Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anime Revolution 2012 Swimsuit Competition

Anime Revolution's Swimsuit Contest was one of the highlights of the conventions for the 18+ crowd. It was quite the no-holds-barred event on Friday night. Lots of innuendos and sexiness! Might be a bit ecchi since this was an 18+ event!

The competitors this year is Super Meat Boy, Pilot from SMS (sorry forgot the name) from Macross Frontier, Korra, Ciel , Princess Zelda and Asuka Langley Soryu.

I think one of the judges was Jessica Nigri... If not then she was just attending the event ^^;

This post is mostly photos that I was able to take clearly and for fun! I had quite a bit of photos so I thought I'd separate it ^^

Ciel is a... boy... no? ^^;;;

Strike a pose!

It means business when Zelda takes off her crown and puts on shades.

I took some continuous shots with my camera hoping for a clear shot... Instead they seem to be perfect to be made into gif animations! Enjoy! XD

Hentai Cupcake hosted the event again for Anime Revolution. He also hosted the one at Sakura-Con as Hard Gay... This time he finally changed cosplay :P I have to say this event with smaller number of competitors seem to work out better than the quantity at Sakura-Con ^^;

Though the audience decided that Zelda won the public vote, the judges required Ciel and Asuka to have a dance-off!

The winner was Asuka! But in reality, we all win! Hope to see more of this event! It's always fun hearing all the puns and ogling the swimsuits XD


  1. damn, DAT ASUKA.

  2. @Kurotsuki & ShizuoCell P: LOL! Both of you pretty much have the same reaction I had when I first seen her XD

  3. I'm Ciel. And sadly my wig was not one for dancing and I was so terrified at the prospect of a dance off for a winner in my first swimsuit contest XD

    1. Oh HAI CIEL! Good job btw! Looks like you did your best at the time :D Maybe next year, now that you know ;)