Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks for all the Visits!

ども ありがとう ございます! 

Ever since Danny made that Kira Trooper picture, I've been dying to play around with it to the above result (Apologies to Danny Choo, Lucasfilm & Marvel Comics ^^;). To commemorate a milestone on my blog, I thought I'd do a little Photoshop project I've been meaning to do. ^_^

I didn't think I would make a big deal out of over 10,000 visits and over 20,000 page views (since January), but I think a very big thank you to all the regular readers and visitors just dropping by is something that needs to be done. Especially this silly little blog that some people found interesting enough to read and view. ^^;

It's also thanks to Danny's hijack of my AnimeBoston loot post that finally gave it the push to these numbers. Somehow that hijack attracted the attention of a Japanese site called that was translating his news to Japanese readers... I'm not quite sure what the name of the site is unfortunately. I guess Japan was interested in what Rin and I, the foreign otaku, buy from anime conventions ^^;

You might be asking why "since January"? Well apparently I forgot to put on a site counter when I first started this blog... I finally added one courtesy of SiteMeter. So technically I should be around 11,000 visits and 23,000 page views (more or less) if I added it right at the beginning...

So here are the current numbers as of June 2nd, 2009. Over 10,000 visits, almost 11,000 with over 22,000 page views.

June 2nd was also the most visits and page views I've ever had ever since I started this blog! The 2nd most visits were the time when I won the "Your Room" giveaway.

This pie chart shows that 76% of the readers on June 2nd were Japanese... Time to make a Japanese version of my blog? ^^;

Of course I don't wanna bore people with just silly stats... so that's why I made the Spider-Trooper to make it more fun ^_^

Your friendly neighbourhood, Spider-Trooper shooting a webline!

I also collected some of my older Photoshop manipulations I did on You've seen here in some of my comics, The Melancholy of Saber Lily, and some that were made before this blog was even started.

Hwang Mi-Rai Hee

fun little project after someone found a potential model for Mirai,'s mascot, in the form of a Korean model named Hwang Mi Hee. Someone suggested that a Photoshop should be done to make her look like Mirai... I figured I'll take that challenge ^^

Now here's a before picture of Kanu Unchou in Goth Loli dress. I used to run this little series called, "Guess that Thigh High", showing only peeks of the figure's thigh high. It was way too easy, so it wasn't too much fun. This one time I used Kanu's stripey thigh high and everyone was guessing Ronald McDonald XD

I disappointed everyone when I revealed that it was Kanu... but that didn't stop me from making a Ronald McDonald version of Kanu :P

Behold! Kanu McDonald!

Which Photoshop manipulation do you like best?

By the way... two of the most visited pages are the ones that hardly have any comments... The most visited page is Yuri Mania 6 where I talk about Shoujo Sect, a yuri hentai; and the second most visited page is The Lunamaria Hawke Shrine. Very interesting tidbit, eh? What's your favourite page?

Once again thank you everyone for visiting, reading, viewing and commenting on this blog! Hopefully one day, before I reach 20,000 visits, I'll put up an actual header with pictures on it instead of just the text, lol. Here's to more shenanigans!


  1. Congrats on the milestone! lol and oh my favorite, or maybe more memorable entry of yours is probably Yuri Mania 4 :P

  2. Grats on the milestone! excuse me as I writhe in seething envy...

  3. @chun: Thanks! Ah I know which one you're talking about since that inspired your very good yuri art ^_^

    @phossil: Zankyu!

    @Snark: Thanks and it can't be too far off for yours ^^;

  4. Very impressive. Congratz and keep it up!

  5. lol @ Kanu McDonald :P

    congrats on your 10k visits too ^^;

  6. Congratulations!

    Your strips tainted my mental image of Saber Lily forever, and now every time I see her armpits I remember the tentacle monster and Haruhi happily watching... but those are your more memorable entries for me ^^;

  7. Congrats on the five figures! And nice photoshopping there, although the Ronald McD one (as always) is a little scary^-^

  8. Congratz. ^^
    Now what's the next mark u wanna achieve?
    I guess the best part is to continue doing what u enjoy doing and the stats will take care of themselves. xD

  9. Congrats on the hits ^^ Reminds me I have no idea how many hits I've gotten because I haven't had a counter in a while. I think your photoshop work is quite impressive. Both the DannyChoo and Kanu pictures look great, for me I think the 4komas are the most memorable.

  10. w00t EPIC milestone is EPIC!! ^^
    its OVER 9000!!!! OVER 9000!! >__< haha
    Loved you spider trooper XD haha keep up the good work LightningSabre!! ^^

  11. Now that my computer is recovered, I am back checking my blogroll. Congrats to your achievement! I always come check the happening in your blog!

  12. @Panther: Arigatou!

    @gndynames: Thanks and hopefully I don't exhaust my idea too much ^^;

    @konadora: Thank you as well ^^ Kanu McDonald was a really quick and fun thing to do with really weird results XD

    @Soth: Gracias! LoL that is a great mental image in my opinion XD

    @aprilius20: Terima kasih! I dunno, I wouldn't call Kanu McDonald scary... sexy maybe? :P

    @Coco: Arigatou! ^_^

    @Persocom: Zankyu! I think yours must have quite a lot of hits with all those figure reviews. :D And your comment really encourage me to make more 4komas ^^

    @Argyle: TYVM! Haha over 9000 XD That's how many comments I'll have on soon!
    ~Your friendly neighbourhood, Photoshopper~

    @Wolfheinrich: Danke! Glad to hear your computer is back in tip top shape too ^o^

  13. Congrats on the milestone pal!

    I too have a sitemeter, but I rarely check on the detailed analysis. Sometimes they do show some of the most unexpected stats about blog visits.

  14. Congratulations! That reminds me, I haven't checked my stats in a long time ; ; It didn't help that I went on a sudden hiatus due to school. Ah well.

    btw, Kanu McDonald. I approve lol :3

  15. @Q: Ten Q! Haha, get it? Ten Q, thank you? XD Anyway... It was that one day I didn't check on sitemeter that I got that 600 hits. So yeah I don't check on it every single minute of the day either >.> But I do check on it to see where they're coming from, which yields a lot of interesting places. Ah and btw, you were the first ever commenter on my blog! ^_^

    @Lene: Arigatou! Ah yeah, school, the immortal enemy of blogging... There might still be some visits here and there. I find a lot of my visits came from Google Image search!
    Haha, glad you approve Kanu McDonald XD

  16. Grats! haha now that's the hip way of shooting webs =P checked out ur profile and realised ur an Indonesian too, being in Canada since 1990, masih bisa bahasa Indonesia? hehe :3

  17. @YuKi~To: Terima kasih! Yah, masih bisa bahasa Indonesia, tapi banyak kata2 yang gw udah lupa XD

  18. haha that's great! languages are valuable :3 Jadi pingin ngobrol lebih banyak, tapi nggak terlalu cocok di sini ^^;

  19. Congratulations!!!!
    That's certainly a milestone.

    It must be the saber lily strips. They are my favorite.

    My most visited posts are also about Shoujo Sect.^^ I guess everyone loves yuri.

  20. @YuKi~To: Ya, sekeluarga masih bicara pake Indonesia, jadinya masih inget. Kalo mao email gw di lightningsabre[at] or lightningsabre[at]

    @Yi: Thank you! ^^ Hehe thanks, more encouragement for me to make more Saber Lily comics. LoL and yeah, put "yuri" and "hentai" together and it's a definite draw XD

  21. Congrats! Been reading your blog on and off since the beginning of the year. I like it! Can I add you to my blogroll?

  22. Congrats on the milestone!

    Hmm...I didn't know Kanu and Ronald was related, now I know. Apparently the Joker is her uncle. ^^;;

  23. @nyoron: Trims! Please do and I'd be glad to add you to my blogroll as well :D

    @T.I.P.: Thanks! Heheh, Kanu is Ronald's daughter XD Hmm... which part of her is related to Joker? :P

  24. ZOMG Spidy, has joined the trooper kira side!

    CONgrats BTW, sorry havent been visiting for a while^^;

  25. congrats! let's move to the next goal.

  26. @GunStray: Thanks and no problemo ^^ I've been very busy recently too.

    @RyoBase: Zankyu! And yeah, I'm trying to figure out what that next goal is... XD

  27. Congratulations!
    So whats my favorite post?
    Its probably the Melancholy series :P

  28. @Blowfish: Danke!! I gotta continue those now. I'm somewhat in the middle of planning something for it too. Hopefully I don't procrastinate too much ^^;

  29. Bitteschön!

    Well,take your time.Dont turn it into an annyoing task you do for others instead of yourself.

    Need to get used to your new Catgirl Saber Avatar ^^

  30. What the? the trooper got bitten by mutant spider? ('~')

  31. @Blowfish: Ah that's how you spell "bitteschön" ^^
    So true, I don't want to make it into something I hate to do. But I have a lot of ideas in my head and they need to be put on the strips before I forget them XD
    LoL and ideally I should be using my avatar that I use on Gravatar ^^;

    @gordon: It must've snuck into the helmet ^_^