Friday, August 19, 2011

Cos & Effect 2011

What do you expect when you see the event called "Cos & Effect"? I was only expecting a one-day cosplay only event. Apparently I was mistaken. It was almost like a full convention minus the guests. A mini-con if you prefer. I thought it'd be a small event so I wasn't expecting a lot of cosplays, but I was wrong again! There were lots and lots of cosplays, some that I couldn't immortalize in a photo ^^; There were also some panels and vendors and artist alley! And it was a two-day event. Since I underestimated it I didn't take a day off for Sunday from work to go there. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted on the one day that I did go... I did regret missing that Swimsuit Competition panel -_- Hoping to find videos or photos of that event soon ^_^

Oh and I also wore the Kyuubey shirt from J-List... I didn't think it would get that much attention ^^; And I thought there would be other people who'd wear that shirt XD

ANYWAY! On to the cosplays! This first one I took a photo of is of Kyuubey and Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka... Now Kyouko is a friend of mine from the doll meet group... Unfortunately I didn't recognize her and she didn't say anything XD It was a bit depressing that she said some people don't know her character =(

Not a super accurate Melona, but I'm not sure if you can really do an accurate Melona from Queen's Blade at a convention ^^;;;

Hmm... It's an undine from Orange Planet... Which undine, I'm not sure ^^;

Ayanami Rei! This is another friend from my group, Kurohitori, but this time I knew that she was going to go as Rei so I found her and got to follow Rei around the con for a bit before she changed XD

And another friend, reaperofleaves, and her brother as Maka and Soul Eater. I got to play around with the scythe for a bit. Quite the hefty thing.

Navi! This is Kurohitori's friend as Link, but I only took a pic of Navi, lol.

Ok, fine I took this picture of Link trying to eat the Angry Bird, but it sounds better if I say it's Angry Link vs Angry Bird :P

Charlotte! I spoke with the two of them after I took a photo and asked if they found a Mami yet. They said, "not yet"... And then who shows up afterwards?

Tomoe Mami herself! No Charlotte around yet thankfully ^^;

A very awesome looking Brook from One Piece! I was very impressed :D

And then Nami joins him :D

This is from the Dr. Horrible's Evil League of Evil Audition panel hosted by Snape, Dr. Horrible and Reno. Kieran Strange plays Dr. Horrible with a nice English accent ^^; Interesting that there was a troll that was auditioning...

And I found a MEIKO! I found other MEIKOs afterwards, but didn't have a chance to take photos of them ^^;

Saber Lily sans Caliburn, but I did see Caliburn around later on XD

Brera Sterne from Macross Frontier

Ranka and Sheryl. Also from Macross Frontier.

I'm not sure who these 2 girls dressed up as, but I saw them lying on the stairs and thought if I can get a picture from above the stairs, it'd look nice ^^; Feel free to let me know who they are ^^

Euclid from Kore wa Zombie desu ka

Took a photo from the balcony of the suite my friends were staying at. Very nice views!

At the BJD panel. This is pretty much all the dolls with a couple additional dolls afterwards... With Madame Red in the background. I also met a girl who was after my Misaka Mikoto bag ^^;;; I managed to find a link for her so she can get one for herself though :P

Pants are overrated... And L!!!

Helen with her hair down after working real hard ^_^

This is Ally's, the panelist, BJD. Really cool eyes!

And now for some loot! I contemplated about getting a few Homura art, but this one was the only one that caught my eye, even if it is her pre-badass form. Not sure who the artist is, but if someone knows please let me know :) EDIT: This one is drawn by Joodlez :D

Such a cute Charlotte!

Got these from Featherfall in person. I was eyeing this Sailor dress... Mostly because it looked like something out of Aria... And yes, that's the same saddle that Nendobitsu BRS used on Helen ^^;;; I didn't know it was for sale XD

A few pins... I was mostly going for the yuri pins, lol. Though I didn't mind having the sweat drop or the angry mark neither :P

A couple of hard plastic strap. It's a MEIKO... So of course I gotta get it. And it was the last Kyuubey they had. I wish I remembered who made these ^^;

And my coup-de-grace of the convention... This MEIKO art totally blew me away! I repeated, "I had to get this" twice before paying for this. There was a Miku art as well, but honestly, I don't even remember what it looked like XD Now I gotta find out who drew this and see what else s/he got!

That's it for Cos & Effect... The surprise Vancouver convention. It sounds like they are doing another one for 2012? Well if they are then I'll try to go again and hope to take more photos next time and maybe stop underestimating the event ^^;


  1. I think the Undine looks most like Atora (, mainly because of the glasses and hair color, but if I were to guess chances are she simply dressed up as an undine without a particular one in mind. :P

  2. :o! DAT MEIKO! <3
    *high five* I don't know many Meiko fan so this is awesome that you are one! :>

  3. @litokid: That's who I was thinking of! But yea, it could be just an Orange Planet undine... I think I saw her in an Aria uniform later on...

    @2 of Hearts: YAY! Another MEIKO fan! Yes, not a lot of us, but that's just more MEIKO for us :3 I knew I should've gotten more copies of that art XD

  4. The artist for the adorable Homura print is called joodlez (she has a DA too!) ;)

  5. another convention...drained funds...JOKE!!

    Who dat draw that Homura art?? i like it & that Meiko art & that Queen Meiko from Alice in musicland?? i wish i can find that one in my next Anime convention...^G^

  6. @CatzCradle: Ah! Thank you very much :D I'll edit it and add a link to her DA ^^

    @J: LoL thankfully I didn't spend that much this time. As mentioned by CatzCradle, she goes by the name of joodlez. Really cute. Yep, that's the MEIKO from the Alice video.

  7. I wonder why there is a wet stain on the wall of that Brera Sterne photo...

  8. @FatB: UBC Staff not cleaning things properly? XD

  9. What a sexy Meiko! I bet she's a regular pro cosplayer :D (and if I'm wrong, she should be lol)

    I'm gonna say it again, you go to so many events it's crazy ^^U

  10. @yakuri: LoL I didn't even know how big this event was til I got there ^^; It's local and not that expensive thankfully!