Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yuri Mania 30

Gokigenyou minna-san. There has been some news about the Maria-sama ga Miteru live action movie ever since I talked about it last month. Also thanks to Yi who Tweeted about this around that time, but I seem to have lost that link now ^^; The pictures here came from the end of April, but I could only post it now to wait for more updates. Not a lot more updates since then, but at least I'll post them here nonetheless. The movie is slated to be released in Japan in Fall of 2010.

A photo of the cast somehow got around the net already and someone was nice enough to label the anime to the live action counterparts.

Looks like a celebration! I really hope this movie won't be corny... Please Maria-sama, let not this movie be corny...

The two main actors in the Lillian Girls Academy uniform. This is starting to look quite good now! Yumi is very cute and Sachiko's looking beautiful and dignified.

Oh and what's this? There's already a DVD of the live action MariMite movie out there. Is it a preview of the upcoming theatrical release?

Uh, strange... I know Sachiko and Yumi were kinda close, but not this close. What did I stumble upon?

Hmm... Odd, is TMA the publisher of the MariMite live action movie? TMA... Why does that sound familiar? Waitaminnit, why does that title on the cover say "futanari" in it? AAAAAAH!!!! That's not MariMite live action!!! That's an AV! Gomen nasai! That just ain't right...

I think that's it for my update on the movie right now... I'm a bit traumatized now. Go-gokigenyou, minna...


  1. Oh no, Its the dreaded(cursed) word, LIVE-ACTION!!!!

  2. Can't fool me. I know you're not leaving cause you're traumatized. You just don't want a sticky keyboard.

  3. You can't fool me. I know you're not leaving cause you're traumatized. You just don't want a sticky keyboard.

  4. um.."lesbian" make me feel "hyper" on what those 2 schoolgirls do that X|||X

  5. Not too sure about the Marimite movie, will it work with 3D people as well as it did in the anime? I'm not sure. ^^;;

  6. Haha, the last two images took me by surprise, but alas, it's an AV.
    Almost fooled me, but I knew better. There was just no way Marimite would ever go in that direction.

    Anyways, I think the links I tweeted were one of these.

    Sent to me by a reader, enri.

  7. @Cyber_chaotic: I had to look up the expression even though I had an idea what that meant XD

    @GunStray: I know, I know... I hope it's not that bad though...

    @FatB: You're so unconvinced that you had to comment on it twice! :P

    @Jowy: Jajaja! It's quite a sight, eh?

    @Smithy: I really hope this works out... MariMite is one of the more realistic story, so it may not be as bad. Good to keep some skepticism though ^^;

    @Yi: Hahaha pictures are worth a thousand words XD Maybe in one of their dreams? LoL Anyhoo, I think it was the second link. I must've retweeted it, but manually, so it was way back in my timeline... Thanks to you and Enri for the updates :D

  8. I'm offended by the homosexual content in this post.

  9. What Shin said.

    Anyways, since I know next to nothing about Marimite, you totally had me by the bawls. I thought this post was real and the last post was the troll post.

    But then I checked out the official site and thought no way.

  10. @Shin: I know, I know... The content is so limited that it's offensive...

    @Tim: I don't troll people... Oh wait... Well yeah, it is kinda unbelievable that they're making a live action yuri movie... Then again it's quite unbelievable too that they're making a live action yaoi movie (Junjou Romantica).