Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Otaku Around the House

It's getting cold around here in Vancouver, so around the house is cold as well because of the granite floors here. So my feet is the first to react to the temperature... My solution? Totoro slippers!

Louise has a change of face to reflect my current situation... sorta. I get quite ticked off at work that sometimes I'm on the verge of tears of anger. I guess that's my self anger management ^^;

My cap... I wear it on rainy days or just any day really... It's really helpful these days when it is raining so it prevents my glasses from getting wet.

Ummm... I better stay alert in the morning...

Future home of Saber Lily. I think I'm ready to put her in there, but kinda lazy. Or maybe not lazy, but just doing a lot of work on the computer.

Finally I took pictures of my Iron Man statue that I got from HLJ way back in their Summer Sale. This statue was 60% off its original price. I pre-ordered an Iron Man bust from a comic book store, but I never got it... So instead I've spent the same amount of money on the full size statue!

And it lights up! The smaller Iron Man action figure is for scale purposes. I was telling my co-worker about the big statue that I got for quite cheap. Ok, cheap is not really the word, but less expensive than its original price... I can't remember who made that action figure, but the statue is from Kotobukiya.

I really wanted an Iron Man merchandise ever since the movie last year. It was just one of the best comic book superheroes movie I've seen!

Just to show how it looks like in the dark ^^

This has been an intermission between two Melancholy of Saber Lily comics XD


  1. Love the Totoro slippers and Iron Man statue! ^^

  2. Very cold in Vancouver while here, the weather rages.

    Very nice Iron Man you got there, haven't think to get on though. I'm still waiting for my nendo Saber Lily and figma casual Saber's arrival. Probably next week or so. ('~')

  3. Oi shit, those Totoro slippers are the coolest thing ever!

  4. keeping warm, not this? http://twitter.com/lightningsabre/status/5109630579
    wonder what will FatB say about those slippers ^^;

  5. Awesome Totoro slippers!

    So, does the Axe actually work?

  6. I actually misread Tototro Slippers as Toronto Slippers.That would have been some cool canadian slippers.

    Its interesting to see that your Axe Deo cans look completley different from ours.I thought the design is the same everywhere

  7. I haven't wore slippers as long as I have been in the states, perhaps getting close to 20 years now.

  8. What do you mean cold, I walk in my house barefooted, wearing just shorts and its still fine!

    Awesome Totoro slippers though^^

  9. Awesome slippers. Looks so comfortable.

    Also, how many Sabers do you have?

  10. Hahahaha be careful not to get your armpits stuck XD

    I'm very surprised with how big the saber figures are! I have the realistic face one and the ones next to her are huge! I wish most figures were a bit bigger...

  11. I was unaware that there be such things referred to as "quite cheap" in the otaku realm.

    @chun> "Totoro... you stink."

  12. @Steve: Thanks ^^

    @Yamada: Lots of storm going on over there?

    @Snark: Hahaha they're hugging my feet XD

    @chun: If someone would like to keep me warm like that then I'm up for it. Volunteers? ^^;

    @radiantdreamer: It's an old old Axe... so it lost its effectiveness ^^;

    @Blowfish: Ahahaha that's freakin' funny XD As for the Axe... this is actually the first generation Axe bottle. I realized after buying these that I don't like sprays that much ^^;

    @Wolfheinrich: What do you wear around the house then?

    @GunStray: LOL I'm not as tolerant to the cold as you are then ^^; It's friggin cold IMO!

    @Yi: It could be a bit more comfortable though... The answer to your question will be answered soon ;)

    @yakuri: My armpits will be glossy at least ^^; Those big Sabers are 1/6 scale, and the rest would be about 1/8? The swimsuit Saber can be found much cheaper than what it used to be, I think... Boxes for bigger figures can be a bit too big XD

    @FatB: "You stinking what I'm stinking?"

  13. At the stay alert part: really laughed at that. Imagine, just woke up, feeling groggy, thinking of spraying deodorant, sprays and then feeling odd and thinks to self: OH GOD~! ME ARMPITS~! O_O

  14. @BD77: LoL I personally don't mind the smell of Topcoat, but yeah, I dunno about how that'd feel on my armpits XD

  15. LOL. Nothing beats spraying top coat on yourself!! Gundams will be all over you.

  16. @Tommy: That could be a scary thought with all the 1/144 & 1/100 Gundams going after me at night XD