Monday, September 24, 2012

Resin Peace

Two resin girls came before my Azone Saber arrived, but I never had the chance to introduce them to people properly. You've seen Rei before in a previous post, but I only took photos of her in nature and didn't provide much details. The one on the right is Ier from Souldoll... And I just realized her name is just Rei backwards... How coincidentally funny.

I did mention before in that post that this Rei came from Vispo. Their first in the line of dolls. They usually make garage kits, but added dolls to their line-up. Though this outfit was not her default outfit. Chocolorange gave me this outfit during Anime Revolution ^_^ It fits her perfectly!

A better close up of Rei's face. Very pretty and I see a lot of my friends do like this face. I'm very picky on the face and thought immediately that this is a great face, but it's good to hear other people approve.

She's able to sit like this because there's a notch on her rear that seats straight legged like this. Keeps her stable while sitting down as well. She's very loosely stringed at the moment, so sitting down like this is best, but she's able to stand perfectly on her two feet.

And this is her pantsu ^^; She's got "Rei" printed on her underwear XD

Inside her head is quite an interesting mechanism I haven't seen with other resin dolls. The eyes can be moved around so she can have a different look... I'll try not to make this look too often ^^;

The one minor complain I have beside her stringing is her hands. Her hands have a rather awkward pose. It's very detailed as you can see though.

Finally here is Ier, whom I nicknamed Tieros because of her similarities to T-ELOS from Xenosaga. I've decided to keep her default name because it's Rei backwards. She is a Souldoll Limited Souloid. Basically half human, half robot. Though it's more than half of her that have robot parts.

Rei is slightly taller than Ier, but Ier seem to have a bigger bust than Rei ^^;

She was out at a restaurant, so I had her wear a bra from Helen's collection just so it doesn't look weird XD

I'm just going to mosaic her ecchi bits... I wasn't even going to post these at first ^^; But this is how she came. No clothes. It's a good thing that I only had to cover the upper parts.

She's got a very lovely hair. I hope I don't ruin this hair too much.

You can see more of her robotic parts here.

The unpainted parts in the sample picture were all black for the robot parts. She looks so much better with all these colours.

She came with this crazy bird's cage/nest headdress! Very pretty, but so hard to attach ^^; And that's it for Ier and my desire for having some resin dolls. Hopefully I'll have this desire in peace and in check after these two ^_^


  1. You forgot to censor the last pic!

    1. It's on purpose :3 Bonus for people who stayed til the end, lol.