Monday, April 1, 2013

Sakura-Con 2013 Loot Preview

 I'm back from Sakura-Con! And I'm really, really tired! So here is my first post for Sakura-Con... The loots!

Unfortunately I didn't buy much from the con... I'm so into Persona 4 lately, so I got this Teddie/Kuma plushie that has a zipper which actually opens up to an empty space!

 Here's the other purchase I made. A Chie strap from the Artist Alley. Quite cute, so I had to get it...

Alas, that's it for my loot... The cards above, MEIKO Weiss Schwarz is courtesy of Mamitan from GSC whom I met on Saturday before she had to leave early ^^; It was a good con, but I just didn't spend much for this year, is all... Maybe next time.

April Fool's! This is but the tip of the iceberg! I've got tons more stuff to take pictures of! XD Coming soon!


  1. You got to meet somebody from GSC? Sounds nice! There may not be much of a grand purchase, but it's still a nice one!

    Looking forward to see more photos!

    1. Don't worry. More will come! XD And yeah, I met her before she worked for GSC, so it was interesting to hear about her job :)