Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obligatory Once-in-a-Month-Update Post

The end of August marked the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. And it was also the end of my social life for a few weeks. Rarely have I been caught up in an MMORPG since World of Warcraft that took me away for so long. I could not catch up to the anime summer season...

Of course it's another excuse for me why I haven't blogged for a month... It helps when you have some friends playing the same game as you are. I haven't even reached level 50 yet in any of my classes, but I took my time. I dual level the healer classes at the same time. Both had their pros and cons. Scholar seemed more fun with the fairy hanging around you though.

The end of summer apparently marks the swimsuit season in Eorzea. I had some bikini photoshoot (screenshooting) with my slightly-evil twin Ygritte when they first came out.

The catgirl race, the Miqo'tes, are very fine! Specially when they're dancing ^w^

Very nice graphics! The sceneries are quite beautiful and plentiful. Not to mention the weather effects! I got rained out so many times...

Last parting shot for the FFXIV section... Pretty sure there's a bunch of movie posters that look like this. Incidentally this is my current phone wallpaper...

Just got this keyboard from Otacute. They're closed so they have to get rid of a lot of in-stock items before their site is shut down... So I found this beauty for about half the price :D I don't have the guts to actually use it yet though. PLUS it's a Japanese keyboard, so the layout is quite different...

Then it happened... Pokemon X and Y came out on October 12th. I bought White 2 before, but I barely played it... So I was rather skeptical about getting Y. Of course my skepticism were blown away with how much improvements they've done with the 3DS version. To the point that I'll go play it in the tub! (It helps when it's getting cold and I'm really sore).

Stitch eating a penguin... This was at a birthday party for 3 of my friends!

An out-of-town visitor came along, so I went out for lunch quite a lot. This one is one of my favourite photos during one of our lunches :D

We also have our annual Halloween Doll Meet. This time I couldn't stay long, but I took a wee bit of photos. The host of the meet made this awesome fanged pumpkins! Louisa will get a new head soon ;)

This is the host's doll. Very awesome dress! I should've used the other photo I had. Oops. Me and 3 other friends were playing Pokemon X and Y half the time though ^^;;;

Those pumpkins were fun! Very creative :D

My Halloween costume :P An Iron Man hoodie that goes all the way up, covering my face. Got it from Hot Topic, if anyone wants to get one ;)

Need to have more fun with my Woody... Err... I mean... The Revoltech "Hentai" Woody. Getting an Eevee in Pokemon Y is actually pretty hard. Getting a female Eevee was even harder. So the moment I got one, it becomes the first Eevee evolution I have, which is also the new Fairy evolution one, Sylveon. Woody seems ecstatic...

A really odd conversation with a hotel maid...

November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month... I would like to participate, but I really haven't planned anything and not even sure if I can do it amongst the time I'll be playing games and watching anime ^^;;; Maybe next year :P

For now I'll end this post with my Kireihana/Bellossom video. I suddenly felt a surge of sadness in the last few days and I just had to evolve my Gloom to Bellossom. Appropriate, isn't it?


  1. Ha! I did enjoy FFXIV but didn't have people to play with so I dropped it. It became too grindy for me also while simply irritating me. I had fun playing it though. And I know what you mean how games like that can suck your time out *points to PSO2 & Minecraft multiplayer*.

    Pokemon Y took me by surprise. Such a massive improvement from both the Red, Blue, & Yellow and from the B&W/B&W2 line that it had me hooked. I had to forcefully wiggle my way out of the hype or I'd be paralyzed for playing too long. Love it.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Ya, MMORPG is hard to enjoy without other people... My leveling partner is embroiled in Pokemon Y and Battlefield 4 right now, lol. So FFXIV break for now. Hopefully I'll go pick it up again soon though. XD

      And the moving diagonally in X/Y! LoL I thought that was something, but sometimes I still move up, left, up, left, lol. It's definitely fun. I would like to finish it and get my money's worth out of it at least :D

  2. We are waiting for you to come back already :P

    1. Haha oops. I took too long of a break XD I'll try to drop by more often as soon as I can!