Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mini Doll Meet at a Maid Cafe

So even though I couldn't come to the originally planned BJD Meet in Langley in Early February, I was able to make it to this smaller one at the Nikkoffee Cafe which had maids as servers (you can see the maids at the end of this post). This cafe was smaller and fewer menu items but it was a bit better compared to the "Cosplay Cafe" that I went to before. It's also located in Richmond, across the Richmond City Hall.

The main event was, of course, the meet. We had quite a bit of people coming by and pretty much filled up the seats by the time I came at 11:15 am on Sunday (February 13th). It was pretty much our group for the longest time.

 There were shenanigans already when I arrived ^^; This poor girl had her head turned into a Beargguy's!

 Ok, maybe just a switcheroo. It somehow seemed to work even when the sizes are different.

 Also for this meet, I brought Azunyan in a maid outfit by Re-Ment... And an extra friend! That's right, it's Yui! I'll bring you more details about Yui in a separate post later. She came sometime in the beginning of January, but I decided this meet would be a good time to introduce her :)

 And since Yui is only a month old, Pedobeargguy just couldn't resist...

On to the cafe, the drink and the food itself. The cafe is quite small. Much smaller than Magnetic Cafe, but had a much better atmosphere. Perhaps it's the background or the more cozy environment and decor. I ordered a Nikkoffee special called a Chocolate Top Nikkochino. It looks like beer! I had to mix the foam and the tea underneath or it would've been bland. It was quite good and big for a $4 drink.

Yui seem to want some too... She can't resist any sweet looking anything! I gotta admit the presentation looks quite attractive. The maids were working quite diligently trying to get our orders as people came in one by one. They pretty much left us alone with our devices since we were occupied with the actual meet.

I ordered the chocolate hotcake with waffle and ice cream. I'm not sure if that's a good idea to eat if it's just for brunch. The hotcake was actually a chocolate sponge cake. I was actually expecting an actual hotcake, which is like a pancake. Not complaining. It was pretty good. Though my sense of taste been dulled because of my sweet tooth, so perhaps that's why it didn't seem as sweet to me. This was about $7-8. I didn't really want to spend too much, though it was quite inexpensive for the other food items. My bill came to about $12.

 Yui meets another newcomer! The doll on the right is like a Forest Fairy. I don't remember the brand nor the name, sorry ^^;

Since it was Valentine's Day, one of our attendees gave each of us a plastic rose with candy in the center. Yui gets the giri choco, of course...

Chun and Aki also came along, showing off her new outfit!

Aki: "Hey! What are you doing to me?! Don't touch me!"

 FYI, this is a dragon outfit, not a lizard... A misconception that I had to pay for when I asked to borrow the "lizard boy" ^^;

 And of course Yui gets to hold the sweet looking boy. I swear, she likes anything that look remotely sweet!

One thing about Yui is that her body is not the original. The knees can't bend and when she has to sit, she has to spread her legs wide open! Fortunately it works when she's riding two alpacas.

 Here's a gathering of all the small maids! Though technically Moko-chan is just wearing a black dress, as Chun has told me ^^; Close enough! XD

And here's the gathering of ALL the maids! Actually it would've been nice if the maid servers were also in the picture ^^; Oh well, opportunity lost.

Sweet Aki is sweet! Chun is selling this particular outfit, so you may want to check up on that if you're interested ^_~

And here's the group shot! It's good that we got the background for this group photo ^^ If you're wondering what that Nendo Yui box is doing there... I had a group order with Bluestarbaby through HLJ and was sharing the shipping fee. Since she was coming to this meet, I was able to give it to her last Sunday.

 Nekoryu no otoko no ko! Azusa wants her nekomimi back!

 Aww... how touching. Beargguy pretends to be a school kid and latches on to Aki's chest.

Unfortunately I had to leave early for work... Leaving the parking lot was quite the challenge as well since the parking spaces were really tight. Something you may have to watch out for when you visit Nikkoffee.

And here are the maids! We had two people from the meet dressed up who were also in this photo that I cropped... I figured they may not want to have their photo posted here ^^; But it was quite a great place, I have to say. The owner was quite happy to have us there and even took photos of the dolls. And unlike Magnetic Cafe, the maids didn't mind that we took pictures of them :) So here's to the Nikkoffee maid cafe! Hopefully we can come back soon ^_^


  1. The switcheroos creeped me out!

    Anyway, now I'm really hungry for some delicious drinks and dessert... and dolls.

  2. Great pictures, it looks like it was a ton of fun. I'd love to attend something like this one day, but alas I'm not really a doll owner so I'd probably not be wanted at such a meeting with my Busou Shinkis XD

  3. @Yi: LoL yes, TheCandyMan, our resident switcherooist likes to do that, lol. Hehehe thankfully you can be filled with drinks and dessert, but you can never have enough dolls, you just want more!

    @Persocom: Maybe you can arrange a figure meet instead of doll meet :D I mean I was there before without having a real doll either, but it was still pretty fun hanging out. I got to be good friends with a few people there ^_^

  4. Oops I was busy, so din see your posts until now :P

  5. @Chun: Haha is ok. If you were busy, then I'm totally overworked!

  6. Where can I buy such dolls. I loved them!

  7. @Alaa: Many places ^^; Kinda difficult to pinpoint just one place, but for the ones that I own, the small Azone can be found on Hobby Search, Hobbylink Japan or AmiAmi :)