Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yuri Mania 10: Candy Boy

Candy Boy. Sounds like some kind of yaoi thing, eh? Like some kind of shota that'd be used for some guy's plaything, right? Ok, that analogy sounded bad, but this is quite the opposite. Candy Boy is about twin sisters who just recently moved into a dorm to go to school in Tokyo. But of course they're not normal sisters. They're very close sisters to the point of being lovey dovey with each other. Thus why Candy Boy is in my Yuri Mania post!

Candy Boy is one of the first few ONA around. ONA means Original Net Animation where it's released almost irregularly to the NicoNicoDouga site. Other ONA includes Nyoron Churuya-san, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan and Hetalia Axis Powers (because some people demanded that it was too offensive to be put on television thus why it's only released on the net). Irregularly because I tend to forget about it until someone does the sub for it... Because of this the animation does look good, though Danny has mentioned that it relies mostly on still pictures. I still think it looks beautiful nonetheless and it shows how much time and effort they've put in. I just wished they do more of them...

So I say this is a yuri anime, but it's not very explicit and it doesn't really show any eye candy. But it's still something fun to watch, comedy mixed with drama and romance. It's what you would call a slice-of-life anime.

Candy Boy takes Kanade Sakurai's point of view through most of the episodes. She is the younger of the twin sister, yet she is more mature than Yukino, the older twin. One would also call her a tsundere because of her cool attitude but when she's in the mood, she would be very, very cute!

Yukino Sakurai, the older sister, acts more like the younger sister because of her airheadedness and her selfishness of wanting everything from snacks, items, and her sister's feet... er, love. Although she can be mature when the need arise, like dealing with their younger sister back home. I always like it when she calls out, "Kana-chan, Kana-chan!"

She's got very flexible cheeks...

And then there's the rift who almost caused a split between the sisters, Sakuya Kamiyama, who's got a very disturbing crush on Kanade. Well not really because Kana and Yuki are closer than ever because of her meddling. She is a year younger than the twins and her family is quite rich. She tries to win Kanade over using her riches to her advantage... like building a new dorm that's especially made for her and Kana...

Oh yeah, and she's shameless too.

Finally there's the twin's younger sister, Shizuku Sakurai. She is approximately 3 years younger. She seems to like Yukino more, but in reality she wants to be close to the sisters as much as they are close to each other. She hated the fact that they had to separate when the twins moved to Tokyo, while she stayed home in Hokkaido.

All these episodes are continuous of each other... but they are released with a huge gap between them that you have to watch the previous one to remember what happened. Good thing they're only around 15 minutes each... so there's not much to summarize. I'll try not to spoil anything, but there's really not much to spoil anyway. Just warning you, s'all. I will only summarize the first two that were released chronologically so it won't take too much space.

Episode EX01: Forecast of the Future

Yuki wants to sleep with Kana...

This episode was an extra for the DVD release of Candy Boy. This takes place when Yukino and Kanade first moved into their current dorm. Kana is utterly disappointed with the size of the room so Yuki tries to cheer her up.

Prologue: Side Story for Archive
Yukino answers Kana's question of what she wants for Christmas...

I wasn't kidding about Yuki wanting Kana's feet, y'know.


People stare at Saku all the time when she's in stalking mode.

I call this episode 1 for some reason... This episode introduces the whole conflict between the sisters and Sakuya. Kanade tries not to get between Yukino and Sakuya who seem to be getting close to each other.

More to come next week, featuring episodes 1-6 and hopefully 7 (since it was released only recently). It will be a picture heavy post too.


  1. While it looks like Shizuka prefer Yukino, I think she actually loves Kanade the most as well.

    Loved how all three sisters shared both common traits yet are still three distinct personalities.

  2. @Smithy: Aye, I agree. I guess Shizuka just seem to get along better with Yukino on the exterior where it looks more obvious.

  3. I started watching the first Ep when i was released ages ago but due to the irregularity of the releases I havent seen a new episode since then.

    I liked the first episode so im gonna keep on watching.Thanks for reminding me of the series!

  4. Wow, now that's one hell of a stalker O.o

  5. I'll have to check this one out, it sounds interesting enough. Something besides catholic school yuri shenanigans is welcome for a change.

  6. I thought Candy Boy sounded like Yaoi too, but instead we get some nice twincest.
    I actually think Yukino's more mature than Kana. Her playfulness is really just a front.
    Anyway, yea it is really annoying how there are huge gaps between releases, and it's hard to keep up with the episodes. I didn't even know 6-7 were out.

  7. yuri...hehehehe

    anyways..i need to ask how to make those continue reading things for my blog...

    anyhelp would be beautiful

  8. @Blowfish: I see the schedule at Wikipedia here, and the quickest they've released it was within the next month and three months for another episode... They should be subbing the latest episode 7 and hopefully episode 8 will be out soon when the last DVD is released.

    @Snark: Indeed! Good thing she's kinda cute...

    @Persocom: Ahaha yeah, twincest is a nice change of pace XD

    @Yi: I do see that Yukino is more mature too, but heck she doesn't show it much, does she? ^^; Everyday I pay attention to the latest anime downloads, so the title "Candy Boy" always catch my attention ^_^

    @lyfeprojekt: Hmm... I dunno... It's always slow when you first start, so keep going. I mean I thought my first major blog post was epic, but not a lot of people knew about it. I try to advertise my post with a Member News on by giving a quick tease and providing people with more on my blog. Comment on and on other people's blog too. It serves as a friendly invitation to go and comment on your blog as well. And for me, I try to be unique and not post what other people have posted. I haven't posted nary a thing about K-ON (most talked about anime of the season), and I probably won't (at least not until much later). Candy Boy doesn't get enough attention methinks :)

  9. Oh god...this sounds like another anime to add to my watch list. I need more time...or at least try to waste less of it now. ^^;;

  10. it has nothing to do with ur blog

    the city of vancouver is in great pain

  11. @T.I.P.: Good thing they're pretty short ^^ Probably done within 2-3 hours XD

    @lyfeprojekt: I feel the pain dude...

  12. "Candy boy" was enough for me to turn back on it, title sounds like yaoi =~=. Anyway if you review it, its insta Yuri ^^

  13. @GunStray: I'm still trying to find out why it's called "Candy Boy" in the first place when there's NO MALE IN SIGHT in this anime XD

  14. The style for this looks pretty nice. Twincest ftw. The title seems rather unrelated though lol

  15. @Coco: LoL Very unrelated title. A lot of people get thrown off from it ^^;

  16. looks interesting ^^ I will put it in my to watch list ^^ =3

  17. @Argyle: Yeah, give it a try. Short episode count, short series.