Monday, October 12, 2009

The Rescuer

Saber Dollfie finally on her way to rescue her Escalayer onee-sama! This is another Dollfie Dream Theater X Melancholy of Saber Lily, my collaboration with fellow blogger Wolfheinrich. I also had approval from the proud papa to let me get Saber to call Escalayer, "onee-sama". Something a yuri fan like me appreciate very much ^.^

Do follow Wolfheinrich's Dollfie Dream Theater. Looks like something's big is brewing over there!

I'm also glad to have a Saber Dollfie in my room, one way or another, lol. If I ever get a Dollfie, Saber would be the one... or Rei Ayanami, whoever's easier to find or if a sponsor would ever give me one XD

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 21

Where is her backup you say? I'll let Wolfheinrich do the explaining below ^^;

Looks like they're busy shopping with somebody's credit card...

Now, I had a really hard time Photoshopping everything out of the background, so there were quite a few delays trying to get this 4koma off the ground. I really wish I have my own Dollfie, lol. Wolfy, care to donate one? XD Oh and I also had to take new pictures of my room for the background picture... So um... don't look for continuity problems, ok? >.>

Behind-the-scene, I have all sorts of figma boxes opened and parts strewn around. I tend to keep my figmas in their boxes to keep them dust free. It's quite a hassle when I have multi-figure shot like the one in the last panel though...

And finally an omake... something that I just felt like doing. The dialogue was pretty much done on the spot too. What I did was asking Wolfheinrich for the Saber Dollfie poses by using my Saber figma. I used Mirai Gundam to be my stand-in for Escalayer. So I thought, why waste pictures when I can use it? Thus the Type F version of the 4koma is born. 'F' for figma.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 21 (Type-F)

I didn't really do much work on it... just plunk'em in the boxes and just go with it. Type-F will be a one-shot thing... so no continuations. Unless I figure out a way to continue it.

Both of these 4komas are on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site.


  1. "I thought we're here to gang___"
    Haha, I wonder what word goes there.
    That group of Haruhi looks pretty menacing.

  2. Wow, the forceful five made their appearance! Looks to be epic there!

    Was my photo difficult to edit? I tried to use pure color background and hope it would be easier, was it because of the high ISO noise? then again those pictures were not of the best quality either, I have improved my camera setting since then and some of the more recent photos are turning out much better and much less noise.

  3. @Yi: The Haruhi group is armed to the teeth! XD And no... I have no idea what word goes there >.>

    @Wolfheinrich: The photos aren't too hard, it's just me trying to get them out of the background and it takes a while sometimes. The noise wasn't so bad. Radiantdreamer was saying photos using DSLRs have a more softer edges, so I think that's why it was slightly a challenge for me. Not a big deal though. Just took a bit longer since I wanted to make it blend better into the background ^^

  4. LOL. Haruhi's force is too strong!
    I love the omake! XD

    I used to store my figma and nendos in their boxes too, but I thought it's a shame to just keep them there. So now my mini nendo-army is here on my pc desk, while my figmas are stored until I find a place to display them ^^;

  5. Oh God... A BAND of Haruhi's~! (and one was already enough)...

  6. Ganged up and do ecchi on Saber? hoho looking forward to it :P

  7. Yeah, I wouldn't fuck with a group of Haruhis either.

  8. Instead of the boxes, why don't you sort them out in a plastic box? you know, one of those you can find in art/craft stores. it's a time safer and you have all the accessories and faces available in a snap.

    lol so many haruhis, but I'm sure Saber will prevail! (after getting molested and possibly undressedhahahaha!)

  9. I'm just imagining the result of all this. Mmmmmm... excuse me while I get some kleenex.

  10. @ninjovee: Thanks! And I don't have any space to display figures, so no such luck on that ^^;

    @BD77: Mwahaha! They shall take over the world!

    @Yamada: Saber's definitely in trouble XD

    @Snark: No, sir, you do not f#$@ with Haruhi, no matter the amount!

    @yakuri: Hmm... Been meaning to look for those kind of boxes, but I'm not sure how many I need. I'm sure it'll make it faster to get them out for shoots and stuff. LoL I dunno how Saber's gonna get out of this one... I might just end it with a gang**** XD

    @radiantdreamer: I hope you're getting kleenex because you have a cold! LOL

  11. achoo!!!! I have to wipe up some snot. :P

  12. it looks fabulous and i am surprised to see the fifth photo in that image.