Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yuri Mania 5

Saber Lily's orz ^^;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Parts 5 & 6

Gokigenyou minna-san! This week's yuri mania is a continuation of my Saber Lily versus Chouyusha Haruhi series, parts 5 and 6. I'd like to post a yuri anime review, but I got a tad busy this week to post lots of screenshots.

Unfortunately the jokes didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped... It looked funny in my mind, but putting it together I felt like I was struggling to find good lines and jokes that fits. Judge for yourself.

I broke my Kyon figma last time, but I replaced his arm with Koizumi's. Can anyone else guess what other part of Koizumi I used? Ok this one is kinda a stolen joke from Haruhi Suzumiya, but I changed the ending a little bit. ^^

Guest starring: Revoltech Fraulein Rin. I actually like this version of Rin than the figma version. People complained about the face, but I love her face. It looks a bit cuter than the figma one. It's also the return of the Lily panel lol. Again I didn't think this joke worked as well, especially since it's a reference to the Fate/stay night adult computer game, not the anime. This was also a last minute addition. I was just scouring my room for figures I can use and saw Rin and I thought I'd use it.

I feel like doing the "orz" pose for doing these 2 strips. They have "fail" written all over them. But fear not, the next few scripts are better! Til next time... Gokigenyou!


  1. I LOVE IT!

    Haha that' Koizumi's face you used for Kyon btw. Haha.

    Your comics make me want to try comics too. I have photostories but I dunno if a lot of people like it. But then again it's fun! Haha

  2. Thank you folks. Your comments really make me glad I posted these ^^

    @blood on the mirror: Photostories are good, but not good for me because it's such a pain to put together something like that on Blogger XD

  3. Most excellent, please keep up the good work. Thanks for stopping by my website.

  4. Great!
    I prefer Revoltech Rin aswell!
    Just look at Rins saggy eyes in the figma version! Makes her look like a grandma.

    Great reference to the VN.
    It was such an awkward excuse for the H-Scenes

  5. @Wolfehinrich: Thanks, I went through your website quite a bit too ^^

    @Blowfish: LoL Granny Rin, I never thought about that before. Well I picked up the Fraulein one first, so I didn't bother getting the figma one. To be honest, I haven't played the VN yet ^^; But I heard about it and just had to implement it on this one XD

  6. Hey dude. Haven't done my blog surfing in a while. Good to see you managed to get Saber Lily! Is she as awesome as you had hoped?!

  7. @radiantdreamer: Considering she's my first figma that I've opened then yeah! Totally love it! I just don't like how I'm so cautious with the figmas since I broke one of them the moment I opened one XD

  8. @Lighting Sabre> Haha yeah it can be a pain, but I love it.

    I love the comics btw. Too bad I suck at Photoshop >_<

  9. @blood: Yeah Photoshop is surprisingly complicated if you're not used to it. I took a whole course on it in college. Something you may want to look into if you're interested :)