Sunday, April 4, 2010

Knee Pits of Bakemonogatari

Ecchi Man zeroes in on the next target for ecchification: last year's big hit, Bakemonogatari! Yes, I know this is so last year, but unfortunately I've only been able to catch up to it at the beginning of this year. Not only is it a great show, but it's rife with all sorts of ecchiness! This post may contain spoilers, but I am writing this post after almost a year, so all of you should be caught up to it... If not, what are you waiting for!? Get to it! There are quite a lot of conversations going on in the anime, but a lot of them are quite quirky and funny. I'd like to think that it's very similar to Haruhi Suzumiya. The ecchi factors really made my stay enjoyable, but it's really the story that I came for.

Oh gosh! Knee pits visible through knee pits are just the bee's knees!

As some of you know, I had realized that I liked this one part of the legs very much and made this post about knee pits at the end of 2009. And truly Bakemonogatari has some of the most beautiful knee pits ever drawn! Especially on Senjougahara Hitagi. Unfortunately the knee pits dwindled towards the end...

The curves... the lines... hidden well under that thigh high...

So I have no choice but use what's available! I tried to get one of every characters' but a lot of them wore pants. Ah the agony...

I would've loved to make a gif animation of her walking, showing them off.

It's okay though. My favourite character from Bakemonogatari is Senjougahara Hitagi, anyway. Her curse or oddity involves a crab, which is her sign and also my sign! Her deadpan humour delivery is top notch, so I quickly warmed up to her. Well having her walk naked around for most of second episode did help a lot.

A flash of pantsu and knee pits!

Her problem stems from her bad experience of almost being deflowered when she was in junior high, but the worst part was her mother allowing it to happen to her daughter. Because of this she somehow found a crab god who would take her burden, her memories of her mother and this horrific experience. The crab god not only took her burden away, but also most of her weight. Hitagi weighs in at 5 kg at the beginning of the show.

It's okay Hitagi, believe in me who believes in your knee pits!

I, too, carried a lot of bad memories. Every time I remember, they always seem at the worst times, mostly when I'm trying to sleep. Somehow I've carried only those bad memories and I have a hard time remembering anything good. They're not too much of a burden to me now though. Anime and other forms of entertainment has become my crab god. They make me forget some of those awful memories. Of course there are all sorts of anime and some of their stories relate very close to what I experienced, so I begin remembering them again.

Ah those animators create such great details even if Hitagi was thrown into the wall ^^;

Regrets are always there for me, but I try to only look forward, even if I don't really see anything beyond what I need to do in short term. I used to always live looking back to my regrets and they weighed me down. Now, even though I still think of the consequences, I do what I want to do. Regrets will be there, but I won't let them hold me down.

Ah and here is the loli knee pits! I wonder if it's wrong to ogle Mayoi Hachikuji this way ^^;

I think it was around the third episode when Mayoi showed up, and that's when I realized who the character designer is... Poyoyon Rock aka Akio Watanabe. He's the character designer for Soul Taker and its more popular spinoff Magical Nurse Witch Komugi-chan! I didn't instantly recognize the art style because it was quite different in the first few episodes (though it did look familiar). It was Mayoi's band-aid on her knee that immediately connected the dots for me.

Mmmm... Yes, just as the subtitles say... I will find knee pits whenever and wherever...

Something from later on in the series, but it's still Mayoi!

Mayoi is someone you encounter when you don't want to go home for any reason. People would follow and try help her so that they can avoid going home. For someone like Araragi, the main protagonist, he can't help but help people who are in trouble... Even if they intentionally get him lost. Well he didn't want to go home either anyway.

Woo more more! They're still visible even with thigh highs on!

There are times when I see and follow and try to help Mayoi because I don't want to go home, either because I'm angry or there's an unwanted guest showing up, so I do some of the stupidest things when I see Mayoi... But again if you have this really weird guest who ALWAYS makes obnoxious off-topic comments when you're trying to enjoy your show, you can't help but be pissed, right? That's what I have to deal with sometimes... So I look for Mayoi on purpose.

Yes, Suruga, keep stretching those nice looking pits...

Wahaha! Now we're on to the yuri girl, Kanbaru Suruga. She's the sporty type, so her knee pits must be quite healthy! She admits right to Araragi that she's a lesbian and into yuri. My type of girl XD Her object of affection? Why, Araragi's new girlfriend of course... Senjougahara Hitagi!

Wahaha, almost a close up! Because she's sporty, they look quite good, eh?

That of course planted seeds of jealousy. Suruga can't help but hate the one who took her love away and wishes that she could be by Hitagi's side instead. She has the Monkey's Paw that can grant people's wish, but not without a price. This price was her soul and also the lives of the ones who are in the wisher's way.

She's lilytastic!

We always wish for something that we don't have, and we always hate it when something gets in our way. I can't help but feel for Suruga because there are a lot of times just don't go my way. I can't help but wish something bad towards my problem so that something good will come out of it for me. That's just wishful thinking though... So because of that I always overplan and think of alternatives in my head, especially if I can't improvise on the spot. And I guess I tend to kind of give up on the spot when I'm in Suruga's position... I just don't have that confidence to follow up.

Aaaaah! So freaking close! Lower... Lower!

Everyone's favourite loli from Bakemonogatari is actually Sengoku Nadeko. I didn't really find a big deal with her though ^^;  Maybe it's just me.

She inadvertently became a target of a curse because of doing something she thought was right. It's really painful when you get shafted when you try to do the right thing. I always hear it in my workplace. I would like to help them, but there really isn't anything I can do unfortunately. It really is like a curse because it just gets worse and worse. Nadeko does keep her pain bottled up. I do tend to bottle up my pain and frustration as well. Probably either because I have no one to tell it to, or I just feel like my problem is insignificant compared to theirs. But eventually the frustrations that I do have dwindle down anyway.

Oooh you can see the curves underneath her skirt! Hey, I do see other things than just the knee pits, ok??

Lastly is Hanekawa Tsubasa, the class president. She's your typical booksmart, glasses girl. Araragi always tell her that she knows everything, but she's always modest about it and tell him otherwise.

Tsubasa seems to be cursed with a Black Hanekawa, a catgirl version of herself that manifests when she's stressed out. My stress seem to always come from work. If I get stressed out enough is usually because I was suppressing something else earlier in the day and then even a little spark will set me off. I hate it when that happens... I know that I can keep my cool better. When that happens I just plug my ear and shut off the world for a while. My Black Hanekawa don't show up that often though... I can handle stress quite well. The workplace can be quite annoying some days, but other days I can go through it without blowing up.

This is the first thing you see when you watch Bakemonogatari. I thought about using this as the first picture, but even if this blog is called "Within a Flash of Pantsu", it just doesn't fit the overall post title, does it?

Kanbaru's given name, Suruga, means "bondage torture", which is the reason this picture is in the anime. It looks very much like the one from Zetsubou-sensei opening, eh? Well that's because it's from the same anime company, Shaft.

That's it until episode 15 finally shows up... Hope you enjoyed the knee pits of Bakemonogatari!


  1. Image 17 (the one inside the bookstore) is unrealistic, the bum can't be shown that way unless: she's fat enough to have a fold at the bottom of her ass-cheeks and the skirt is stuck there (and in the middle).

    ...Yeah I know anal retentive when it comes to this things XD

    I gotta say, knee pits? never thought about that fetish before... I guess everything and anything can be used for arousal (the mind is the dirty one, not the object lol)

  2. @yakuri: Haha I know, it's very unrealistic... But of course what you've described is exactly what happened. I think that's what happened just before I took the screenshot ^^;

    Hmmm... Funny, I didn't say anything about "fetish" in this post whatsoever. Who's got the dirty mind? :P ...oh wait... says the guy with a pantsu in his blog header.

  3. Whoa its been a long time O.o my target is Senjogahara's knee pits :P

  4. 'Oh gosh! Knee pits visible through knee pits are just the bee's knees!'
    GRAAARORRJANFRGARAA *foams at mouth*

    Was about to complain about the same thing yakuri did, but that's already addressed, so.
    The things we are able to procure from two lines drawn where knees are in the back-view of a character...
    How about thighs? What effect does the size of thighs have on knee pits? I realize the girls of Bakemonogatari have slighter, thinner thighs - is there different appeal to that, as to say, those in *sigh* Ikkitousen?

    You should start a segment called 'Ask Ecchi Man'.

  5. You're not that late. I am only on like episode 5. It will probably take me till the end of summer to finish. ^ ^;

  6. @Yamada: That's MY Senjougahara you're talking about!!!

    @Ningyo: Haw! My awful puns are the death of you, eh? :P

    I think the size of thighs don't matter too much for knee pits, because for knee pits, you just need those bracket-like lines to be enough for me to notice. I have to admit though, that the girls in Ikki Tousen have better drawn knee pits than in Bakemonogatari. So it's all about the details rather than the size. The more details, the better looking it is. And I don't know about having that kind of segment, "Ask Ecchi Man" here. I'm not that knowledgeable...

    @FlawlessExa: Aha, ok then. It does seem to have a lasting effect even after several months of it being aired. Then again, most of us who are caught up with it are still waiting for episode 15 ^^;

  7. Haha you and your knee pits. I'm beginning to feel the attraction as well. I've always been a legs person.

  8. @Yi: As opposed to breast person? :D But I'm a legs person as well XD