Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project: Saber Gundam - Day 0

So begins my silly little project of creating The Saber Gundam... What the hell brought on this idea of frivolous money spending and time consuming project, you ask? Ok, you didn't really ask, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. It's this awesome looking fanart of a Gundam that's been made to look like Saber.

I kept wishing this was real, that Bandai and Type Moon might make some kind of agreement to make this kit a reality, but no luck. Ok, then maybe I'll wait until someone actually makes a custom kit... Nope. I was disappointed, but the lightbulb turned on in my head: "Why don't I make one?" Such an easy idea on paper, but reality is not as forgiving.

First of all I had to find the right kit to make the base, and without spending so much money. I spent hours on Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, and Sakura Media's websites looking for the right kits to buy. I've finally decided on the 3 that I've posted on my blog before.

I bought them at this little Chinese store at Crystal Mall, which is just across Metrotown in Burnaby, BC. I didn't really want to buy it from there since the store owners were kinda rude, but price-wise they were the cheapest. I also bought the markers for the colour from here. The Gundam Seed Destiny markers, which included the blue, yellow, red and white, along with a separate silver marker. I bought the Zeta Gundam from Ages 3 and Up from Metrotown, since the price was the same. This was a week before Day 0.

Day 0 consists of scanning the manuals, setting up which parts are needed, and putting them on two pages, so it's easy to look at instead of looking at three manuals (although I had to do that anyway >_<).

THE manual

So the next day, my life is slowly sucked out by this tiny model kit...

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