Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yuri Mania 11: Candy Boy 1-4

Gokigenyou! As promised for this week's yuri post is a continuation of my Candy Boy coverage (jeez, that doesn't sound good at all now that I've written it...). I wanted to review up to episode 7 but I haven't found a subtitled version yet. I'm also not sure whether I should continue covering the rest or not. If I do continue I'm going to wait until the 8th episode comes out.

Episode 1: The Two's Distance
Kana suddenly remembers about her and Yuki walking under the same umbrella when they were young. She's suddenly happy when the weather forecast says it will rain soon, but what happens when she actually forgot her umbrella?

Sakuya knows that she's no match for Yukino for Kanade's love, but she keeps trying anyway. Very interesting aspect of her that I like. Persistent, but it's too bad she won't get what she wants... Very funny scenes regarding Yuki and Kana's dorm life, especially their mornings. I actually didn't find this episode til recently, because I thought the Prologue episode was episode 1 >.>

Episode 2: Can I have this please?
Not very subtle, is she?


It's almost Christmas and the sisters are thinking of what to give to each other for presents. They are also planning to go home for Christmas with the money they have saved up. So what happens when they start to shop while carrying a big wad of money that they plan to use to go home with?

It seems each of the sisters have her own obsessions... Kana's got figure on the brain and Yuki loves cushions and pillows for some weird reason. I guess Kana's chest doesn't live up to her standard? Heheh. Pretty funny and interesting surprise at the end of this one.

Episode 3: Crossing Barriers
Nosebleed for some reason...

Somehow the sisters made it back to their hometown in Hokkaido after all, but not without an extra baggage, Sakuya... Upon arrival they are greeted by their younger sister, Shizuku. Unfortunately Shizuku isn't too happy about how close Yukino and Kanade have been in Tokyo.

A full episode that shows the life of the other sister, who seem to be forgotten at times by Kana since she's got Yuki with her in Tokyo. There's a sad tone to this episode, but thankfully Sakuya is there to liven it up!

Episode 4: It's Hepatica, right...
Continuing from the last episode, Kana and Yuki are trying to reconcile with Shizu slowly. Good thing Sakuya helps out a little by telling Shizu when she first started to like Kana.

The episode starts with flashback when all three sisters were close, and got along so well a few years back when they were still together. The dynamics were about the same that Shizu looked like she still favour Yuki while Kana takes her abuse, lol. The episode ends with them sleeping together in one bed. Which is why this episode is called Hepatica; a flower that has three lobed leaves. I understand how Shizu feels... I'd hate being left out by someone I like too.

The 4th episode is a good place to stop the review too since it's the end of an arc, but it still continues more with the twincest shenanigans. For now I will stop and let the fansub release catch up. ^^


  1. Am I the only one who finds Sakuya very annoying? Her persistence and creepy obsession just irritates me, not to mention her almost "cock blocking" in episode 0. Plus, she does not have the type of look I like.
    Anyway, I still need to watch episode 4. Which fansub are you watching? The ones I downloaded from had poor quality.

  2. I love this series. Are you getting their figures ?

  3. I must say, the colouring looks very nice; its a richness that one seldom sees in anime.

    Still, I don't really think this is a series for me...the lack of giant robots and GAR is too much for me to bear -_-

  4. This reminds me of a Makoto Shinkai style anime...yet only the storyline reminds me of his amazing works =3 I will start this series soon ^^

  5. @Yi: Well she is kinda annoying, but a great comic relief for the series. Heheh I love your use of the term "cock blocking" there. The fansub I have for ep 4 is SHiN-gx with a very condensed subtitle, but a Frostii sub is also available.

    @Saku: Uhh... I'd love to, but I don't think I'll have the money for them >_<

    @Snark: They mostly rely on stills, that's why they look good. LoL yeah, can't help it if I like my chick-on-chick anime XD

    @Argyle: The character design definitely looks very different compared to Shinkai's. I haven't actually seen any of his works unfortunately ^^;

  6. Well there is a certain resemblance with Makoto Shinkai's work if you see certain landscape and atmospheric shots.

    Definitely watch his work Lightning Sabre, they are true jewels.

  7. Heheh, Sakuya just became my fave chara, Scheming part was epic

  8. i think i should start watching this series ^0^

    and i do see a resemblance to makoto shinkai's work also.

  9. @ Lightning
    Hey, I like my f/f too! I just rather they make out while piloting giant robots! >=D

  10. @Smithy: I've been wanting to, but somehow the chance always eludes me. Will try to look for it in the next convention.

    @Gunstray: She is a crazy whackjob, that's for sure XD

    @Haruhiist: Another convert! Maybe you guys will convert me to a Makoto Shinkai fan too ^_^

    @Snark: Haha, Kannazuki no Miko comes to mind when you say that. Too bad they didn't really make out in the robot -_-

  11. Although I dont watch this series (maybe I should), but shes very lucky xD...perfect confined space ;)

  12. @ LS: Makoto Shinkai's work is awesome! watch Voices from a Distant Star or 5 Centimetres Per Second. Awesome Movies!

  13. @Anthony: It's really short, so it doesn't hurt to give it a try :)

    @Haruhiist: GAH! I knew I forgot to check something during the convention... I was going to find all of Makoto Shinkai's work from ADV booth... Oh well, I'll find them another way somehow ^^