Friday, November 5, 2010

MEIKO's Birthday

November 5th is MEIKO's birthday! And to celebrate it this year, I made a special art based on MEIKO's Nostalogic. I've been wanting to create this kind of art on Illustrator for a while now, but I figured planning it for her birthday would be best.

Unfortunately MEIKO just doesn't have the same popularity as Miku, Luka, Rin & Len or even KAITO sometimes... So finding merchandise of MEIKO is quite a challenge... And I thought, "why not make my own?" I was hoping the MEIKO shirt I made on Zazzle would arrive by now, but it hasn't... It's basically the first photo in the post on a shirt and I'll wear it proudly!

Nostalogic was a song created by Yuukiss. He doesn't create a lot of songs, but he's one of the best composer that uses MEIKO, in my opinion at least. What would MEIKO's birthday be without some of her songs, right? So in honor of MEIKO's birthday, Yuukiss created a new song and video using clips of Real Life MEIKO aka Yumiko, called Fairy-Taled... Enjoy!

The oneesan of the Vocaloid family is 6 years old this year. She looks good for a 6 year old girl, eh? ;) Since it's her birthday after all, let's go all out and post more songs and more pictures! The next one shows the "mature" MEIKO, if you know what I mean. ^_~

The next song shows off MEIKO's cool voice and I'm so glad I found the art that was used in the video. Gorgeous!

Next up is somewhat related to the picture above... It's MEIKO's own 3DPV, Silent Snow!

I had to put this picture in... So sexy!
The next video is not really a part of her birthday celebration, but it's still awesome looking. It was only on NicoNico, but I uploaded it onto Youtube... But I didn't draw it ok? ^^;

Not a lot of MEIKO's birthday songs are uploaded to YouTube yet, so I can't embed them here, but feel free to look them up on this link for NicoVideo that looks up 【MEIKO生誕祭2010】.

 For now enjoy these last few pictures while I go look up more MEIKO videos on Nicovideo :P

Oh wait... There is one more video on YouTube that you might be interested in that's related to MEIKO's birthday...



  1. Happy birthday MEIKO!

    Great vector design. I think it looks great on a T-Shirt. ^ ^
    Sooooo sexy. She has the charms of a confident woman. ^ ^

  2. @Yi: Thank you! I can't wait to get the shirt, lol.

    Yes, she's definitely confident, even if she is associated with sake XD

  3. Yo, that’s a sick shirt. You’d think by now I’d have gotten smart enough to put Meiling on a shirt, and then order like 140 of them and never wear anything else for the rest of my life.
    Heck, I’ll order 280 of them and use them as pants as well.

    Kudos for remembering the birthday of an important personality. I feel like such a hypocrite for celebrating Miku’s birthday like that one time.

  4. @Tim: It's cheaper when you order bulk ;) I've actually experimented as a kid to wear t-shirts as pants before... MEIKO has so few fans that I need to do this, lol.