Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sakura-Con 2013 Cosplay

Ahhh... Finally gotten around to posting Sakura-Con photos ^^;;; It's been two months since Sakura-Con finished... Oh well, better too late than never, right? Sakura-Con took place from March 29th to March 31st.

Anyway, the first photo is Takanashi Rikka from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai. More cosplayers under the cut. If you're one of the cosplayers and don't want these posted on my blog or if you'd like a copy of your photo, just let me know via email and I'll try to fulfill your request as soon as possible.

This Irisviel was the first cosplayer that I took a photo of. I was just walking around with my Saber bag and I heard this girl behind me who was fawning over my bag XD

This Shirou was also with Irisviel. Kinda appropriate that Saber is in the background.

Err... I couldn't help but took a photo of Hentai Homu XD And there's gangsta Madoka too!

Tamako from Tamako Market!

Lawrence and Holo from Spice and Wolf

Strength from Black Rock Shooter! Most impressive!

This is one of my friends from Vancouver, Sayoko, cosplaying as Hinanawi Tenshi from Touhou. I thought that rock she's holding was a baked potato XD

Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere from Zero no Tsukaima

Lina Inverse from Slayers

Binbougami ga!!

Tatsumi Kanji and Narukami Yuu from Persona 4. I was crazed with Persona 4 at the time, so I was trying to take photos of any Persona 4 cosplays, haha.

Hibari, Hikari and Himari (I'm not sure who's who ^^;) from Mawaru Penguindrum.

This surprised the heck out of me! Futaba Anzu from Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls!

Araragi Karen from Monogatari series! I heard her sister, Tsukihi, was around as well but unfortunately I didn't find her ^^;

Tutturuu~! It's Mayuri! From Steins;Gate.

Lunch and Bulma from Dragonball!

This was one of the best matching cosplays I saw :D Ralph, Felix and Vanelloppe from Wreck-It-Ralph. And I'm watching it as I'm typing this up XD

Rule 63 Loki and Thor!

Senjougahara Hitagi from the Monogatari series. Was so happy to find a Hitagi that I must've been shaking too much that this photo is blurry ^^;;

Illya, Saber and Rider!

Kuroyukihime from Accel World! Impressive wing span!

Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier :D

The Revolutionary Girl Utena herself!

Hanamura Brosuke... I mean, Yosuke from Persona 4.

Yoko, Nia and Kittan from Gurren Lagann in school uniform mode!

Vocaloid SeeU!

Shirogane Naoto from Persona 4!

Cardcaptor Sakura! ^o^

These last two is courtesy of my friend who went with me to the con. Another Takanashi Rikka!

And lastly, but not least, is Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon! This was taken during the concert, so it was very dark ^^;

That's it for this cosplay post! Hopefully post more from Sakura-Con and Fan Expo Vancouver soon after this!


  1. That was really cool cosplay ^Y^

  2. Kuroyukihime cosplay looks so lovely >3<

  3. Those Ogre Arms of Strength and the wings of Kuroyukihime are quite some impressive work I gotta say!

    1. Yeah, they do a lot of effort into cosplay now. It's so awesome! ^o^