Monday, November 5, 2012

MEIKO's Birthday Celebration 2012

Happy 8th birthday MEIKO! This is also my MEIKO Dollfie Dream's first birthday. I officially announced her this time last year ^_^ For her present, I commissioned a dress based on the Nostalogic video with Yumiko as Real Meiko!

I have been planning to get someone (or even myself) to make the Nostalogic dress. A friend asked if she can help with making anything, so I asked if she can make this dress. So Airs delivered and I'm very happy that it's done ^o^ I feel a little bit guilty though since I didn't mean to put pressure on getting this done ^^; But thank you very much Airs for this awesome sexy dress! Since I knew I was going to get this dress made, I bought red high heeled Obitsu shoes almost a year ago. Finally I'm able to use them!

The following photos were posed copying some of the poses from the video. You can watch the video first and compare the DD with the Real Meiko.

Hard to get this pose down, but I was able to get a photo in before I caught her as she falls down ^^;

And end! I think there's one more photo below that I used the video to pose with, but I lost track of which ones I did and didn't copy from the video ^^;

For now, let's see what new videos and songs NicoNicoDouga (via Youtube ^^;) and Pixiv has to offer to celebrate MEIKO's 8th birthday.

Cute MEIKO and Luka cake! By しいな

Present for MEIKO by みけぽ

I love the mantle! By つずら

MEIKO is the queen! By べにこ
shu-t/SonicWave is always reliable for a new MEIKO song for her birthday ^^

This ends the music video and Pixiv picture segment XD Let's continue with more MEIKO DD!

So Airs told me the red part of the dress on the chest stains, so I put on her original bra made by Chun last year just for some protection. I think she also wore something underneath in the Nostalogic video :)

Similar poses, but one's looking at the camera with lint on her gloves, and the other not looking at the camera but not showing her joints either :)

I showed a quick preview on my Instagram and Animagic4u replied with this:

So then the bra is off now XD She looks quite different, yes?

Mmm... Cleavage!

Sexy back!

When I went to pick up the dress from Airs, we had lunch at Osamu Sushi again. I really like their tuna tataki, but this time I ordered the lunch combo with it.

This is my friend's lunch combo. Looks much better, I think.

Here's MEIKO with Airs' Romy and Mochi ^^ Quite the size difference, yes?

OMAKE: "Why Miku, why did you cut your hair so short and dye it light blue?" ...That's Rei actually ^^; A friend is lending me this Miku outfit so I can try to see if it fits Rei. It somewhat fits but should I get this outfit for Rei?

Took this photo in February, but it's got all of my MEIKO in it ^_^ Once more...


  1. Meiko is so lovely ´3`

    Your Meiko collection is amazing, so many... =D

    BTW, do you watch Boku wa?

  2. This material looks so slippery to work with! Airs did a great job ^o^

    1. It IS slippery! I was worried about her because it kept jamming her machine ^^; She managed to do it though, WOW!

  3. Meiko looks nice with that dress! Big thumnbs up for Airs there~ ^^b

    And Happy Birthday to Meiko!

    1. She's super sexay! :D Airs definitely leveled up! ^o^