Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prelude to the Final Battle

The titular character, Saber Lily, appears! Haruhi has been out of control taking over the pages of The Melancholy of Saber Lily and rampaging (or is it ravaging?) the visiting Dollfies from Wolfheinrich's World. Time for damage control!

This is a Dollfie Dream Theater X Melancholy of Saber Lily collaboration. Gotta thank Wolf again for taking photos of his Saber for this crossover. I really had fun with this collaboration, kinda happy to see a couple of Dollfies in my room, lol. It's almost over, but hey this crossover was originally planned for only two parts stand alone stories. Somehow we stretched it to a full storyline!

Without further ado...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 22

The battle is so epic, 4 panels could not contain them!

I had to use a few shortcuts here since every panel had to be Photoshopped! It was a pain to get rid of the backgrounds, but the result is looking pretty good. Again thanks to Wolf for reshooting his Saber to make her look the best as she could ^_^

And of course you must notice the new Good Smile Company's 1/7 Saber Lily PVC in here. Her arrival definitely prompted me to include her in these panels to the chagrin of Haruhi... Haruhi's got her own spell though XD Two plans for GSC Saber Lily down, one more to go.

The panels didn't really do these pictures justices, so I've included them in the post. Picked up the smiley from the Good Smile Company's website. That is if you notice that it's a smiley ^^;

I was considering using the Chouyusha Haruhi instead of the normal Haruhi, but I wanted to make it uniform. The Max Factory logo I also picked up from their website. Ironically Saber Lily figma is also made by Max Factory XD

Look forward to the conclusion! It'll be epic! Also been added to The Melancholy of Saber Lily site ^_^


  1. lol Factor to the Max!

    I can't wait to see the epic battle unfold! Aack! My eyes are drying out from staring!

  2. This is well worth the wait! Saber Lily Tanjou ftw!

  3. @radiantdreamer: Eyedrops, man! Eyedrops!!

    @Wolfheinrich: LOL Thanks for the patience and the wait XD I keep telling you "next week" too many times... but now it's crunch time!

  4. Most. Epic. Panel. EVER!!!

    If you hadn't done the yaoi ones, this one would be my most favourite! I loved the summons hahahahaha the big PVCs fitted so well!

  5. @yakuri: Thank you ^_^ LoL yaoi always first in your book, but thanks for that comment XD

  6. Can't wait for the next chapter too! Final battle, hoping for some ravaging. ^ ^

  7. lolwut?! Factor to the Max? LOL XD yah I laugh hard today before my weekend, this is great! :D

  8. I can only imagine the battle when Figma Saber Extra comes into the picture...

  9. @Yi: Oooh you bet there's gonna be some ravaging >:)

    @Yamada: Glad you liked it. I lost some confidence on how funny it was as I was about to finish it XD

    @Shin: I actually have a plan for Saber Extra Figma already ^^; So you bet she's ordered, lol.

  10. LOL FACTOR TO THE MAX haha~! =3
    kyaa~ your figures are all awesome TT__TT I need more to fill up some spaces in my desk T_T

  11. QUICK, call the Haruhi gang and gattai up into...something?

  12. Epic battle is going to be Epic. This I got to see.

  13. @Argyle: LoL no rush dude... Or you might just get too much XD

    @Snark: It's a dramatic staredown.

    @GunStray: When I think of Haruhi and gattai I think of docking... XD

    @BD77: Thanks! It'll be something else for sure ^^

  14. LOL, I wonder what you got up your sleeves for the final battle.

    More Haruhi summons?

  15. @Tommy: Only my collaborator knows what's gonna happen, but not even he knows what I've got up my sleeves :P

  16. Haha I love those MF and GSC refernces! :P

    Since MaxFactory is owned by GSC that must mean Lily will kick haruhis butt?
    Cant wait for the enxt one :P

  17. @Blowfish: Hahaha good logic there XD The wait shouldn't be too long. I'm 5% away from finishing it ^_^