Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Burnaby and Deer Lake Park Meet

Seems like all my posts recently has been nothing but doll meets ^^;; Oh well, it's better than to just forget what happened, yes? There are still a few things I haven't posted yet and haven't found the time to edit and post yet! Oh well... Anyhoo, this meet happened last week on the 9th and 10th of September. Here's Mugi greeting you with a negi-shaped grass at a park beside the Burnaby Public Library near Metrotown.

Here's Mikoto with Mikoto. The Azone Pureneemo (which is not mine) and the Cospa messenger bag (which is mine).

Here's Mikoto and Mikoto and Mikoto... The orange thing is a carabiner pouch made by Cospa for my phone, which is also orange. :3

Some of the resin dudes are hitting on the Pureneemo girls!

Lovely furniture. If someone didn't get it first, I would have.

Then Galamirix showed up bringing Aoi and Mari (below) with Chun's new dresses!

On Saturday we had a small walk called "Walkie Talkie" as Navci puts it. So I arrived at Deer Lake Park on time, but was one of the only three that first shown up... So I took a picture of this spider in the meantime.

In the middle it somehow became more of a "Talkie" than a "Walkie" ^^; But anyhow, we got some pics with our Nendobitsus out.

Mugi also came along :) Since it was back to school season, she is now back in her school uniform.

A nice view from the park of the high rises in Burnaby.

After the walk we went to regain our energy at a restaurant called The One. I've never been there and we had some interesting drive there, lol.

Kuroneko wants some Kung Pow chicken. I would oblige because it was just too spicy for me, lol. Note to self: Avoid Kung Pow chicken in the future.

Thankfully our drinks were aplenty... Just take a look at this giant slush! Mugi is amazed at the size! I had to stand up and go down on it from the top so it doesn't tip over and spill.

Lots of cute... pillows? Cushions? by the entrance of The One.

And lastly here's a cute pic of Mugi in her braids done up by Braidmaster BlackJackStyle!


  1. WHO'S INTRODUCING AND FINALIZING THIS POST HUH??? MAI WAIFU THAT'S WHO! *hug hug hug smooch smooch creepy rub*

  2. @yakuri: Bahaha! I thought that'd get your attention XD

  3. Nice scenery!! I wish i could break free on my work sometimes...I was LOL that Milkshake was not spill onto her (Mugi-chan) ^Y^

  4. @Jowy: It's a slushie and yes, thankfully it didn't plop right on Mugi ^^;;; Otherwise it'd be a slushie bukkake photo XD

  5. How are you. I enjoy to see dolls of Mugi and Kuroneko. The scenary is so good.

  6. @Toshio: Good! Thank you for visiting. I'll try to post more soon :)