Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrice-Cooked Doll Meat

Err... That's "Doll Meet" btw... And it's thrice, because we met at three different locations for our meet. I started to head out from around 9 am to The Urban Tea Merchant in downtown Vancouver. I still don't like parking in downtown Vancouver ^^; Thanks to Elfinder to arrange this meet and make the reservation. Our main meet was for the tea :)

We got the Petite Afternoon Tea. Here's some of the dessert... I didn't take a photo of the other food since they didn't look as pretty as this plate :P The sandwiches were really tiny, but the scone was delicious! I didn't think this would fill me up, but I was quite full even though I didn't have breakfast beforehand.

Here's a pair of almost identical schoolgirls, and a pair of Obitsu, lol. And Kurohitori seems to always manage to sit across from me and be in my photo as well, ahaha.

So this is Flamebyrd's new Obitsu girl, a nameless Miko at the time... A Sleeping Princess model from Parabox. I'm tempted to get one too now...

But for now, I will stay with my Helen... And I was lucky to find matching outfits for almost matching dolls ^_^

And this here is Elfinder's girl, who was apparently a boy before? LoL I could be mistaken.

I was stuck in a corner so I couldn't walk around and take pictures, but I could take some photos using my zoom ^^ Also because of that I got really lazy taking photos throughout the day, lol. Please check out the links throughout this post to see other photos ^_^

What's tea time without the After School Tea Clu... Err... The light music club's Houkago Tea Time members ^_^

Stupid of me to just take one photo of Azunyan with the macaron ^^; This came out blurry unfortunately :(

A group picture! Thanks to Galamirix for taking this photo for me whilst I was stuck XD

After tea time we went to Aberdeen Centre in Richmond to meet other people. This one is Chun's new girl Pi-chan! Also an Obitsu body... Hmmm... I wonder if I started a trend, lol. I think I'm just full of myself XD She does indeed look like Chun's Mokotan...

And the pair of 40cm Obitsu girls get together :) Very cute... Too bad I was too lazy to get my Obitsu Helen out ^^; We totally have no idea how long we were going to stay at the mall...

So around 4 pm we finally reached our final destination, Flamebyrd's place, which is also in Richmond, for an anime/doll meet. Thus, our thrice-cooked doll meat/meet :P

TheCandyMan's Suzu gets to try out Helen's bunny outfit.

Comparison time! Aoi's a Dollfie Dream, Helen's Azone/Obitsu and Suzu's MSD size ^^ What's Helen's hand doing??

Mari dressing very sexily... The pantsu is visible! Because of this shot, I want to get/make a g-string for Helen...

Flash! A-ah! Saviour of the universe!

Flash! A-ah! He'll save everyone of us!

Everyone tired of the Flash Gordon lyrics thing? Cuz I could continue for this sexy Alna photo :P

And here's a Puppy52 fashion show for different size girls :)

A view from the apartment.
After watching AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture, Jem, Samurai Pizza Cats and Minky Momo briefly we watched Whisper of the Heart. At around 9:30 pm we wrapped up and I got home around 10 pm. Very fun day ^_^ More photos in my Photobucket!

BONUS PICTURES! Helen's enjoying some ice cream...

Oh oops... She dropped it...


  1. @Chun: I prefer calling it "chesty" XD

  2. I gotta say, Helen, that does not look comfortable...

  3. @Flamebyrd: Which part doesn't look comfortable? The ice cream or the flashing? XD

  4. Azunyan is still the best Azone ever conceived.

  5. @Shin: Glad I got her then :D

    @FatB: You have no idea...

  6. Those desserts and those dolls... So hungry now for stuff.

  7. the doll very funny, where can I buy it?hehhe

  8. @andry: Many places ^^; I get mine from most Japanese Hobby online stores.