Saturday, September 8, 2012

Loot from Anime Revolution and Cos & Effect

Not a big loot, but still a loot nonetheless. Having a lot on order, I figured I should hold back on buying stuff at conventions. Not a lot of merchandise, but I did grab a few fanart, and a few new friends ^_^

Pardon some of the photo sizes... I didn't realize I changed the resolution size of my camera XD

I didn't get this Drossel from the con itself, but from my friend, Chocolorange. Since I got this, I was able to preorder her special bike ^^;

Since I have Saber Nero as a Dollfie Dream, I'm going cheap on the figures... But this Sega Prize Saber Nero do look pretty good even though it's cheap. If more money ever come up, perhaps I'll get her other figures ^^

Couldn't help getting these two fans. I hate Akinari-kun for showing me these, lol. I had to get Saber Lion for sure, but TakoLuka is just too cute to miss.

Double the cute alpacas! I actually have 3 of these Wind Up Alpacas now... Can't help it.

Who can resist that face? I know I couldn't! Just... Too... CUTE!!!

Err... Also got this Kyuubey mask from the Aniplex panel. Seem to fit Rei okay ^^;

I bought these two cute donut and tangerine plushies at Cos & Effect from CASE Boutique. This is a local seller, so perhaps I'll see her again at another convention ^^

The buttons... Saber, Lightning Saber! XD
Here's a few items from the Artist Alley. Bookmark on the left and the print in the middle are from Red Wolf Ink, a doll friend. The bookmark on the right of MEIKO is from Snakeyhoho, who is another artist friend who cosplays ^^ And then a couple of Saber buttons and Lightning and a drunk MEIKO.

An awesome Saber art! This is just too cool! Too bad I didn't want to walk around with a big print, otherwise I would've gotten the bigger size.

I got this art from KL, who some people may know from this famous art of Danny Choo's mascots. I have this on a shirt too! Now funny story about meeting KL... She is a friend of a friend I was walking around the convention with, Sayoko. We introduced each other on the second day, but at that point, I didn't know that she was KL ^^;

The next day I found KL's art and booth and found out that the girl I met the day before IS KL! How surprised I was! So we ended up talking for a bit.

Sometime between the talk, I took out my business card case which had the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun girls and that's how I found out that she also loves Misaka Mikoto!! Talking for a bit became quite a conversation because of it. It was a great meeting, I say ^^ I hope that one day KL WILL draw a Mikoto art ^_~

I had to grab this one because MEIKO's in the centre!

And a great art of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai ^o^

Pantsu stealing Kyouko is the best! Looks like she found a different kind of snack ^^;

A cute custom yarn octopus. I asked the artist to have a similar colour to TakoLuka :D

Here are a few more art I gotten from Cos & Effect. EtchiMango has a friend named Centimeter who drew these really nice art of some of my favourite characters, like Sakura here :D

This Yoko really caught my eye. The face is quite adorable.

And of course I had to have a MEIKO art! Being drunk never looked so cute!

Lastly, I commissioned Snakeyhoho's sister to draw an anime portrait of me ^^ Which one do you like better? Left or right?


  1. nice underboob on the Yoko fan art XD nice loots LS!

    1. LoL yes, that is quite nice, eh? Thanks! I shall enjoy this :3


  3. Oh dear where to start... Those Luka and Saber Lion fans really are adorable, as are the doughnut and tangerine plushies (and that pink octopus!)!! I somehow have my eyes on your pink octopus because it looks so small and innocent lol.

    Then there are the pretty arts of Saber, Sakura, and Yoko. The drawing of yourself is pretty nice too, and I like both versions as there's the "normal" look and the chibi one for comedic situations :P

    You got quite a few really good stuff there; I approve of them! ^^b

    1. Ahaha, it doesn't seem like much, but there is quite a lot, isn't there? ^^; Yes, innocent... Until I find a way to corrupt it, lol!

      I should scan them in properly so it looks better when used as a profile picture XD

      Thank you for the approval :D