Friday, October 28, 2011

Early Halloween Doll Meet

On October 16th, I went to an early Halloween BJD Meet, which is on my working day... But using creative timing, I was able to attend with no problem. The aim was to get our dolls in costume, but I didn't really have one for Helen... So I got her swimsuit and apron for sukumizugi meido ^^; Well it works for some cultural festival, right?? There are so many dolls and photos that this is probably the only paragraph of text I'll have and I'll mostly say nothing else, lol. Lots of new dolls and people too! Unfortunately I didn't have much time to get to know everyone... Let's get to it! There are over 70 photos altogether!



HHHNNNNNGGGGHHH!!!! SO CUTE! I hope someone can tell me more about this one. She's so cute!

Prince Tomato and... boyish Miu? ^^;

Headless Alna!

Spider-Helen! The room we rented had a fridge and I thought I'd try this with Helen.

Someone left their Alpaca and I'll be bringing Jack back to her owner to the next Halloween BJD Meet tomorrow XD

Spider-Helen doing it upside down!

What you don't see is me underneath Helen, making sure I can catch her if she falls off. But she never did :)


  1. The little puki you like is a Puki Flora. :D There is also a pukifee size and a littlefee size! :D :D

    *nudge you to the dark side*

  2. LOL so damn funny the Helen stunts XD I need to have Pi chan do that sometime :P XD Great job! ottsukaresama XD

  3. @Navci: I thought I'm already on the dark side ^^;

    @Chun: LoL make sure you keep her hair on if you do it :P

  4. Some of them are cute but others...nevermind it still...Today in my Country was Nov.1 & i say...HAPPY HALLOW~EEN too you guys ^V^

  5. i saw this and i got super scared...

  6. @Sasarai: Perfect fit for Halloween, no? :D Maybe you'll see him in person one day XD