Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tea, Park and Rei

On Tanabata, July 7th to be precise, my friends and I decided to go out for tea. It was a nice summer day in Vancouver. A good day to go out especially since it had been cold and raining the week before.

First we had tea at Adonia. There was a bigger group that were already there before us, so we got a smaller table. Rather hard to put in so many food and tea at once ^^;

Each teapot has a candle underneath. It's quite a fancy pot, I have to say.

Forgot what tea it was, but sure looks interesting at this angle.

Some nice decoration around the store.

The Afternoon Tea Set. Lots of food! Real good and surprisingly filling. Some of the foods are the same, but the cakes and dessert varies a little. The shrimp potato salad was really good!

The sugar for the tea.

After tea, we took a stroll around Pacific Spirit Park. Many many routes you can take. Lots of people especially since it was a nice weather on Saturday.

I didn't know they grow watermelons in the park ^^; Actually it's Flamebyrd's Watermelon. Very cute! ^o^

A very gross-looking mushroom... I was going, "EWWWWWW" the whole time.

A fallen tree.

While this tree fell right after we walked past that path. So when a tree falls in the forest and we were there to hear it, it made a very LOUD cracking sound!

Slug! Yeah, sorry, I just like taking pictures of slugs for some reason, especially the yellow ones... So to erase this gross view, come and see Rei right below ;)

This Ayanami Rei is made by Vispo and was originally released in 2010. Vispo is usually known for their garage kits, which are made from resin. These EvaDolls seem to be their first foray into the BJD industry. This is also my very first resin doll that I own. Which I surprised everyone by showing her in the park out of nowhere. I'm becoming rather infamous that my name has become a verb for keeping secret. She arrived the day before but I was only able to pick her up just before tea time.

Rei came with her trademark light blue hair wig (which is very loose on her head), the gothic lolita dress, underwear, socks and shoes (from Leekeworld).

What I didn't realize at first was that if you open her headcap you can move her eyes around so that it's not stuck in this position all the time ^^;

She looks very pretty ^o^

This is my favourite shot from that day. I'm currently using this photo as my wallpaper. Hopefully to take more photos of her soon. Her underwear is very cute :P


  1. Whoa, the tea and tea cakes look AMAZING!!! Now I am hungry for finger sandwiches! XD

    And what a lovely time in the park!

  2. Wow, Rei's a cutie! An amazing looking place for a get together and photo ops.... Very Nice!

    1. She is indeed! Quite the impulse purchase on my end ^^;


    God that tree was so scary...

    You make me feel guilty that I haven't uploaded any pics...

    1. LoL yes, that was not an Ent at all XD

      Ah no worries... This took me how long to upload? ^^; I'm bad at uploading photos too, lol.

  4. I have always lamented the change from GK to Dolls from Vispo. But his Asuka wasn't too bad (and this comes from a hardcore Rei fan) but his latest works have been genuinely terrifying! Have you seen his Menma Doll? I nearly jumped out of my seat when I first saw the pics. She has one hell of a death stare!!

    1. Oh dear... I just saw their Menma... Scary! Eyeholes are too big... I kinda like their Taiga though. Are they permanently moving into dolls now? But yea, I kinda like the Asuka too, but I only have money for one true love!

    2. No, they still release figures. The last one was of one of the main heroines from White album 2, but it lacked the vispo signs on the face. Well, they were pared back a fair deal, especially the chin. Not pointed at all!!

      Dolls see to be the main focus now. And the GK community wept.

    3. Oh I see... Yea, that chin is a signature of theirs, isn't it? I suppose they're still a business, so they have to make money where it is getting made and sadly, dolls seem to be the way to go.