Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aldra of Queen's Blade

MegaHouse Queen's Blade EX 1/8 Aldra
(2P Colour Ver.)

Well if I haven't offended anyone yet, I might just offend someone with this figure, lol. I don't know why I was so attracted to this figure of Aldra... I mean she's got that... thingy... there. At least that's what people think, but I thought it was unique and everything about her is just so great looking.

WARNING: This review include images not appropriate for children under 18 years old. Nor is it safe for viewing at work. If you are easily offended by such images then turn back now.

I've decided to get the 2P colour because the red version doesn't seem to match the figure. I did get the Queen's Blade book but I didn't mind the red in that book. Art and figure are different medium after all. I'll post about the book soon to follow up this figure.

I'm also glad she's actually in the Queen's Blade anime, even though she's mostly in cameo (from what I've seen so far). She's the current Queen in the storyline. Perhaps if not the first season then maybe in the second season in November. Looking at this figure I thought Rie Kugimiya could do her voice, but she's already the voice of Melona.

This is the packaging out of the box... I HAD to take a picture of this. This is probably the only inner plastic packaging of a female figure with an extra protective bubble on her crotch. I'm glad for that extra protection. I could somehow see how my last sentence can be misinterpreted...

She comes with an extra plastic packaging with an extra eyepatch thing, another head/face, extra arm and her "coattails". I forgotten to put on this coattail in the first picture... This coattail is made out of materials different than the rest of the figure. It almost feels like the same material they make plastic spoons/forks out of. Really odd.

By the way, her thingy is actually a moveable object. You can pose it anyway you want... Each sections is connected by a ball peg... I am not kidding you and yes, it does sound strange that you can move this thingy around!

The usual thing with figures is the hair seams. The hair seams are quite obvious because it looks like she's got so many hair styles in her head here. Not too mention you have to remove her front bangs to put on the extra face.

Her left hand is tied at her back apparently. She looks like she's well covered from the back, eh?

Umm... this pose was shown in the original promotion... I'm just imitating it...

The patch is removable and you can see her demonic right eye. The eye covering almost reminds me of Rider. Same with her hair, kinda.

Here she is with the opened eye patch. It's actually transparent plastic. So you can see through it if you shine a light on it. She's giving you the evil eye!

Here she is with her secondary face, which apparently makes her stare downwards when you put the head in the peg. What's she staring at, I wonder?

Here's that pose again... Anyone care to sit down on... with her?

Uhhh... I accidentally brushed my hand in front of her a bit too hard and it fell... So instead of panicking and thought I broke it (I did that anyway), I took a picture of it so you can see how IT moves.
Return of the mirror base! I'll explain later why I used the mirror base.

WARNING: The following pictures contain nudity when you click on them. I've censored them in the thumbnail just so I don't create too much fuss with Do not click on them if you are under age or easily offended with such materials. And that includes the last two pictures.

As usual MegaHouse does not include an instruction how to cast her clothes off. A pet peeve Blowfish and I and a few other people have with their castoff figures. Thankfully her cast-off options aren't as bad. After the first time I figured out to remove only her left shoulder pad and not the whole arm. The straps on her top actually connects to this shoulder pad.

Her body looks very good, doesn't it? I really like her skin tone and her curves on her back and backside. The other head doesn't really allow her to show her back.

Her left hand still look Flike it's tied. I really like this angle, especially her hair and naked back.

Here's the first of the censored pictures. I've put it on an image hosting that allows this sort of thing. Click on it to see the uncensored picture. The curves seem to be more emphasized without her clothes, if you want to call what she had on "clothes".

Now that her top is off... where do you want to sit?

Yep here she is shocked that her thingy drooped... It's pointing straight down. Perhaps she would like to keep that infamous blue pill on her?

Here are all the pieces of her including the base. I noticed the base reflected a little... but not enough and this is a really boring base.

Thus the mirror base returns... It works wonder for this figure ^^;

I've always like this angle where you can't see her face except the one on the mirror base.

And uhh... I had this silly idea I wanted to do with another figure. I wasn't sure what figure I could use for a yuri scene at first, but I think you'll agree that this figure was the best choice (at least from what I have).

Surprise sex? Their faces are appropriate for it. ^^;

Not to worry... She's nowhere near Shigure's crotch. Not yet at least...

I have a feeling I may be one of the only bloggers to review this figure... Oh well. I hope that gives you some idea what Aldra is about and perhaps even tempt you to get one. It's still in stock at Hobby Search XD


  1. 10/10 for last pic with Rin seal of approval! ^^

    Me thinks Soniko would make a good candidate too!

  2. lol shigure is perfect for the last pic!

    actually I kind of liked most of the aspects of the figure, the only factor stopping me from getting her, is the thingy... lol

  3. My QB senses are tingling!
    So you really got Aldora huh?
    That thing isnt actually her but the demons thats possesing her so does that sound any better?
    Its great to see that someone has the guts to show that he bought the figure despite that thing. ^^

    Whats all the fuss about OMG Nakey Pics !? Is Blogger THAT strict?

    I shouldnt even think about all the QB figures thatll arrive in the next months ^^;;

    Asa-senpais facial expression is priceless

  4. What the!? Underage girl in my Queens Blade!? WHAT DEVILRY IS THIS!?

    Also...why does she have a spiked dick?

  5. Wow, she has got a thingy and can move on its own! Good figure for yuri shots that's for sure

  6. ah yes, the figure with the "dildo of DOOM!!!!"

    Can't say I was particularly impressed with the first pics I saw. Way too ero for my liking (but I bet it would work wonders for dodgy poses with a bit of sanding down of the crotch spikes and my Shiratori Amane...)
    But at least the build quality looks much better than other QB figures. My Nyx is great design but the production quality nearly kills it. Is this a Megahouse figure?

  7. @Yamada: It's not really broken, it just fell off from the ball joint peg...

    @kodomut: LoL yeah Soniko would be nice too... I was gonna use my Max Factory Mai Shiranui, but she's 1/6 ^^;

    @YuKi~To: LoL, "the thingy" XD I'm a bit disappointed that it's not removable actually.

    @Blowfish: Anything that says Queen's Blade, eh? ^_^ Yep, I promised myself to make my life and blog unique... so Aldora it is! Ah ok demons, not that it made any difference to me XD Good to know her backstory though.

    Well the nakey pics thing is just for me to be safe than sorry... but you can still see them when you click'em ^_^ Didja get the Revoltech QB figure?

    @Snark: I dunno she's quite stacked for an underage girl XD Doesn't she look GAR with that spiked dick? :P And basically so you don't mess with her, lol.

    @Wolfheinrich: I'm considering putting her in the Saber Lily comics ^^;

    @gundamjehutykai: See toldja I'm getting this one XD It is MegaHouse. I haven't really seen anyone else doing QB figure other than them, Griffon and perhaps Kaiyodo. For some reason Aldora is my favourite Queen's Blade figure now ^^;;;

  8. Ah okay the whole Sex stuff is more serious in the US of A huh?
    You are the first one I know that writes it this explicit though.

    Well like you said: Better safe than sorry

    Yep,I have Reina and Airi Revoltech on Order and ill grab Echidna too.I love Revoltechs and QB so thats a pretty unholy alliance ^^

    Yeah,since you own the Battle Book ou should have noticed that pale demon like looking dude.Well hes possesing Aldora and it seems that when youre female and possesed you grow one of those things

  9. Nice photoshoot and looks like a decent figure! ^^

    So very, very, very naughty though!

    Not that naughty is especially bad. ^_~

  10. @Blowfish: Yea, it is an American website. I think Canada is more lax about the sex stuff. Still though... the "covered" pictures can make it more provocative than nude ones XD

    I'll definitely get the Echidna Revoltech. Already have Reina in my hands ^^ Possible Melancholy of Saber Lily stories abounds!

    I did see the demon guy, I'm just not sure what it was about. Very interesting ^^;;;

    @Smithy: Haha naughty indeed. Probably one of the naughtiest figures I'll have XD Gotta have one of those in the collection, ne? ^.^

  11. You already have her?Im envious!
    So how is she compared to regular Revoltechs?

  12. Underage girls(or are they?)with spiked dicks 0_o Thats gonna leave some nasty Yuri marks

  13. @Blowfish: I have her... but doesn't mean I've opened her ^^; I'll give you the lowdown soon, hopefully ^^;

    @GunStray: Unless she uses a huge amount of lube? XD

  14. >> Lightning: Lube 0_o, I don't think that will do any good, some filing maybe >W>

  15. I haven't seen Queen's Blade yet. Is that spiked thingy supposed to be there???
    If it is... I don't know. I'm not too fond of futas.

    Anyway, there certainly could not be a better figure for that last shot. It made me chuckle a bit.

  16. @GunStray: LoL lots and lots of lube? Ok fine I give up on that idea XD The spiked thingy is removable, so I can use something from the tentacle figure... Wow ok, I have a lot of weird figures, don't I? 0.o

  17. @Yi: LoL yup, that thing's supposed to be there. It's in the original book too. I don't know if you really wanna call her a futa though. From what Blowfish was saying, it happens when a demon possesses a female in the Queen's Blade world.

    After doing this photoshoot I was looking around elsewhere with figures that I don't have... and thought perhaps Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no Jikan might've worked as well ^^;;;

  18. I...I cannot stop staring at her spiky thing *_*;;;;

  19. @Lene: I know right? It's so beautiful! LOL XD

  20. She looks good but I think she'd get bonus points if her strap-on was removable XD Poor Saber Lily... She's going to be hurting soon.

  21. Oh wow.... Yeah... :p

    Last image = win! :D

  22. @Persocom: Well it is sorta removable ^^; But I guess you mean the skin underneath, right? Poor, poor Saber Lily... she's gonna kill me a thousand times over...

    @Michael: LoL you almost sound speechless XD This figure has that effect ^_^

  23. I'm sold on that horn thingie sticking out of her daemonic hooha. reminds me of Warhammer 40k for some reason

  24. It's half price now for the ppl still interested in her. lol

    I drop my head down for the last 2 pictures. I just can't seem to continue reading the review anymore. Good thing it was near the end. lol

  25. @necrophadian: Haha yay finally someone who understands. Like Optic said, the red version is half price at Hobby Search :D

    @Optic: I almost regretted pre-ordering her til I saw that it's the red one that's on sale... Hmm? Review not so good?

  26. Why... is there a spike there? O___O

  27. @konadora: Because she's an S (seme)?

  28. Nice figure, she's really tempting me since the red version is on sale at Hobby Search. But I haven't ordered her yet because it's HS. ^^;;

  29. @T.I.P.: LOL "because it's HS" is a good reason XD I would be looking for other figures that I really want first before I order one thing from HS just so the shipping would make it rationale ^^

  30. The "surprise sex" comment made me laugh out loud. I like the figure but I couldn't stop looking at the spikey thingy!! >_> <_<

  31. @janrhea: Haha it's like a car crash in slow motion, right? You can't keep your eyes off it XD

  32. Rather nice site you've got here. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

  33. OK if anyone is still into this Aldora chick. I aam, obviously, but that "thingy" is really a secret weapon she uses when she got cornered.

    Spoiler Alert: In the anime all the girls use these weird magic and physical attacks, right?
    Well i was watching once and she did an attack where she just broke someones neck. Simple, no need for this intricate bullshit. AIM FOR THE NECK. XD

  34. Oh I am totally into Aldra! I'm looking forward to her Nendoroid!

    I haven't seen second season yet, but I am anxious to watch her in action! The way you described her, just makes me like her more!