Sunday, January 13, 2013

Misaka Mikoto Mania 2

Biri biri! Welcome to another Misaka Mikoto Mania! In this kind of post I will post nothing but Mikoto! Obviously! Also, it just means, I've accumulated a lot of Mikoto figures/merchandise and haven't had a chance to post them all ^^;;;

First up is this exclusive Wave Beach Queen Misaka Mikoto. I actually didn't plan on getting this, nor did I know of its existence ^^; It was kinda luck and misfortune that a friend of mine, KL, bought it twice by accident. It's lucky that she knows another Mikoto fan! And lucky for me since I really like this figure! So cute!

Of course, I had to go for the money shot right away, lol. Lovely striped bikini, eh? :D

Very cute face, no matter which angle you look at her from!

Next up are these two Puchi Nendoroids. They're actually not made by Good Smile Company, but by Sega Prize. I'm curious whether "Puchi Nendoroid" is a trademark or not since many other companies have been making them instead of GSC.

And here is another exclusive figure by Bandai, the Armored Girl Project, Misaka Mikoto! Complete with a giant railgun!

This figure is actually not very movable ^^; Like her legs are solid and her feet aren't flat, so she cannot stand without the display base... Such a weird design.

And here she is with the backpack and the two railguns! It was a PAIN putting on all these parts on her! I can't bear to take them off again...

Looks reminiscent of Freedom and Destroy Gundam mixed together.

Level 5: only my railgun

It's a very detailed pack. I wish I could take photos of all the details, but my camera lens can't capture them yet. But this pack can open up in the back. This is before it opens.

And this is after it opens. It's very subtle, but still a nice design.

A very similar size to the figma version. If it wasn't such a pain to put on, I would try it on the figma right away.

Lastly, here is the Gift Nendoroid Plush of Mikoto! So cute! I now have all of my favourite girls in plushie version! I'll have to take a photo of all of them soon.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 72
Ah Kuroko... You're such a Mikoto-sexual ^^; I also picked up a Kuroko figma sometime last year. Must've been from a sale from Yes Asia because apparently I have the game as well. And of course, as always, you can read more 4koma on my comic site.

Well... Since the 4koma didn't capture all of Kuroko's perversion, here she is in full glory!

She doesn't care if they're in different scales, she'll just think the bigger her oneesama is, the more for her to touch ^^;

I really love this photo ^^;; Kuroko is having too much fun! XD

Kuroko, the lolicon... Sorta.

And there she is flipping Mikoto's skirt... Gigantic plush skirt ^^;


  1. LOL love that striped swimwear, so cute ^o^!

  2. Yes! I'm so glad I was able to get one :D Too cute ^.^