Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MEIKO's Outing in SoCal

This was my first trip down to Anime Expo with MEIKO in tow! So it was a real life introduction of MEIKO to the many Dollfie Dream daughters that resided in southern California. Last time I was here, I only had Helen.

The lineup on Day 2 of Anime Expo when the DD Meet took place at The Mixing Room in JW Marriott hotel (before they kicked us out completely ^^;) I think a grand total of 34 Dollfie Dreams that someone mentioned?

It was nice to hang out with another Vocaloid ^^ Hatsune Miku is ObiWanIvan's DD.

A lot of DD daughters! I can't remember who's are whose! I know the Beato in the purple Sakura wig is Kitty_Pounce's ^^

The first two is Wolfheinrich's daughters. I'm not sure whose is the one holding the Cactuar XD I'm sorry. I'm really bad at remembering names especially after 2 weeks since it happened ^^;;;

The only Mini Dollfie Dreams in the meet and they're twins!

Handcuffed girls, so they don't escape! XD

Such a pretty girl!

Decade's alter ego doesn't like to wear much clothes ^^;;

Nekoconeco's Saber DD daughters are yurific!

I also brought Akari along... I can't seem to see her in this photo. She should stop turning invisible...

The only Melty in the area at the time and it is TheBobness'.

Hanging out at the Culture Japan booth on Day 3 of Anime Expo and got to take over the Mini Mirai car XD

Wolf's Asuna in the building, ready for any trouble!

MEIKO hanging out in the passenger seat this time.

On the table prepared for a Moekana tournament, just killin' time.

The DDs are all set up inside the car and pose with Eiji, Mirai and Mini Mirai cosplayer.

On the Saturday, one day before I had to come back to Vancouver, I visited the Volks Store and was glad to see this backdrop setup. Perfect for MEIKO!

This is Nero MEIKO though since the store only allow Volks body and head ^^; But Nero MEIKO looks good too, yes?

This was posed by one of the employees at Volks Store, Kayo is her name, I believe? Great posing! And with that, is all of the Dollfie Dream photos I have for this trip. I may post other ones that I didn't post on my blog later on Flickr :)


  1. Nice photos! :3! Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. These are great photos!!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, and oh my! So many girls in one place!!

    1. Indeed! I mean, it's not including a few people too, so we would've gotten a lot more ^o^ Thank you ^_^