star hairpin! Very cute. I just had to have it when I seen it ^.^

And here's a better photo of Helen at this angle. She's got big buns, but small thighs ^^; Sometimes joints do annoy the heck out of me, lol. C'est la vie. Anyways... Now that I've shown these secret photos, I can show her during her first Doll Meet later on :)

Uh... well Chun was nice enough to take a picture of this for me, so I figured I'd use it. Weird that these pixels keep showing up on my face...

So... wanna comment on what I'm doing to Helen here? XD


  1. Whatever you're doing to Helen there it better be clean as you're sitting on a white couch.

    I have a ex named Helen, but she wasn't white.

  2. Helen White is..well she has a nice name (As well i am not stared hard on her on the 2nd pic)..And nice you got that name idea..a great female doctor in early 1940's..take care of her ^Y^

  3. last picture: "kuchikuchikuchi" LOL

  4. I prefer H-Ellen with her hair down actually! Speaking of the joints, yes sometimes they bother me still and that why most well designed clothes tend to hide those joints well :3

  5. She is cute~!!! but... where is your meet post? lol

  6. @FatB: Of course it's clean! Chun's the one taking the photo... I can't get away doing that in front of her! She probably wasn't a doll either, was she?

    @Anon: LoL you'll burn a hole through your monitor if you do XD And yeah, I should've googled that name beforehand and see who had it before, but oh well :P

    @chun: Close enough XD

    @Wolfheinrich: Well she's my imouto, so I like her whether her hair is up or down ^w^ Indeed, the clothes make the doll, don't it? :)

    @Bluestarbaby: LoL gimme a moment XD Everyone's riding on my @$$ on that topic, hahaha.

  7. Ooh, I love her kimono. It's so gorgeous! And Helen's quite the cutie. Great photos!! ^ ^