Friday, February 13, 2009

Saber Lily VS Chouyusha Haruhi

I used this picture for the Figma contest they had from GoodSmile Company, but I never reached the final 50. A lot of people put more efforts into their shots ^^;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Parts 1 & 2

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for a rumble unlike any other! The battle of the Special Edition Figmas that's just been waiting to be made!!

So after more than a month's wait my plans finally came to fruition. I wanted to make this scene so long ago ever since the idea popped in my head when Saber Lily and Fate/Unlimited Codes arrived on my doorstep.

Saber Lily Figma is the first Figma I've ever opened, followed by Chouyusha Haruhi. It's also nice to compare the first ever special edition Figma along with the latest one. I didn't notice much difference except for the hook for Saber Lily that attaches to the stand and goes around her waist instead of the peg penetrating her backside... uh bad choice of words? Haruhi lacked the accessorries compared to Saber Lily, but that's fine since I may just lose some of those small parts anyway heheh ^^;

I was extra careful when I moved Saber Lily and Haruhi around since they were very expensive and precious. I couldn't say the same for the third Figma I've opened. I opened Kyon for the 4-panel comic I made, but I was being too forceful to bend his arms that I snapped it... The picture you'll see later is his left arm barely hanging on to the piece... Yare yare... Anyone got a Kyon (or Koizumi) Figma they're giving away or selling for cheap??

So I set up these scenes at the stairs in the house with a blanket for a background, which suppose to look like a forest scene ^^; It was fun posing them for the scenes, but sure was a hassle. I hope you enjoy the final product.


  1. Wow this one is really funny!! You are really good!

  2. lol. love it. moar!

  3. Thanks folks ^_^
    Working on the next one as we speak.

  4. lol good comics keep them coming

    those two figmas I really like... and want how much you pay for them with game?

  5. That was really cute!!!!

    Can't wait to see the next comic

  6. @balance: It was over $120 CAN each... The Haruhi game seems too much trouble to start, but the Fate game I really want to play since it's a fighting game with Saber ^^

  7. Nicely done! I really do like what they've done for Saber Lily... around the waist sounds less painful than actually stabbing it into the back...

    lol giving the win to Haruhi...

  8. @Ace: Haha no worries, I'm working on an alternate ending where Saber wins ^_^