Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ReaperofLeaves Birthday Sleepover

This past Friday was reaperofleaves' birthday and she held a sleepover party at her place. It was a bit far from where I was, so I guess it made sense to have a sleepover ^^ It took about 30-40 minutes drive without any stopovers or if the GPS doesn't lose its battery power... We came 3 hours late from the appointed time but were still the first ones to arrive XD I drove Galamirix and MysticaGrey along.

We immediately hauled out our dolls and the snacks... Though I think the snacks came first :3

Pardon me if I don't know any of the names ^^; I'm so bad with names unless they're written down. I had a discussion with my passengers regarding this. If it's not written down then my attention span decreases XD

Galamirix's girls getting ready for some event and/or snacks. I'm thinking the latter.

Helen and her Azunyan doll ^w^

Orpheus and Erebus getting along swimmingly as Nekros keep watch... Probably because Erebus looks so pretty XD

The big man Nekros chillin'.

Gah... Their names escape me at the moment... I know I heard the names, but again, I have short attention span when it's said and not written :P

MEIKO joins the party! Thankfully she doesn't smell like grape Fanta due to a certain Mystica incident...

I brought along some Indonesian cookies called "lidah kucing" or "cat's tongue" in English. Popular snack item it seems :3

These are PrinceDuCiel's boy and girl in matching school uniform :D

Don't remember whose doll this was, but sure is a cutie!

And this is the last picture I took just before my camera's batteries (including the spare) died on me... Glad to got this Nendobitsu Saber Lily riding on a saddled Alpaca photo for the last one. Saber Lily is Galamirix's, alpaca is Elfinder's and the saddle is mine XD

Thankfully I had my 3DS along... Unfortunately it's not the best camera... It is in 3D if you see it on the 3Ds though...

Thankfully MysticaGrey was handy with her camera. She says it's blurry here, but it's better than the one taken on my 3DS ^^; Check out her Flickr to see more photos :)

Azunyan's turn to ride on the Alpaca. I had to squeeze her into the saddle since her legs don't spread out much... Gosh, that sounds ecchi!

I also found a new feature on the 3DS camera! Blow on the mic and different types of sparkles come out while you're taking photos :D

This was one of my favourite photos from the 3DS :D

Helen surrounded by flowers while holding flowers... Yo dawg...

Reaperofleaves dolls with stars :D

Helen was big enough to hold up Azunyan while riding the alpaca!

And then Azunyan rides on Helen...

And this was the last photo I took while we were eating at a Japanese restaurant the next day.

I didn't get much sleep, but it was still fun hanging out with everyone. When I finally got home I conked out for 5 hours ^^;;; Thanks reaperofleaves for having us over and hopefully your parents weren't too mad with this many people at your house XD


  1. Yes, sorry again about the Meiko incident ):
    ItoldyouIwasclumsy! ><;;

  2. Wai!! I've being hit some bread & coffee something? nice picnic & lol is Alodia's DD has joining the party too? looks lovely & heck i like the photo style of the 3DS but i am not buying it until someone's do hack the "Region lock"..i hate it when some games not working because of the regions...

    add the FB group about yuri: http://www.facebook.com/groups/166821183357846/?id=249747868398510&notif_t=group_activity & renewed my Twitter account: "Jowy_Bautista"

    Sometimes feel getting a friend can give me a full relieve.

  3. I can't help but to chuckle that you're still the first one despite being 3 hours late XD

    The 3DS's photo quality doesn't seem too bad, and the effects do give a nice little touch. I'm always impressed at how many dolls there are for a doll meet, be it done in a public place or at someone's home! @_@

  4. @Jowy: More of a sleepover than a picnic, lol. They've really dropped the price on the 3DS thankfully, so late adopters can get it much cheaper now ^^;

    @Q: LoL I know. I thought at least a few people would come on time. I had to cheat a little bit with the 3DS photos ^^; I edited them a little in PS to be slightly acceptable, lol. Yeah, there are so many dolls all the time. The one at my house was the most I've seen that I've attended! Can't beat that Figure.FM posts with multiple DD in Bangkok though!

  5. @Mysti & LS: DOJIKKO MOEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

    I think it's best if you guys didn't sleep; personally I wouldn't be able to anyways with that many dolls in my house.... @_@

  6. LoL right? Dojikko moe? XD

    I barely slept, so it's good :P I was worried about knocking some of them over, lol.