Friday, June 26, 2009

Anime Evolution 2009 Addendum

OMG, he took a shot of Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier! I wanted a front view of her!

Anyway... My friend, Ed, came along with me to the Vancouver anime convention this year. It was his first time at an anime convention, and now he's quite a bit interested in the culture! Score one for otakudom! LoL, just kidding. I'll try and convert him slowly. He does have the same name as an anime character XD

I was actually surprised when I saw him because he had a Canon DSLR with him on Saturday and damn does it take good pictures! He wasn't the only one walking around with it... it's just the first time I've seen him with it ^_^ So with that he sent me what he shot. Lots of cosplays I missed the first time >_< Anime Evolution 2009 post.

I spy a Rabi-en-Rose

It'sa me! Luigi!

I think this is the picture that I took when I was trying out his (really heavy) camera (because of the extra zoom lens attached). Not sure who the character with the Tokunaga bag is...
He also got a picture of Kuja from Final Fantasy IX, from a different angle.

He, there's that unknown character again... Crowd shot!

A tad blurry, but damn the camera's good!

Sailor Jupiter

Headless ninja girl from Tales of Symphonia XD and Magician Girl from Phoenix Wright?

Mmm... somebody from Bleach and ...?

Final Fantasy X-2's Rikku doing something to that eagle...

Another Legend of Zelda group shot, close up this time.

When I go to conventions I don't take cosplays of Naruto or Bleach :P

Crimson Viper sighted!

Another pic of Kuja! It is a great costume.

Two of Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere with different angles

And this is the picture he took for me because the one I took from my point and shoot was blurry! I'm a sucker for Ayanami Rei ^_^

Additional pic. I saw this Rikku from FF X-2 walking around but didn't take a picture of her ^^;

He might send me some more pictures from Sunday, but he didn't use his DSLR that day... He says he might be interested in going again for next year, so perhaps more pictures from him too :D For now I'll try to lend him some anime DVDs so he can be more knowledgeable on these characters ^_^


  1. Love the Rei with the emo hair cut XD

  2. @Snark: Fits the character well, don't it? :)

  3. lightningsabre,

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  4. @Anonymous: It's unfortunate you have to leave out who you are and leave an off-topic comment here. My email is always available on my profile and also on the DC site.

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  5. Anonymous coward> You're Personally hurt and offended ?

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  6. @louki: dude, you might want to avoid making lightningsabre's blog a flame battlefield...^^ Not that there's anything offensive in your comment, but it's better to not tick people off even though it's unintended, right?? =p

    @Anonymous: Dude, sh*t happens, I also got into trouble at a forum once.. Almost got banned because of my antics... I'm really sorry that you got banned... I know how you feels, because back then, I also didn't thought of myself doing something wrong, in fact, I felt others had wronged me.... But that's the nature of internet right, or in fact, life... we might think of ourselves as righteous, but others might think of it as bad... in forum, mod constitutes what's right and wrong, in, Danny do so, and also decide who's to ban and who's not...

    Anyway, you can always create a new account and do regular stuffs as you always do in, just make sure that you don't do the thing that gets you in trouble before... I did that when I got into trouble, was a bit bitter for a while, but then I just swallow my pride and admit that there's mistake in my part....^^ Hope that helps instead of making you feel worse... love you, brother... XD

    @LS: Now... for a comment that actually related to the blog post... lol XD, Nice picts dude... Was the convention good.. all I see is cosplay @___@ Is there any booth, event or anything else??

  7. lolipedofin> Easy for you to say. Nobody here is talking about you behind your back

  8. *looks at Sailor Jupiter*

    Skirt needs to be shorter. Yes.

  9. On topic, it looks like you had fun. ^^

    I've actually never been to a convention. My friends don't like anime, and it'd be weird to go alone...

    Anyway, there are quite a few nice cosplayers.

  10. @louki: Don't worry about it and thanks for the support. I've made my reply and it is up to [Anonymous] to decide what to do. Aye and I can see where you're coming from about talking behind your back.

    @lolipedofin: I have the trash can button that I can use if it's absolutely necessary. ^_^ Right now, it is not a necessity. Good suggestion on creating a new account too. It was in the back of my mind when I was typing my reply, but I forgot to type it out ^^;

    And yeah lol, I know I put more cosplay pics, but I did write some story about the con in the previous post. It was fun for what I did, but it was quite uneventful since it's a significantly smaller con.

    @yakuri: OMG You're right! That is much too long XD

    @Yi: Ah, I think if you really want to go to a convention then go for it, even if by yourself. This is probably the first year I didn't go with my brother, but I met a few people instead :D Oh and I may need to consult with you if I decide to do a yuri panel for this con next year ^_^

  11. Kuja looks amazing! So purple *3* FF9's one of my favorite FF's too.

    I kinda wish Sailor Jupiter had boots instead of her current dress shoes, but they're cute regardless :3

    Also, Gwendolyn = so pretty <3

  12. Niice pics!! =3
    Lovvvvee the Rei!! ^^

  13. Nice pics. Lots of great cosplayers but Gwendolyn takes the cake.

  14. Nice photos. Was your friend too shy to ask them for a photo? Most of the photos look like "voyeur" shots. ^^ need to catch that Sheryl next time, she looks nice. XD

  15. @Lene: LoL yea, so very purple. I think some people just wore the outfit and that's it...

    @Lene & nyoron: Aye the Gwendolyn is very impressive!

    @Argyle: Oh so that's what ANBU is ^^;

    @T.I.P.: Yeah, it was my friend's first aniem convention and he's not even a big anime fan, so I can see why. LoL @ "voyeur" shots XD I had my training at AnimeBoston where I asked a few people for photos and they're far away so I won't meet them again ^^;

    Oh jeez yea, I NEED to find that Sheryl again!

  16. wow... such great photos. he must be an amazing photographer=P

    There were a LOT more cosplayers (?)/people who cosplay (whatever the correct term is) than I thought there would be.

    shy? I hope not for my career's sake. Walked in already decided that I was going take a photo-journalist approach in documenting cosplayers in their element.

    As an outsider, had fun albeit felt out of place at times.

    And to "mr. banned-from-a-forum"... i've known ls for almost ten years, one of the nicest guys i know. I highly doubt he's done anything to get you banned. mods decide who to ban not users. it's a forum, get over it.

  17. Looks like you had fun there! Some of the cosplayers are quite good, need more cute looking Sailor Moon cosplay!

  18. Ooh, warzone! Looks like I'm a little out of touch though- no idea what's being said. Oh well- warzone=more pageviews, hehe^^;

    That said, I love the Ayanami pic. Gwendolyn is pretty gorgeous too^o^

  19. @Second Anonymous, or should I say, orange-haired girl :P Great photographer indeed! Aye it totally felt like we were out of place, eh? Ah that's right, that's what you called it, as long as we don't call it voyeuristic point of view XD

    Aww thanks for the defense my good friend ^.^ I'll reply to your email after this :)

    @Wolfheinrich: Yeah, it is sorely lacking with Sailor Moon cosplays these days...

    @aprilius20: LoL well I try to be diplomatic as possible to prevent any wars... It's the Canadian way, or something XD

    Looks like Gwendolyn is the winner here! ^_^

  20. @louki, I am not the person you commented against at DC, however when you complained to danny in the blurbs, that attracted others to the news thread and next thing you know "troll, troll, troll" which edged danny on to over do it and a hand full of people got banned. Some may have deserved it, I don't think I did. Honestly my comment did not have anything to do with you (I don't even know you).

    Next time if you take it upon yourself to police the internet and your going to rat people out, PLEASE contact danny and tell him EXACTLY who offended you..... it was NOT me.

    I am sorry for your loss of MJ and that you feel I was here talking about you behind your back.

    @Anonymous 2 & lolidolfin, I take your advice to heart... I had already made my decision to move on. I am not a vengeful person. I recognize most of the user names here and I had spoken with some of you before @dc's. I had been a member there for years.

    @LS, If you want to delete my comments, I am fine with that. It is your prerogative. I don't intend to post here again.

    @aprilius20, sorry to disappoint you, it's a cease fire :)

  21. @Anonymous: But if I delete the comments then some of the other comments won't make sense anymore! ...In all seriousness, feel free to email me if you aren't satisfied with just this and we can talk it over, or chat among friends/acquiantances(?).

    Also I decided that I'm keeping my blog as a type of a journal/diary because I remember what happens, but I never know when it occured. Even if it is a bitter comment, I would like to keep it as a memory of things what has happened in the past. Yeah, I'm weird that way...

  22. *rushes past the drama*

    These are some really swell pics. Nice to hear Ed is getting interested in otakudom! Most people who go to a con without knowing much about anime tend to be scared away when they see a hairy guy in a Haruhi bunny suit. xD (True story yo)

  23. @Coco: SSSHHHH!!! Don't say anything about the crossplays. Let him be surprised XD And I'd be scared too, good thing Vancouver's Con is not as big as other ones... Wait, is that a good thing or not? >.>

  24. @Anon:Ceasefire? Oh ah um ok, haha. Good to hear:)
    (Busy staring at the cosplay pics again, hopefully the cosplayers will be good at the con I'm going to today^^)

  25. @aprilius20: DaiCon right? Don't forget to say hi to the Stormtrooper if you see one ^^