Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saber the AmAzone 50

The return of the AmAzone Saber! This time she's multiplied her scale and became a 50 cm! Before I only had the original Saber in Azone 1/6 form and then a Saber Nero in DD form...

This time it's the original Saber in 1/3 scale! The box is quite huge! I don't usually do box opening, but I was very excited over this Saber. She arrived only two days ago, so I'm skipping a few dolls ahead of this to post her ^^; But if nothing else comes up, I think this will be my last big doll ever.

But by Dollfie Dream standard, this Saber is still smaller... But it's a wider box. I didn't expect the box to be this wide ^^;

The backside shows armor and armorless Saber. Quite an amazing armor, I have to say.

The instructions were all in Japanese again, so I could only follow the pictures ^^;

The Misaka Sisters and Kuroko helps to cover up Saber's naughty bits XD

This is the first Azone 50cm that I have that requires a wig. Very new to me.


This is the wig. It came on her head not as tight as Saber Nero thankfully. The trademark ahoge is there and with the blue ribbon ^^

The armor!

The detail on the breastplate was so amazing that I was so excited to open it from the packaging! It's super cool!

The cloth part of the outfit. A little bit difficult to put on the blue part of the outfit.

Armorless! Look at that ahoge! Standing up so proudly...

Let's bask in her glory... I love her face more than I expected ^^

To put on the boots, I had to unscrew her feet and screw in the armor parts. I kinda messed it up by screwing it too much and loosened the left feet... It comes on loose though...

Upskirt shot! :P

Armored! Her arms are as skinny as the original especially since Obitsu body parts are quite skinny ^^; Good scaling on the armor :D

The armor in the back is awesome!

The armor snaps on the sides unlike the 1/6 scale Saber. Stays on her much, much better. The side armor plates attaches to the leather corset. Really nice, but sometimes the button comes off easily...

With Excalibur! It's quite heavy on her ^^;

The typical Saber pose :D

Side by side with Saber Nero Dollfie Dream... What a size difference! Azone Saber barely reach Nero's shoulders...

I figured this is what they'll actually say if they meet ^^; Any other ideas what else they would be saying?

OMAKE: Mustache!


  1. She's adorable! :DD

  2. Ah, she's so small! I am so glad you took some photos of her next to Nero so I could see the size difference with DD. I wonder how much smaller she would seem if she was next to a DDS.

    She looks really amazing, and it's really interesting to see the differences in a big Volks doll and a big Azone doll of similar characters up close.

    Her armor does look especially amazing!

    Also. Mustache!

    1. I had to compare the two Sabers ^^; If my 1/6 Saber was ready, I would compare her to that as well. I'll have a meet soon, so I might be able to place her side by side with a DDS :)

      Mustache was accident as I was trying to straighten her hair on the sides with curly failure XD

  3. OMG haha the DD makes the Azone look so small!

  4. Course you would be making a short joke here X'D ahahaha silly Rob! Very neat box opening and thoroughly enjoyed it! Man..I really need to get myself an Azone T_T they are so neat. But at the moment my plate is full >_< (as you know) Thanks for introducing us to Saber! :D

    1. The 'short' wasn't really the joke tbh ^^; I was looking for names what Saber might call Nero XD

      I've been a big fan of Azone for a long time, so I kinda have more Azone dolls than Volks anyway. Glad you like and glad to introduce you to a different doll compared to Volks DDs :)

  5. Haha I remember this got released very recently and you sure got yours rather quickly, and reviewed very quickly too! XD

    The box for Azone Saber is wide compared to other doll boxes! Looks like their dolls are getting better and better these days, and that does make them more appealing than before. But still she stands a huge difference against Nero, and I'd imagine that's more than a 10cm difference there! Though it may be got to do with Nero's extra height due to her heels :o

    1. Actually the wait was rather agonizing, lol. I usually don't keep track of shipments, but I was eyeing her arrival so much, particularly since I know she's big and might get taxed ^^; But yeah, I was rather excited for her since it is Saber after all ^^

      Well I'm glad Azone got better starting with Saber ^_^ It really is Nero's heel that makes her taller :P Otherwise Saber could be around her shoulders for sure. I think I'm just happy to get a big armored version of Saber, lol. XD

  6. You will find that the Obitsu body is better at posing and is more solidly made than the Dollfie Dream v3 body. I have two Obitsus and love them madly. The 50cm body in particular is wonderful...don't have one of those but I want one.

    I also like the face sculpt...the grim determination in Saber's eyes, the tough set of the mouth. Volks' original Saber, Saber Alter and Saber Extra are all so much sweeter. This Saber looks like she would slice you in two without giving it too much thought.

    This settles it...I'm going to Volbitsu-ize Namiko-chan.

    1. Ah, I know. I have two other girls with Obitsu bodies ;) I'm kinda wanting the Obitsu 40cm after seeing a few friends who has them.

      Yes, this Saber definitely matches the anime version better ^^ Makes me worry about letting her handle Excalibur here >.>

  7. I was searching a lot for pics of this girl! And seeing her next to an DD was amazing.

    I never seen an Azone outside the internet, but this girl really is an temptation. Her armos is perfect! ( I saw a pic that made it look very strange, now I not that the problem was a bad photo, not the doll...=)

    Quick question: Azone eyes are painted, DD not. Do you think that this difference interferes when mixing the 2 line of dolls in pics/photostories, or is just a thing to get used?

    1. Yeah, it's really hard to judge things by photos only ^^; I am very impressed with this armor ^_^

      As for your question, I have some problem getting some of their eyeline lined up properly for photostories, but not impossible. You'll have to angle the faces properly, but it's a great challenge. I've done a few of them on my blog here if you check out my Azone tags.

  8. Personally, I think Azone did a good job rendering Saber's face, but fall short of delivering a quality product with the poor wig. Now that you have both versions of Saber, which one do you like more? Volks or Azone?

    1. Seems like they didn't style the wigs much aside from the buns.

      It's mostly because of the wig that I find Azone Saber to be more portable to carry around. I haven't had much time to take Nero out because of that wig :< But I did buy an alternate wig for her, so it's only a matter of time. For now I'm a little biased on Azone just because she's smaller and easy to bring plus her wig is easily removable XD