Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to Spend 20,000 Yen Part 2

My Saber Lily arrives at last! She is the final piece to finishing this 2 part post and of course the figure I've been waiting for a while now. It was delayed and delayed again several times. This is part 2 of how I spent my winnings from Danny Choo's 'Your Room' Giveaway. In Part 1, I got myself a Yoko figure and a Saber portrait book, along with my brother's birthday gift :)

I thought they dented the Saber Lily box when they shipped it to me... but turns out it actually looks like that.

Saber Lily was supposed to arrive in August; 2 months ago. I was hoping that Amazon Japan would have two of the figures I ordered on the same time and would be shipped in combination through Tenso. Unfortunately Amazon could not wait, nor could Tenso... so they shipped two separate figures with EMS, which costs half of what the figure is supposed to be. Good service, but I think they need to give some of us a break with shipping ^^;

The other figure I ordered is Mizore Shirayuki. My aesthetically favourite character from Rosario + Vampire. She came way back in August, but I thought I'd wait til Saber Lily arrived to make a combined photoshoot.

So up first is Mizore from Shueisha. I kept thinking back and forth whether to get her or not as a part of my winnings... I'm actually liking her a lot. Thigh highs, cute face, shimapan and some nice cast-off features!

First we start with the clothed option... I like the skirt too. Maybe because I went to a school with uniforms.

The obligatory panchira. That belt thingy that's attached to her left thigh is kinda interesting. I don't complain about it. It looks great on her!

"Ooops! Where did my skirt go?"

"Okay I found my skirt... but what did I do to my shirt??"

Lovely shitapai... she may not be as big as Yoko, but she still looks nice! I guess it's hard to find a bra her size in the monster world?

Fully cast off! It's a weird combination of colours... but I'm not a colour co-ordinated person, so I'm not complaining.

Now here's where I'm noticing the quality... I thought I'd have some fun with the newly discovered macro option on the camera, but then I notice the shimapan. Not really painted well unfortunately. Still if I wasn't using the macro, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

And now on to the Main Event!!

We begin with the base... FREAKING AWESOME! It's a flat base, but the amount of decoration on the base exceeded my expectations! The damage on the tiled floor, possibly from Excalibur, looks well done! Very nice Fate/Unlimited Codes logo as well. The base reminds me of this one stage in the game.

The accessories and extra parts: Caliburn, Avalon, Excalibur and a variant hand to hold Avalon in the air. I'm surprised how they did it. It'd looked good on some angles, but not all...

Closer look at the hand that rocks the crad... err... the hand that holds Avalon. It reminds me of the Franco Il Nero figure I have.

On to the figure! I figured a lot of people have done this photoshoot... so I didn't take too many shots of her.

Instead I try to focus on interesting angles, such as this one... the hand that holds the swords... or something else...

Doesn't this shot make it look like it's a lily flower in full bloom?

Lovely design on the lace of her stocking! Too bad the pantsu doesn't look as good as the Saber Maid...

Trying to take a peek under the armor... tough angle to do.

And finally........
Fate/Triple Play
"Are you my manager?" A new series starting where masters and their servants play baseball to determine who will win the Holy Grail... and a pennant. Play ball!

See more of Saber Lily from Kodomut, RadiantDreamer, Blue Blue Wave and Meronpan ^^ UPDATE: New review by Tommy at the Inferno Project


  1. LOL! Nice PS on the lily baseball cap, glove, and ball pose. You only wish you can see the petals of that upskirt lily, Ecchi man.

  2. ^^; Bad Paint Job - the same problem with my SSS Moka.
    Hated it.
    Nice Saber Lilly!

  3. Neat baseball cap. My lily has been shipped out just now, I hope to receive her this sat.

  4. She sold out so fast, so it will hard foe me to get her due to the quality and that beautiful stance(?) of her

  5. Hmm, not too big on Mizore. I like her design, but the figure itself

    Baseball Saber however, is pure awesome.

  6. lol Triple Play Saber wins.

    My Saber Lily should be in the mail... and the Nendoroid version should be on her way soon too! I can't wait! >_<

  7. Saber looks very goot ^^ LOL at FatB's comment :P

  8. @FatB: Thanks! I was thinking, "what's he talking about, the petals is supposed to be the skir..... OOoooooh THOSE petals!"

    @zh3us: Aye, I have that SSS Moka as well, but I didn't take macro shots of her XD

    @Cyber_chaotic: Super low angle! Pretty much brought the camera underneath, lol.

    @Wolfheinrich: Heheh thanks! Hope yours shows up soon ^_^

    @Yamada: That's unfortunate, but it was one of the most popular item that's not even available yet XD Hope you'll enjoy your Saber Lily Nendoroid though ^_^

    @Snark: Mizore's face does look different from the anime and the art on the box, but I thought it had some cuteness in it.


    @radiantdreamer: It's easy to read her pitches because she'd be calling out "EXCALIBUR" when she throws her ultimate pitch! XD Hope yours get here soon, and my Nendoroid Saber Lily should be on her way soon as well.

    @chun: Indeed goot! I only got what FatB's talking about just now ^^;;;

  9. To quote: "Doesn't this shot make it look like it's a lily flower in full bloom?"...
    *looks again at pic*
    *nods with agreement* v_v

    At the last pic, is she going to pitch a high-speed noble phantasm?

    Heheh, nice review, man.

  10. @BD: Deshou deshou, ne? XD Would anyone be able to read her noble phantasm pitch if she yells it out? ^^;

  11. Niice gets Robert~!! ^^ Glad to see you are still alive and well hahh =3
    my blog is dead TT__TT I have soo much things to do and so much things to catch up to~ I don't have time to do what I want anymore TT_____TT

  12. Saber Lily figure.
    I really need to get that one too.

    Anyway, nice pics, pantsu, and photoshop. Her skirt actually does look like a flower now that you mentioned it.

  13. One of the few figures I managed to resist.(I almost gave in as the urge was taking over me but I managed to sleep on it lol)

    I think GSC Saber Lily can be notimated as one of the best figures of the year. Clearly, the delays of her release shows. They wanna perfect it and GSC succeed.

    Dam, the regret of missing her out is starting to kick in now. -_-

  14. I so wanted her too, but it was either this one or nendo. Nendo is cheaper, so there you go.

    I'd have bought her if only for the stockings, that's one thing you can't see in preview pictures!

  15. @Argyle: Glad to see you arrive back in Canada safely :D Being a month away is quite a long time after all... Just take your time to catch up if you can. Prioritize what you really need to do first ;)

    @Yi: I didn't even think about the "flower" thing until I saw the photos XD

    @Optic: LoL resistance is futile? I'm on the fence whether I like Saber Lily or Alter's Saber Maid better XD

    @yakuri: HAHAHA that's so true! They didn't show this stocking in the preview pictures XD Saber Lily Nendoroid should be coming soon ^_^

  16. Let me tell you I feel cheated. If they had shown those stocking way before in the preview pics I would have been hooked without doubts.

  17. @yakuri: Let's hope the Nendoroid Saber Lily have some decent stocking XD

  18. Heheh, almost everyone took the good lines,g uess I ll go with Elegance^^;
    Triple Play FTW!

    Didn't know a Mizore figure exist, and Mizore is just <3

  19. @GunStray: Hahaha That's definitely a good line ^_^ Aye aye Mizore is <3!

  20. Nice loot. I believe all of us got ourselves a GSC Saber Lily. ^^

    If you think they were bad with the shipping for your case, they shipped my amazon order through 2 differnt EMS shipments because Amazon decided to use 2 boxes. Ended up costing me 8,000 yen to ship the figures.

  21. @Tommy: Haha guess the guerilla marketing Danny and other blogger does just won us over XD

    Oh jeez... two boxes?? They don't have a box big enough for both of them? >_<