Thursday, October 8, 2009

How NOT to Spend $15 on a Strange Night

I don't usually blog about my life, but weird and strange events have to be remembered somehow and since I'm treating my blog as an online journal, I'll write the strange thing that happened to me recently.

On Tuesday, October 6th, I was killing some time before I went home from work. I was looking for an orange Tamiya paint at this mall... but to no avail. So I stayed in that mall until they closed. I ventured into Blockbuster to see if there's any game I want to play. A Saw game?? Yeah, anyway...

As I was about to drive out of the parking lot, this girl, probably in her mid-20's, stopped my car and approached to talk to me. Ideally one should not stop or open their window to strangers... but I'm a gullible moron, so I did many foolish things here. She asked for a ride a few blocks away from this Blockbuster. I was kinda hesitating and gave her a lot of excuses, but then I caved in... I thought I'd do some Samaritan work. At first she asked a ride to the closest public transportation station but changed to a specific location in Vancouver. She said and changed so many stories... like how she just got robbed, came from Williams Lake and don't know the Vancouver area, needing a place to stay for the night, etc. Not sure what to think of them until the whole event ended.

I was nauseated the whole time she was inside because she just finished smoking. I get real dizzy from cigarette smoke. I tend to hold my breath when I walk past a smoker... I can't really hold my breath the whole time in the car, can I? And as we kept talking in the car she starts asking for money... Yeah... Said something about how she's not a cop and maybe she can exchange for a "date". I just brushed it off and quickly changed topic like where exactly she's going.

Nearing our location she told me to turn somewhere and just stop at an alley... Now she's really pushing for the money, $15 to be exact. "Please please please," she kept repeating. Then she said she'll give me a [BJ/fellatio] for that money......................................

Well, I'm glad she's not some kind of nutjob who kills me in his car and then steal the car or something. But still some kind of "job", if you know what I mean.

I instantly said no. I didn't even think about it. Perhaps the first time she mentioned something about the "date" already made the hamster wheel churn to give me enough time to think. I tried to shut her up with $5 and hoping she'd get out of the car with that. She was still pushing for more, but gave up eventually.

So I'm not quite sure what to think of this... Of course as a guy, I would be thinking about how I could've got something there, but from my moral stand point of view, it wouldn't be right. Plus there are a lot of weird diseases out there. Maybe I'm feeling guilty too for not giving her that much, but I don't know how truthful she was. I was doubting her truthiness because of the amount of sob stories she was trying to push on me.

A very strange experience... Let's hope I learn a lesson from this...

Top image is reversed from its original because my car's passenger seat is on the right and the girl does not look like the 2D girl at all.


  1. This is why I've always argued for government approved, high class brothels in every city.

  2. Next time you go to a pub and Scream that she was robbed, and she's asking exchange a BJ for $15.00 ^^; You'll be a good samarithan for 2 or more people

  3. In such a case I would offer a ride to the police station and that offer was a "take it or leave it". I would question if I even would talk to her in the first place like that. There is a lot of strange people around.

    I once gave a stranger a ride. I dropped somebody off at the station and then it turned out that the last trains of the day had been cancelled for no reason. I then said I guess I would have to drive my friend home (it was only 45 minutes each way and around midnight... who needs to sleep anyway :P). Some stranger heard that and asked if he could get a ride and be dropped off midway. I said it was ok because we were already 2 in the car (less dangerous) and he was also stuck due to cancelled trains. It was ok, but damn he smelled like a drunk.

    As for paying for sexual "services" I favour making it a jailing offence for both parties. It's the stuff which breaks marriages, spreads STDs and usually the woman have to pay some pimp. Also (at least in Europe) quite a lot of the women have been tricked into prostitution and are kept kind of like slaves with the threat that their family back home (in Ukraine or whereever) will suffer if they don't do as they are told. Recently a report stated that the only way to deal with the last problem is to enforce a complete ban. We had such a ban until EU planned a meeting here and the visitors (in advance) requested women at their disposal. The fact that such women kept the guys away from meetings and caused security issues like bomb alarms wasn't really something anybody should talk about.

  4. oh I'm so proud of you....

    ecchiman :p

  5. I'm glad you didn't accept the "favor". She's definitely not a cop, but you never know where the heck that mouth has been. $15 is a small cost to get rid of that junkie.

    Your biggest mistake was continuing to let her push you and drive her further. You should have just stopped and said "Get out of my car. NOW."

    If she kept pushing, simply refuse to drive, and threaten to call the police.

  6. There are so wrongs in so many levels, the woman's story is filled with so many plot holes that's not even funny. If she got robbed "per her story", what she needed was not $15, she needed to go to the Police, end of story.

  7. Strange night indeed. I guess prostitution comes in many forms other than the usual. $15 is really cheap though. I think it's usually $30 USD for oral sex. I guess it just shows how tough that girl has it, and how desperately she needs it. It almost makes me feel quite sympathetic to her situation.

  8. Hope you'll learnt your lesson, she sounds like a h00ker trying to pick up business :P Glad you refused her job at least tho despite loosing $15 ^^; cigarette smelling peepee + STD is not what you want LOL

  9. @Snark: LoL "high class" so that they keep track of any STDs?

    @paiki: That's an interesting way of looking at it ^^;

    @tymmur: Ah yeah... I should've thought of going to the police, but I couldn't think properly at the time.

    Thankfully you had another person with you. Oh late night never stopped me before. It just means I'll stay up longer when I get home, lol.

    Agreed with you on the last point, but I'm not married, so the guilt will only go to me... and maybe her if some of her stories are true. Interesting to hear about what's happening in EU.

    @SMiLEy: You'd think I'd go for it if I was an "ecchi man", but I don't need that kind of thing perhaps XD

    @radiantdreamer: I was glad she gave up after asking so much. She did arrive in her final destination and I thought that'd be it. Definitely didn't want to think where that mouth has been, especially since she smelled like cigarrete the whole time >_<

    @Wolfheinrich: Yeah the plot holes really made me more cynical as I drove.

    @Yi: And considering the exchange to USD, Can$15 is much cheaper than th.... Wait a tick... how do you know the price?? Is there a survey going around somewhere? XD

    I don't know the prices, but I do feel sorry for her if some of her stories are true which is why I gave her even that much. I don't think I'd ever ask for any favours of that kind in the first place, which is why I denied her.

  10. @chun: Yep, lesson learned. No more stranger pickup. At least it wasn't a guy who's offering the favour 0.o LoL @ "cigarette smelling peepee" XD Definitely do NOT want that!

  11. Geez, I thought you're going home from the mall... geez... geezz... geezzz....

  12. @mh: Yeah... shi~ happens. I had a lot more time to kill and still came home to leftover people.

  13. I don't think smokers and BJs go well together.

    Anyways, just most people have stated, don't pick up dodgy people. Only help strangers if they are otaku, better yet, have the same anime tastes :3

  14. Oooooh... so that's why you rear ended a van. In the middle of getting BJ. LOL! j/k

    I hoped you learned you lesson. Never get yourself into a situation if you have any sense it is gonna be trouble. When there is trouble, don't hesitate to throw all you manners out the window and aggressively get free. It maybe the thing that saves your life as she is preying on the mild mannered.

    If you won't take that advice, just imagine the puss of her mouth's freshly broken cold sores oozing down your dolphin. That did it, didn't it.

  15. @lightningsabre: Let's just say I've had some friends who are quite liberal on certain issues... Definitely not from personal experience though.

  16. heck that's crazy - I would've answered back to her in chinese or even japanese just in the hope to blow her off

    There are some pretty whacked people out there

    @fatb: you're a sick sick man...

  17. @Kodomut: Will remember your advice ^^

    @FatB: Did NOT need that image since I was not gonna go for it in the first place... *shudder* Lesson learned.

    @Yi: LoL I thought about teasing you on how you know it, but interesting to know either way XD

    @Cyber_chaotic: Ooooh good idea! Will remember that too. Though I'd be more fluent in Indonesian... hopefully there aren't too many strangers like that who knows that language >.>

  18. All I can think is that It was like a bet for the girl: Get 15 bucks for that guy over there no matter what.

  19. I agree with CC here, sometimes it's good to be a different ethnicity in the western world. you can just feign ignorance and start sprouting off some weird dialect to scare 'em away.

    as for the "job" glad you didn't take it.

    and really dude, why'd you let her in in the first place? Good Samaritan? really man, it's a crazy world out there...too many psychos. don't take a chance

  20. First Thing that comes to mind? She's a junkie, you've done bad givin her that 5 dollars. But, we can also say you've done bad not givin her 15 bucks, coz she's probably started searchin another man, and not everyone has a moral. I know, whatever you do is wrong. Sadly, it's like that:-\

  21. hehehehehe ecchi-people attract ecchi people, lol

    Well it's dangerous to be a good person (unfortunately there will always be a little bunch who ruins it for the rest of the population) so I'd say make a rational judgment based on the situation. If they look shady, don't even think about it (although I'd feel like an asshole if I refused say an old lady).

    Personally I give everyone outside my work and school a big "F U". Unless they're an old lady/man or a mom with kids, I don't give a damn. It might sound harsh but I'm tired of opportunistic sob's who take advantage of people's kindness.

  22. @phossil: >_<

    @necrophadian: Yeah... I'm not too sure what I was thinking. Will do what CC said next time.

    @Raida|23: Catch-22, eh? Either way I lose... =/

    @yakuri: I know about that... being a good person is not what it's cracked up to be. I hate to be paranoid though.

    So what do I do if an old lady offers me a "favour" for $15??

  23. You perv, if an old lady offers you a "favour" you have to do the gentlemanly thing... and introduce her to an old grandpa lol XD

  24. Wow, I'd panic and try to push her away while feigning ignorance. Losing $5 there, or lose $4 (or more) when lending it to a friend....Either way it never ends up right.

    Good thing you didn't go for that "job".

  25. @yakuri: What if she was a total cougar? XD

    @Ghostly Substance: Yeah, I wasn't thinking right that night... But at least I thought about that "job" right.