Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lynn Canyon Park Doll Adventure

There have been so many events and outing lately that I haven't got a chance to post them all immediately. Like this meet at Lynn Canyon Park happened two weeks ago ^^;;; I thought about just leaving it, but there would be very nice photos I won't be posting... So here are the late photos... Better late than never.

So since it was Labour Day weekend, I was able to start and finish work early to go to a noon meet. We quickly took over three picnic tables :P

A trio of cuties ^^ Clockwise from the top: Maruneko's Airy, Helen and Tomato.

Alfred Hitchcock?

Very intense eyes!

Uneide's cute widdle fairy and her lizard plushie ^^

Navci's Chi came out again in a cute outfit :D

I forgot whose girl this was, but she has cute freckles.

Galamirix's Saber Lily (before her Mami'd incident) and Chi are almost matching :D

Suzu relaxing with Tomato unbeknownst to her that Helen is getting intimate with her pillow.

Intimate eye contact ;)

TheCandyman Dollnapping Tomato??

Sexy Helen is sexy!
We then crossed the suspension bridge and walked down to the 30 Foot Pool where we played in the water after taking some doll photos. We were approached a lot by other people there since it is the long weekend after all.

I'm using a variation of this photo as a wallpaper :)

I probably could use this as a wallpaper too.

Zoomed in photo of Tomato because I was still distracted with Helen and it was a path of rocks that would take too long for me to get there.

At one point TakoLuka joined in after Helen took off her skirt ^^;

After getting back to the picnic tables I finally took photo of this centaur ^^; The next day my family went to Lynn Canyon Park again XD


  1. What, when did the dollknaping happen and why didn't I know about it.

  2. Loooool at Navci's (late) reaction. I wish I had been there for that one, down by the rocks and water looked really pretty for pics and playing! ^^ I'm happy to see the cute blue Sov again.
    Can we go back there for me guys?

  3. @Navci: It was when y'all were in the washroom. It was only a quick thing ^^;

    @reaper: Yah maybe, when weather permitting XD The water was already icy cold even in the warm weather 0.o

  4. lol dunno how I miss this post :P Musta been blind!!! lol

  5. @chun: LoL I kinda posted a few things in a row quickly. Now I haven't posted in a while ^^;;;