Saturday, April 23, 2011

Azone Addict

This... This is the eye that caught my attention back in December... Her official name is Ellen / Time of Eternal II. It was initially Lilia / Black Raven who caught my eye but she sold out fast during the preorder period. Both were released by Azone. Lilia caught my eye because of Haku's pretty Sora... But I realize I didn't really want her. I had a phobia about twin tails from Azone nowadays... So then I looked for Ellen, who was sold out as well...

And then suddenly, just the head came on auction at Yahoo Japan! I was getting anxious in a dilemma! Should I get her or not?? I decided to get her anyway. This was during Christmas... So it was somewhat a bad idea doing business around this time. I tried Shopping Mall Japan at first, but somehow the seller won't sell it through them, so I went through Goody Japan instead. Easy process... Finding the body was easy as well since Hobby Search had it in stock... By January 24th, "Ellen" was complete... But she was naked. Enter Chun, the wonderful seamstress...

This mini yukata, obi, and apron were made by Chun as part of the commission I asked of her. Well it was quite an interesting arrangement since I wanted some clothes for her and Chun was interested in the Obitsu body. It works out quite well... And it worked out even better when I initiated the April Fool's 2011 plan :3 I get to visit to take photos of Taiga and "claim her as mine" for a while and drop off Ellen at the same time. Around the time I get her back, sometime last week, I renamed her Helen White. The "White" cames from the type of Obitsu body, which is a Whity. "Helen" is... Wanna guess why I renamed her "Helen"?

Chun attached this cute hairclip on her and I wanted it bad, lol. So she gave it to me as well!
A very big thank you to Chun for everything! I asked for lots of advice over the holidays and throughout this whole process, AND she kept everything secret until I reveal everything. The things that were revealed already were on purpose. I just like to tease =P

Another bonus Chun gave to me was the hair scrunchy. I was ecstatic when I saw her in a ponytail! When I got her back I had a hard time putting it back on though ^^; Haruhi was right. It is hard to tie a perfect ponytail.

And now the yukata comes off... Helen doesn't mind me taking photos of her in this state either...

Oh and she wanted to make sure I took a photo of the cute Azone pantsu. Nice body, eh?

This is the first outfit I ordered for Helen, the red bunnygirl outfit, along with a black fishnet stocking (which worries me to no end in case it stains...)

And the backside with the bunny tail. I'm surprised the zipper comes down so far!

The shoes is also red, but not the same red as the outfit... I think it's fine though. The strap is actually removable and adjustable... But a pain in the bunny butt to put back on! Now that the parts are assembled, let's see her in action!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily part 53

Azunyan is up to her old trick again... Hmmm... Why does this scene looks so familiar? BTW, you can always read the rest of the Melancholy of Saber Lily on the comic site ;)

Anyway, here's the rest of Helen in the bunny outfit... Her neck is a bit long though. Perhaps because her face is round? At least the collar hides it ^^;

No... This is not a Mami'd version! Hidoi yo! This one you can see her elbow joints... A bit strange looking, I have to admit... But I've learned to live with them.

Wonderful sexy shoes! Cute straps too, eh?

Almost a fishnet stocking... Oh and I guess this is the knee pits photo?

Here's the Azone size comparison! Azunyan is just barely above Helen's knees!

Such a cute, cute, cute size comparison!!!

Happy Easter everyone, pyon! ^_^

This one is a better photo, but Helen's bunny ears are cut off... Still much better though!

The legendary usanekomimi Azunyanpyon! She's also wearing a puppydog dress! *swoons*

And now for Helen's sexy time! 

Very flexible, isn't she? ^_~

I'll leave with Helen's ecchi look and smile... This is just the beginning of the Azone Addiction! I'll post more of Helen soon.


  1. LOL Helen... with silent H? ^^; good to know she's settling in ^^ Think Taiga missed ordering her around (oops) LOL

  2. Wow she's big, I thought Azone only have same size.

  3. My goodness you sure are moving more and more towards the bigger girls ^^;

  4. @Chun: Sometimes the "H" is silent because I forget that I renamed her ^^;; Wah! Taiga so mean T-T

    @Yamada: Yup, they made 50cm size and 60cm sizes as well :) Though they primarily deal with the smaller Pureneemo ones.

    @Q: *sniff* They grow up so fast!

  5. Next up: Candy girls or Papermoon dolls~ >3

  6. @coffeebugg: Oh dear! I may end up going that route >.>

  7. Mwahahaha, I knew that Azone girl had to be yours! Welcome to the Dark Side!

  8. @Wolfheinrich: Still not that dark :P

  9. Yay, the official introduction! She is so adorable, I hope to see her in person soon! :D

  10. @flamebyrd: Hehe even if it's not soon, you'll see her plenty of times ^_^