Thursday, September 15, 2011

BlueStarBaby's Birthday Meet

I love alliteration! Indeed, this was BlueStarBaby having a meet to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately I couldn't stay too long and just dropped by with snacks, a gift and a new Azone Pureneemo debut. Did you guess who my newest Azone girl was from my last post? There are a lot more Azones coming out too now. Most of them were Maruneko, but there was also an Azone/Volks hybrid on the far right of the picture, owned by the birthday girl ^^

So now do you know who my new Azone girl is? XD Here she is posing with some macarons. I gave a box to BlueStarBaby while the rest of us shared this. They were gone in an instant!

The maids and butler... Galamirix's Sakura looks like she's got bunny ears on :P

Here's another view... It's bunnygirl Helen in the back and quite out of place with these bigger dolls ^^;;;

There are a few who I still don't know/remember the names of... So sorry about that ^^; If the owners want to label them, let me know ;) I know the miko Miku in the back is Flamebyrd's though.

Here're kurohitori's twins, Ayumi and Hatsumi, with Suzu in the middle... I believe that's Flamebyrd's doll on the far right, whose name I don't know ^^;

I'm gonna go for a wild guess that the girl on the left is Navci's Shion, and the right is Chi, whose hooves were just painted. He looks good in that outfit.
NendObitsu BRS rarely appear these days ^^; I still need to fix her neck properly.

This is also Galamirix's Shiki DD debut! She's still shy... Maybe because she's lacking her signature red jacket?

This is Ken's Neris. I still like her old blue eyes :P

This is Maruneko's Miu? I'm not too familiar with the names yet ^^;

Chun's Tsun Taiga-hime! "This world is mine, hmph!"

A close up of Miko Miku, who is actually Ayako in cosplay.

Megane bunnygirl Helen! I need a better picture of this! She looks too. Damn. CUTE!

Sakuya's secret that I've uncovered XD

Serving lunch :)

Alna showed up in a party outfit with a new wig... with a Christmas tree in the background...

Surprisingly I took a good amount of photos even though I was there only for 2 hours. Well... happy birthday again BlueStarBaby! May your DD be plentiful! LOL!


  1. lol. Thank you!! But that Neris wasn't mine. She belongs to kent! He has a Neris too~~~ XD

  2. @akinari-kun: Looks like someone is intrigued with macarons :3 Get some if you're at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond!

    @Bluestarbaby: GASP! Mistaken identity D: Fixing the post now ^^;

  3. Mmmm the hazel nut macaroon was surprizingly tasty-- I have ate macaroons from other places before and they tasted artificial ^^; good buy lol!

  4. Macaroons?? where? where??

    They have maids & butlers but something missing.. A CAKE!! so i say some nice B-day word from her...

    PS: I see a X-mas tree nearby O\/\/O

  5. @chun: I'll have to get some more to try the other flavours XD

    @Jowy: The second picture is all macarons :) LoL I had to skip the cake unfortunately. And yea... Christmas tree ^^;;;