Monday, July 11, 2011

New Stuff from AX 2011

When I wanna be vague when someone asks me what I buy, I say, "stuff". And that's what I bought. Really! So much stuff, lol. I was trying to hold back. I didn't buy any figures either and some of them are freebies and signed stuff. The one up top is one of my favourite things that got signed ^o^

Arakawa Under the Bridge BD/DVD, Katanagatari Vol. 1 BD/DVD, Hidamari Sketch 3rd Season DVD, Gurren Lagann movie 2 DVD (not available in Canada), Haruhi-chan Vol. 2 DVD and K-ON! Vol. 2 Blu-Ray.
The biggest blow to my budget were DVDs and Blu-Rays. NIS America, Bandai and Sentai Filmworks got a chunk of my money! I bought Katanagatari on sale on the last day thankfully, but I paid full price for Arakawa Under the Bridge. That's because if you buy it, you get a priority ticket to get stuff signed from Sawashiro Miyuki ^^

MEIKO shirt! Anime Expo 2011 shirts X 2... One for my brother. And the freebie NicoNico shirt that doesn't fit me... Also goes to my brother ^^;
Shirts, shirts, shirts and more shirts! I think I'm a shirt otaku. I buy so many things with anime things on a shirt and I'd wear'em all XD

2 Mirai shirts
I was glad to see J-List got their big selection of shirts on hand. Wanted to get some of these but didn't want to pay for shipping :P

Would you like to make a contract?
And the picture below is a bit NSFW ^^; Got my hands on a few eroge from JAST USA/J-List... Something I've been wanting to get a hard copy of and not a download copy... Kinda wary about bringing it back, but got in safely :)

Deus Machina Demonbane, Escalation Yukkuri Panic, Tokimeki Check in!, Blazing Souls Accelate
Yah, I got mostly eroge, but one PSP game from Aksys for $10 was irresistible. And it was good dropping by Aksys' booth because I didn't go to their panel, but I found out that they are translating Fate/Extra! It was nice talking to the guy who was doing the translations too :) Will look forward to it in December! The 2 on the top is what I was planning to get when I got to AX. Tokimeki was given for free when I bought both games ^^

I only bought one CD, Kalafina's Magia, and that's mostly because of the DVD packed in. The other 2 CDs were freebies when I bought from NIS America booth.

It was fun talking to the folks at Obitsu. I bought 2 of the Obitsu 11cm bodies so I can use them for Nendoroids :P They also gave me the catalogue and flyers at purchase.

This Itazura Bank with the cat is something I got from J-List. It was just too adorable not to get. But I didn't get it for myself ^^

This Eva Tokyo-3 Base set is from Yakuri! She posted this a while ago, and I was eyeing it, but mostly just for Rei ^^;

Little do I know that she was going to give it to me XD It was like Christmas in July!

I've yet to open it to build it, but soon. It just looks really cool!

I also encountered Kurot while I was there :D I instantly recognized the artwork when I passed by. I had a brief chat with her, but she seemed really quiet, so I didn't disturb her much ^^; All her prints were a bit large for me to bring back home in my luggage, so I just bought this one of Homura. :D

And and and! I also got around to meeting Lene and getting some of her stuff for sale! Kinda random stuff, lol. She was teasing on Twitter about having a MEIKO sticker, so I tried to look for her booth asap! Got Lily (Yuri, teehee!), MEIKO (of course), TakoLuka, Homura (popular item according to Lene... Good thing I got one!), Madoka, Haruka, Mirai and Kanata... And looks like my Tomoe Mami is missing... Darnit Charlotte! Oh wait, no, I gave it to someone who claims her as a waifu :P

Someone from Artist Alley were selling this Tabloid size poster for $1. I couldn't bring it home unfortunately, so I took a photo instead :P I gave it to Tsubasa before I left.

Mostly cuz of MEIKO. The other posters didn't have MEIKO on'em.

These are the concerts I went to... They were a bit short unfortunately... Overpriced tickets at AX, imo. Other cons would have these for free...

And here are the signed loots! Different circumstances for each item, lol.

The first one is a signed AFA09 card. I actually got it with Danny's signature already. This came from Singapore last year, probably Kodomut sent it to Chun and then to me ^^ Then I just needed Takanori Aki's autograph ^^

This one was a fun one to get. Sawashiro Miyuki was signing at the NIS America booth and when my turn came up, I showed up with Puchiko's hat in my hand and she was a little bit shy seeing it. "Bikkurishita", she says as she covers up her face. ^o^ Then she asks 3 or 4 other people to stretch out the fabric and then she signed on it. I asked her to write "nyu" as well, hehehe. I had this hat for a while too... I wore it back in the first Anime Boston I attended in 2007.

Next is Momoi Haruko's autograph! Ah, well... She wasn't really there, lol. Yakuri attended Fanime in May and got this for me! Oh you're so kind Yaku-chan ^o^ Thank you very much! I've been a big fan of Halko for a long time now, ever since Nakahara Komugi. I hope I get to meet her one day ^_^

Lastly is my Demonbane copy signed by Kosaka Taiki-san. I kinda wished I brought my copy of Phantom of Inferno instead ^^; Oh well... Time to play this game soon :3

Errr... Well this is from 2009 when Kalafina attended AB, lol. So this isn't recent, but I can still show it off, right? :P I didn't get their autograph this year unfortunately...

The next few batch of new stuff I got will be presented by my imouto, Helen. Here she is with a new nekomimi hat that she got from the Artist Alley... Oh I wish I took a card or remembered whose booth it was ^^;

She also got a new usamimi hat, since it's the year of the rabbit after all. They came in different sizes, but Helen's head is the size of a MSD, so I got those with a cheaper price too than a DD or SD size. :P

Errr... I got this for free when I bought Katanagatari... I thought it was some kind of pouch, but when I opened it...

Helen: "Oniichan ecchi..." Ah! I didn't know it was a pair of pantsu! Maybe I can wear it as a new hat...

This is Jonathan from Kaleido Star. A friend told me to pick something for free when he got something from buying over $50 at the Sentai Filmworks booth. I've been wanting a Jonathan plushie for a while too.

And here's the last new stuff... Another plushie with a cute baby blue ribbon! Helen seems to like it...

Ah shoot... I forgot to take the label off! Helen don't read that! Helen: "Silly oniichan, what's the harm of reading the label?"

"Baka ecchi oniichan..."


  1. Nice Loot! But you forgot to post the stuff you got for me...

  2. @FatB: Hmm... Yeah... I must've misplaced that somewhere >.>

  3. What the hell!! very lucky signed loot!! bonus got 2 eroge...Wait a minute, that Escalation: Yukkuri panic is resemble to that old skul gamed name "Panic gal"? I hope you enjoy your AX day... ^III^

  4. @Anon: Hehe thanks! Hmm played it before? I know there's a PSP game (without the ero parts) called Fortix that's similar to it.

  5. You mean the old "QIX" game...somehow i gonna look by that...hey join us in this group if you want ^Y^

    here's the link (i don't have twitter so i post it here)

    have a nice lurking.

  6. I must congratulate you on coming back with such items to Canada, I know I wouldn't have tried it.
    PS: Where did you find Magia ? Went to Kbook, didn't see it :(

  7. @Anon: Oh that's what QIX is about, lol. Yeah, that kind of game! I looked it up and I hate the sound effect XD

    @Kurotsuki: I've had experience bringing that stuff back from cons and they went through ok, lol. I wonder how those Doujin sellers and Tsundelicious/Fakku North bring their stuff in??

  8. hey...anyway use this link if you have another project to your "Weekly lily" & some other stuff in figure.FM..i was an Exiled guy in that site...a wonderer.

    Take care & have some tissue XD by Me..J

  9. @J: Whoa! What a link! Thanks :D I'll post some in that Facebook group too :)

  10. LOL pantsu... then sperm cell >_< Thanks again for the bank... even tho Ginko was... kinda hostile to it XD

  11. Super jelly of some merc you bought this time (especially the DVD boxes since I'm going through an anxiety period of not having a proper library anywhere), oh how I wish I had some kind of ridiculous amount of easy income lololol

  12. @chun: Good thing there's no DNA stain on the pantsu XD You're welcome! I didn't get it for Ginko ^^;;;

    @yaku: Wahaha, come down to the Lightning Sabre National Anime Library anytime XD This wasn't easy to spend, lol. I regret spending too much on food while I was there ^^;