Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fourth Blogday

Konyanyashiwa! Welcome to Nekomimi Tuesday! Err... Oh wait, this is my blog. The Necomimi Maridah above threw me off for a sec... Ahem, anyway, as the title above, this is my fourth blogday. Meaning it's been four years since I started this blog. Usually I try to prepare something special on this day, but time has been lacking lately. So I decided to do a quick project that I asked Chun about way back in the end of May of this year ^^; The fanart above is Chun's Real-Life Nekomimi Saber after hearing about Maridah wanting a Necomimi. I commented that Chun should make a movable one like in Maridah's Necomimi video, but no such luck... So I figured I'll make one. Since I'm no artist, I can only work with what's there, so that's all I can do above. I had more fun animating the ahoge than the nekomimi XD

A lot has happened between the third and fourth blogday, particularly my very first Dollfie Dream, MEIKO! I've kept her quite secret during the process of her creation.

This was one of most sweetest (literally, as well) gift I've ever gotten. It arrived a little later than Christmas, but who's counting =P

And then another addition to my imouto family... Raven immediately got on Helen's nerves after she arrived.

There were a lot of doll meats I've consumed... And attended doll meets too XD

I also went on a lot of hikes! This picture above is from Lake Lindeman in Chilliwack, BC. It was quite a hike to get up here for this beautiful view.

I bought a lot of anime and watched a lot of anime as well.

I was also able to upgrade my gear by getting this Panasonic Lumix G2 DSLR.

In spring, I was able to attend Sakura-Con 2012 with a press pass. My very first press pass. I was so excited I told all my friends about it XD

I was also able to meet Maridah under a somewhat better circumstance with fewer crowds, but she was busy working. One of the nicest person ever! Also, I got to talk to Cosplayshots a lot, including many things I haven't heard from elsewhere. GOSSIP! :D

Urobuchi Gen was the guest of honour at Sakura-Con and I had the privilege to be one of his interviewers during a private press session with the creators of Fate/Zero.

Then right after I came back from Seattle, it was time for Vancouver's first Fan Expo! It was quite a successful first year, but hopefully there will be more things to do next year.

My second Dollfie Dream, Saber Nero, arrived at the end of June. Long awaited and kept highly secretive! My reputation for keeping secrets in my Vancouver doll group has been long established by now. I just like to surprise people, that's all =3

I picked up a new phone right after Fan Expo, though it wasn't until I received my muse that I started loving it along with Instagram. Meet the Misaka Sisters who've been very prominent subjects in my Instagramming. I'm tempted to make a tumblr just so I can post my Instagram on there as well XD My motto is now, "Let's Instagram this shit!"

Though there were a couple of photos that needed the big camera and Instagram just won't do it... Plus I was in the US and I would be charged an exuberant amount of cash for roaming data. The picture above and below is from my recent trip to Mount Baker in Washington State.

And then there was Rei... Who suddenly showed up and stole my heart (along with my hard-earned money). Such a very pretty girl! In the case of previous dolls, I've told at least one or two people about buying them, but this one came out of the BLUE!

A photo of Nakata Jouji from Anime Revolution
So many cons, so little time... I still have one more con photos from last month that I haven't uploaded yet 0.o

And you've seen the last two posts I've made with more new girls! Saber and Ier.

Sadly, I haven't had much time to blog since work and other social things have kept me busy and very tired ^^; So this year seemed like I have a record low number amount of posts... BUT I'm not without ambitions! I have many plans ahead, many posts to post, and so many more events happening! I'll leave you with a few teasers of things to come ^_^


  1. Who am I to break combos? Maridaaaah nyaaaan!! <3

  2. Happy Blogday! This year surely has been very fruitful for you, especially on the doll department! Gotta admit that it's not easy trying to keep up blogging these days, but glad that you're still keeping up, and hope there's many more years to come!

    1. Thank you Quentin ^^ A bit too ripe maybe, lol. I can see myself not getting anything next year... I think there will still be a long break in between posts, but I'm gonna try to keep going as long as I can :D Thank you for the encouragement, my fellow same year blogday!

  3. Congrats!!! I really enjoy your blog, so here's to another 4, and another 4 after that!! XD

    1. Thank you for your support Heather ^o^ That means more Olympics to come :D

  4. Happy 4th year Blog day. Where is the cake?

    1. Thank you! Really wished I did have a cake for it, lol.

  5. Congrats on your fourth blogday, although somewhat belated. I see your DD family has grown, just as I predicted!

    1. Thank you :) Ahaha, I don't think they'll grow any bigger though, but we shall see.