Saturday, January 29, 2011

Omiyage from Singapore

A big thank you to Kodomut for sending this small but wonderful package to Vancouver. I actually received this 2 weeks ago, but I couldn't find the time to take pictures until now. I was surprised when Kodomut sent a message asking for my address... Stalking! LoL, just kidding. I did find out that he was going to send me his cards, but I thought it was just the cards, but I got more than that!

First, here are the cards. One big postcard size, Danny Choo's new business card and Kodomut's mini business card size. (Kinda making me want to make my own business cards now ^^;) But when I turned the big card around...

I read this! Many times I've written cards like these with other people for their birthday or if they're retiring at work, but I've never received one before. Hmm... I did receive it after Christmas, but I forgive you for being late, lol!

 And wow... Do I talk about knee pits that much? XD

And I also got two more MEIKO Puchi Nendoroids! Thank you again! I'm not sure if it's just ScorchNRoses who sent them, but thank you to whoever gave them. You just can never have enough MEIKOs!

So on my computer desk I now have 4 MEIKOs! So cutesome! ^o^

And to respond to some of the things that's on the card... YuKi-To: Yah, kapan2 kalo gua ada duit banyak XD. Joel: Yep, I saw you on Twitter! Lastly to Kodomut and ScorchNRoses: I enjoyed them (as seen below)! :D


  1. I think we need to see some REAL lilies sometime.

  2. @MarxTaichou: It is the way of the lily XD

    @Cadha13: I'll see if I can take photos of lilies if I go to a garden or something, lol.

  3. Uggu... >.<
    Flowers ruined the mood...

    Yuuka: Do YOU have anything against flowers, hmm? ;)

    No, none of what so ever. Uh uh. *shakes head vigourously*
    p.s Yuuka is the Flower Master of four seasons (aka USC - Ultimate Sadistic Creature).

  4. Awesome! Real credits goes to Kodo! His the man!

  5. @bd77: LoL you have no idea how hard it is to positing puchi nendoroids in yuri positions XD LoL don't want to upset someone who is an Ultimate Sadistic Creature now, would we? :P

    @YuKi-To: I'll try ^^;

    @zh3us: Indeed! Thanks muchly to Kodomut for arranging it, but still I'm glad to hear from you guys on the card ^_^

  6. That's so sweet of them ^^ I bet it's an awesome feeling getting something handwritten especially when people nowadays just use the internet for communication!

    Hopefully the Meikos are not too violent on poor Taiga ~_~;

  7. It's always lovely to see fellow bloggers with common interests sending good will like so! Sharing info and each other's passion for their love of hobbies!

  8. @ninjovee: Yeah, there is still some worth for snail mail ^^ And no... MEIKOs won't be violent, they're ladies. Sakine Meiko... Now that you gotta watch out for XD

    @Q: Aye, we should all be like this, instead of flaming each other over the internet cosmos!

  9. LOL Kodomut and gang are awesome :) Thanks for sharing with us! Don't bully taiga!!!!

  10. @chun: Indeed ^_^ LoL Taiga won't be bullied... She'll be in good hands ;)

  11. This post reminds me I have yet to make a proper buisiness cards. Mine is so "homemade" looking if you know what I mean^^;
    and wha... 5P yuri?? o__0

  12. Those Meiko's are so adorable, especially when they gang up on Taiga. Haha.

  13. @Yi: LOL Yes, "adorable" is an apt description XD

  14. Ara I forgot to reply to Haku ^^;

    @lycorisoradiata: I need to make the business cards before July XD I'm just wondering how much I should put on there >.>

    Yep yep 5P yuri is 5x the fun!

  15. very cute comic with Taiga and the Meikos :P Really cool that you got all that, especially card that everyone signed :)

  16. @Persocom: Yah, very simple comic. I haven't had much time lately ^^; All thanks to Kodomut for organizing it ^_^